The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V2C3

One more to go!

Lilin Lilith and Ryujin Jigan’s Surprise ††





†† (Lilith and Jigan’s Point of View)

As the council of war ends and the commanding officers go out of the conference room, only Lilith and Jigan didn’t get up.

They were dumbfounded by plan Ike thought of.
After being silent for a while they cross their lines of sight.

“––––what do you think?”

The one who starts talking is Lilith.
Jigan replies with a solemn expression.

“I have no words. That person’s ingenuity is beyond my comprehension.”

Lilith agrees.

“That’s true. I never even thought he had already taken measures in order to nail down the Multiple King Allied Armies.”

Ike-sama is amazing, is the only impression that came to mind is Lilith’s frank thoughts.

“To think he foresaw this, and has already set up plans with the other army corps.”
“Ehh, thinking up such a plan.”

The plan Ike thought up is a simple one.
The Maou Army gave free discretion to each corps commander.

It’s become such that it’s fine to attack human cities with their individual judgment and rule over the seized territory.

In other words, by making them compete with each other you can give them a sense of competition.

Demons are by nature a lump of greed, a lump of pride, so every corps commander will scramble to capture the human cities first.

The merits of this method are as mentioned above, making them sprout a sense of competition it’s possible to make them compete with each other.

The demerits of this method are that considering each other as rivals, they’ll be made to lose cooperation.
Ike seems to have decided to use that demerit this time.

“Ike-sama seems to have instigated the 2nd Army Corps Jet Black Winged Gelmoir.”

Ryujin Jigan becomes silent.
Lilith makes a mystified expression.
After Jigan frowns.

“……tentatively, he’s a corps commander. Calling him without honorifics is no good.”

Hearing that, Lilith, “Kyahaha” laughs.

“You’re overly serious in that kind of place right. It’s fine isn’t it. The one’s I call with sama are Ike-sama, Sefiro-sama, and Maou-sama, just those three.”


“In addition, I hate that Gelmoir guy. Not just humans, he has no mercy for even demons, that cruel and coldhearted guy, it’s fine if he’s utilized.”

“……at any rate, leaking fake information to Gelmoir’s army corps, he’ll make Gelmoir capture the human city. In the meanwhile we will cross through Rosaria, and invade Isthmus, that’s the plan huh.”

“Exactly. Isthmus Kingdom’s main force is right now completely gone due to the Multiple King Alliance it seems. With just our brigade won’t we be able to overrun the knights.”

Jigan who heard that, good grief, sighs a long breath.

“Our objective is saving the Dwarf King Gunther from Isthmus’s royal capital. Not to go lay waste to the knights.”

Lilith who heard that, “That’s right huh.” leaks a bewitching smile.

Seeing that Jigan sympathized with the humans in Isthmus.
If they fall into the hands of this Lilin, then the human knights won’t even be a match.
In the near future, when he thinks of the tragedy that could unfold he feels like he wants to avert his eyes.


The ryujin Jigan props up his chin with his hand and considers.
Utilizing the 2nd Army Corps and drawing in the Multiple King Alliance.

If it’s just thinking then any commander can do it, but Ike who actually realizes that and succeeds is unfathomable.

Jigan who when he was assigned to this brigade, he sensed an unusual presence and saw through his capacity as a commander in a glance, but he never thought he would grow into this much of a commander.

Jigan descends from ryujin.
He has longer longevity than humans, but he has already reached the level of advance age.

Having worked many years for the Maou Army, he advanced until commanding officer with his spear work, but he never thought he would finally meet a lord that let his blood boil at this age.

His old bones tremble involuntarily.

“How will Ike-sama fight after this, how will he live?”

He’s able to see that with his own eyes.
To the god that gave him that opportunity Jigan expressed his feeling of gratitude from the bottom of his heart.


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