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The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V2C2

Sorry about disappearing, life is still as busy as always and I don’t expect it to get better for the next 2 weeks either, sigh. I had some extra time I squeezed out, so here’s an update! Also 2 more chapters to be posted as soon as I finish formatting them! Enjoy!

The Undead Brigade’s Council of War





As I return to the town of Ivalice I gather the top brass and set up a council of war.
The top brass gather around the round table in my mansion.

Sati pours black tea to each of the executives and distributes cake.
A pleasant fragrance covers the round table.
When I see that Sati has finished distributing black tea and tea cakes I gaze at the executives.

First I glance at the orc staff officer Jiron.
Even though he’s a staff officer he doesn’t look like one at all.
In the first place I don’t ask this guy about strategy and tactics.

No, there are times I ask when I hesitate occasionally, but on those occasions I always adopt that opposite of Jiron’s opinion.

Since if I do that it’ll definitely succeed.
In that sense, he’s an indispensable personnel for this undead brigade.
In addition, though this man is incompetent he has charm and loyalty.
In a battlefield some time ago, in order to protect me he took an arrow.
Even now that arrow wound should be left.
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A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V2C2

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Dungeon Skill





Inside a space with nothing in it, and without color a three-dimensional vision emerges.
What’s projected is the lake where monsters that are waiting.
In the middle of that lake a small island was made, on that island stood a tower that rose to the heavens.

“This is Crystal Tower, huh”
“That’s right, your dungeon”
“Not mine, this tower’s boss will be Shesta”
“Either way is fine. From now on this tower’s management, I only plan to talk about it with you”
“……I understand”

The Land God accepted that.
Rather than leave it to Shesta, it might be more convenient for me to do thing from behind the scenes.

“Well then, I made a new dungeon, following the established practice I’ll gift you a single dungeon skill”
“Dungeon skill?”

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