The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V2C4

Last one for today, not sure when I’ll be able to update next since I’m busy with projects and studying for finals, but at the latest I think I should be able to get back to translating on 12/15. Enjoy!

Isthmus Assault





It seems the 2nd army corps commander Jet Black Winged Gelmoir magnificently got taken in by the plan.

There’s the fact that beforehand I informed him of the weakness of Rosaria’s major city Aleste, but that he’s envious of our 7th army corps’s activity is also a big reason.

The orc staff officer Jiron comes to ask me.

“But, Boss, if that Gelmoir seizes Aleste, what will you do?”

“I’ll think about it when the time comes. Maou-sama’s territory will increase again. That’s all.”

––––Although, most likely, such a thing won’t happen I’m sure.

Gelmoir of the 2nd army corps is known for being strong and cruel, but for that reason Aleste city’s inhabitants will also desperately resist I’m sure.

If they’re occupied then what awaits are cruel and ruthless measures.
Those rumors should certainly be circulating.
The lord’s resistance shouldn’t be comparable to the resistance up til now.
In addition, the presence “Multiple King Alliance Army staying in the royal capital Leazas is also a big reason.

While the lord of Aleste is desperately resisting the Multiple King Alliance will start to move, and attack the 2nd army corps.

The 2nd army corps is known as powerful, but will probably lose.

Until now human cities have been seized with tremendous momentum, but now that humans have gotten serious, it’s unlikely that things will go so easily.

In reality, reports of the Maou Army’s struggle has reached even me.
At this moment, the ones keeping their momentum is just about our 7th army corps I suppose.

“To be exact, only our Undead Brigade right.”

So the orc Jiron boastfully says while rubbing his hands.

“Your achievements are zero right.”

Is what I wanted to say there, but somehow I not able to hate this guy.

In reality he’s dimwitted, but he’s faithful to orders, and though he’s not quick with work, he’s does it carefully.

To the point that even if I’m promoted to corps commander, it would be fine to leave this guy in the lowest seat of staff officers.

While thinking like that, I decided to make Jiron do battle preparations.

It was decided that the campaign to Isthmus would be carried out with a scale of 200 soldiers.

This time we won’t take along the trolls, giants, and treants.

There are several reasons, one of them is because they stand out.
Those large demons can be easily confirmed from some hundred meters away.
In addition their movement is slow.
Troops are something that inevitably end up mobilizing with the slow ones as a basis.
That’s why this time I decided to leave behind species that can’t ride horses or fly in the sky.

The crux of this time’s strategy is in, swiftly invading enemy territory, swiftly extricating the Dwarf King, and swiftly withdrawing.

Though large demons are powerful, they aren’t suited to nimble battle.
Both demons and humans have different suitabilities.

“If that is the case, we have to leave behind the staff officer Jiron right.”

The adjutant Lilith says with an devilish expression.
No, she’s actually a little devil.

“N-no way, are you going to leave me behind?”

Jiron gets into a panic.


A point where I need to consider.
Though he probably won’t be useful, leaving behind the staff officer is pitiable.

Two people can ride on a horse.
Shall I have him ride on an available horse somewhere.
Incidentally, my favorite horse’s rear is also empty.

Naturally, that Lilith, “Please let me ride behind you”, came and pestered me, but this is another troublesome problem.

The reason is because the maid Sati who heard that came to participate.

“If the rear of Ike-sama’s horse is empty, then by all means, please take this Sati along.”

Lilith fiercely opposes.

“I’ve never heard of taking along a woman to the battlefield.”
“Pardon me for asking, but isn’t Lilith-sama a woman as well?”
“I am a woman and at the same time a warrior.”

Towards Lilith who responds resolutely, Sati gets worked up as well.

“B-but, even in the battlefield, there’s a need for people in charge of making meals right?”

“That’s right, but are you sure? If you’re caught by the enemy, you’ll go through a terrible experience. Just how terrifying humans who are seething in the battlefield, do you understand I wonder?”

Sati continues, “––––but”, but I stop her.
Since what Lilith is saying is sound reasoning.
The cruelty of frenzied humans in the battlefield, their ruthlessness is not much different than demons.

Within that, if a sweet girl like Sati were to get captured, it would be too terrible to look.

I persuade Sati.

“There are others in charge of meals.”
“……is that so?”

“They’re called the Logistics unit, they have a specialized force. They will come to prepare the troops’ meals.”

Although, I should add that it falls several levels below Sati’s meals.

In reality, the meals that are eaten on the battlefield are unsavoury.
For the sake of putting emphasis on preservation, dry, dehydrated, hard bread.
And again for emphasis on preservation, being preserved in salt, bacon that’s just salty.
With just seldomly garnishing that with pickled cabbage and cucumbers, there’s nothing more wearisome.

Originally I wasn’t one to be picky about food, but ever since I’ve come to place Sati by my side, I’ve come to hate the battlefield even more.

Each time I take a bite of wearisome food, I long for the taste of Sati’s hodgepodge soup and roast beef.

––––not good, not good.

What am I doing yearning for ordinary days before going to the battlefield.
Naturally, I plan to head to the battlefield with feelings of certain victory, but even then due to these feelings before departing, the worst case scenario could happen, there’s that kind of possibility.

No matter the opponent, don’t let your guard down.
That was Jii-chan’s doctrine, and in reality due to keeping to those directions, I’ve kept winning until today.

I want it continue like so from now on too.
While thinking that, I bid farewell to the maid Sati.

The Isthmus Kingdom is located in the west side of the Rosaria Kingdom.
It’s history is old, it’s formation more ancient than Rosaria.
It’s known as a country that was established by the ancient hero Ismail.
Ismail is the name of the hero that defeated the Maou in the war some several hundred years ago.

As for that achievement, he was granted this area from the emperor of the great empire that once existed.

Originally, since it was the empire’s border territory it ‘s scale isn’t that large, but as might be expected from the hero’s descendant’s country, the employed knights were famed as powerful.

“––––although, if those knights aren’t in the country, then there’s no meaning.”

Kusukusu, so the succubus Lilith laughs.

“Ahh, right now because of the Multiple King Alliance, they’re gathered in the royal capital Leazas after all.”

I respond like that and continue.

“However, it’s not like it’s completely deserted. The enemy isn’t that foolish after all. You understand right?”

Lilith gives an unenthusiastic answer, “Yees”.
Continuing, the one who calls out to me is the ryujin Jigan.

“Still, although they’re short of hands, will we be able to so easily invade the royal capital?”

“We’re a mere 200 soldiers?”

Lilith objects.

“But, those 200 are the Maou Army’s best 200 soldiers. Those finest 200 soldiers are being commanded by the best commander that is Ike-sama. They can’t lose right.”

––––nevertheless, overestimating your abilities is forbidden, I was going to warn them as such, but I didn’t say those words.

Since from ahead a cloud of dust could be seen.

It seems we have been noticed by the enemy side.
While breaking out into a cold sweat the orc staff officer Jiron says.

“This is bad. ……we’ve been noticed right.”

No, I shake my head to the sides.

“It’s fine to be noticed. We’ve approached flauntingly this much. If we weren’t noticed here, then that itself would be a let-down.”

As I declare that, the members of the brigade took out their respective weapons.
Their appearance brave and fierce.
These brigade members have gone through many battlefields, and earned achievements.
Comrades that are worthy of being called veteran heroes.
As long as they are here, I don’t feel like I’ll lose at all.

As I once again gaze at my reliable comrades, I order them.
“Go forth!”
Like so––––.

The signal for battle started with both sides war cry.
Coming next is the enemy’s storm of arrows.

One of the places humans exceed demons in is their technological strength and leadership.

It seems there are organized archers in the enemy army.
All of them are carrying splendid long bows.

If in this place I wasn’t here, everyone of the Undead Brigade might directly take that storm of arrows.

While making my horse sprint, I chant Wind StormHurricane magic.
Wind Stormmagic as the name suggests, magic to generate a storm.
It’s power is tremendous, but it doesn’t have much utility.
If this magic is chanted, trees will be mowed down, and in the case of wooden houses they’ll collapse.

A magic to that extent.

It’s capable of at least restraining the opponent, but it can’t cause direct damage.
However, the storm’s force is tremendous, if it’s just arrows then it can easily change the trajectory.
The arrows shot by the enemy head to a different direction, and fruitlessly pierce the ground.

The enemy army who saw that marvel, but I didn’t overlook that chance.
There I immediately put in the ryujin Jigan’s spearman troops.
The enemy become agitated.
Without overlooking that chance, Jigan tears the enemy army in half.

His 剛槍 isn’t particularly bestowed with magic, but his spear techniques are outstanding even within the army corps.1

With each sweep the enemy falls.
Up to here is according to plan.
Next is Lilith’s troops’ turn.

––––I stare at the sky.

There troops, with demons that can use Flightmagic, and demons with wings, are there.

They go around behind the enemy line, in order to start a surprise attack.
Originally, this kind of flight force is really weak to archers.

However, making them understand that bows are meaningless in the beginning was a success, the archers thew away their bow and arrows, and fought with swords.

Naturally, they never even dreamed that they would be attacked from behind.
One after another they become prey to magic swordsmen force led by Lilith.
Seeing that sight, the orc staff officer Jiron raises a voice of praise.

“This is amazing. It’s almost like the enemy is melting.”

In reality, the enemy army lost their fighting spirit. They threw away their weapons and started to run.
In short, the Undead Brigade has won this battle.
I who was convinced of that give an order to the whole army.

“It’s fine not to pursue them any further than this.”

Everyone of the Undead Brigade immediately abides by the order.

If it were the usual demon brigade, then starting here they would show their true ability, and a one sided massacre would start, but each one of our Undead Brigade’s training of such matters is perfect.

As I’m satisfied with that sight, I decided to immediately start the next action.
I’ve said it many times, but our objective isn’t the trampling of the Isthmus Kingdom.
It’s extricating the Dwarf King who is captured by Isthmus.

I wanted to avoid needless bloodshed, and I wasn’t conceited to think I could capture Isthmus Kingdom’s royal capital with a mere 200 member brigade.

“Well then, what do you plan to do?”

The orc staff officer Jiron comes to ask me.

“I have a bit of an idea.”

I say that and order Jiron to strip the armor off the fallen knights and bring it.
Jiron receives the order with a wondering expression.
And follows the order.

1. Here the second kanji is spear, but I’m not 100% on the first one so I left it as is. I’ve seen that kanji used for adamantine, but it’s written as 金剛, so I’m not sure. Comment if you do!

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