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The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V2C2

Sorry about disappearing, life is still as busy as always and I don’t expect it to get better for the next 2 weeks either, sigh. I had some extra time I squeezed out, so here’s an update! Also 2 more chapters to be posted as soon as I finish formatting them! Enjoy!

The Undead Brigade’s Council of War





As I return to the town of Ivalice I gather the top brass and set up a council of war.
The top brass gather around the round table in my mansion.

Sati pours black tea to each of the executives and distributes cake.
A pleasant fragrance covers the round table.
When I see that Sati has finished distributing black tea and tea cakes I gaze at the executives.

First I glance at the orc staff officer Jiron.
Even though he’s a staff officer he doesn’t look like one at all.
In the first place I don’t ask this guy about strategy and tactics.

No, there are times I ask when I hesitate occasionally, but on those occasions I always adopt that opposite of Jiron’s opinion.

Since if I do that it’ll definitely succeed.
In that sense, he’s an indispensable personnel for this undead brigade.
In addition, though this man is incompetent he has charm and loyalty.
In a battlefield some time ago, in order to protect me he took an arrow.
Even now that arrow wound should be left.
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