The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V2C5

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Gunther Extrication Operation





A large falcon crest is drawn on the full set of armor I made Jiron bring.
It’s likely that it’s some noble’s coat of arms, but I don’t that history.

It might be of a famous noble, or it might be of a ordinary, humble knight class.

However, that kind of thing doesn’t matter.
The problem is whether this will fit my size or not…….
Let me try putting on the armor.

––––umu, it seems there’s no problem.

Though I believe it’s a bit large, if I stuff padding in then there’s no problem.
I put on the helmet, and go out of the tent that’s been made in place of headquarters.
It was Lilith who raised a voice of praise as her first words.

“It’s very splendid. Ike-sama.”

She raises a leg, and praises me like she’s dancing.
However, in her case she would no doubt praise me no matter what I wear, so it’s not very reliable.

The problem is whether I look human like or not, but––––.
She tells me that answer.

“It’s almost like you’re a human itself. In this case, there’s no worry of being found out.”

Hearing that, I sigh in relief.

“Yes, no matter where you look from you’re a human itself, boss.”

Jiron also flatters me.

“If I appear like so, then it’s a success.”

Well, if I think about it I’m actually human inside, so if I take off the Undead King’s Robe and mask then I’ll return to my original form. It’s natural that I would appear human.

Somehow, being surrounded by demons there are occasions when I mistake that I’m not human.

Now then, with this I know there’s no problem on my side, but the problem is my accomplice.

Bringing along Jiron is out of the question.
If I can’t entrust him with physical labor, then I can’t have expectation in the mental area either.
In addition there’s no meaning in taking along the small orc man.

The objective of this operation is to slip into the remnants of the defeated soldiers and inflitrate Isthmus Kingdom, and disappear in that confusion, and extricate the Dwarf King.

If I were to take with me an orc and infiltrate, then that plan would be ruined.

In which case––––

Inevitably the ryujin Jigan is out of the candidates.

He’s a humanoid demon, but no matter how you look at it, that face is a dragon.

There’s no meaning in taking him along.


As I sigh, I send my gaze towards Lilith.
She’s a demon, but she’s pretty close to human-like.
The difference between a lilim succubus and a human are a tail and fangs I suppose.
If we hide those, there’s not a great difference with humans.
Her tan skin stands out a bit, but if we say that she’s a human that came from the south, then it’ll be convincing.

“……good grief, I’m acting together with this girl once again huh.”

I don’t hate acting togeteher with a beautiful woman, but this girl doesn’t know moderation.

As I leak another sigh, I order Lilith to disguise herself as a human.
Lilith joyfully abides by that.

Usually Lilith wears harlot like clothes that show her body line perfectly.
So that her legs appear captivating she purposefully wears a short skirt.
However, in that case we won’t be able to hide her tail.

At first I thought I would have her put on a frilly dress that a young noble lady would wear, but that’s also unnatural.

For a woman like that to head to the prison where the dwarf king is imprisoned is also strange.

Here playing by the book I decided to have her masquerade as a “female knight”.
If she wears full plate armor, then she can hide her tail.
If she doesn’t open her mouth, her fangs won’t be seen.
The problem is whether this girl can remain silent during the operation, but––––

Full of confidence Lilith,
“Please leave it to me!”
and reveals a smile.

Right away her fangs are in plain sight.
I give up on that, and decided to have her put on a full face helmet.

“––––I can’t see Ike-sama very well like this––––”

I can hear a muffled voice, but I ignore it.
Anyway, I wanted to infiltrate while Isthmus’ royal captial was in disorder.
If we’re too slow, reinforcements might come from towns in the vicinity.

Our side’s troops are a mere 200.
If we’re attacked on all sides by numbers, this time we’ll be the losers I’m sure.
Only that, I wanted to avoid.
In order to avoid that situation we could only quickly invade the capital.
Lilith and I, slip into the remaining defeated soldiers, and infiltrate the royal capital.

Isthmus’ royal capital was quite impressive.

While it’s not a match for Leazas that I went to with Sati previously, it’s scale was second to it.

The paving is splendidly maintained, and on the road continuing until the royal palace, splendid trading companies and aristocrat’s mansions are built.

Lilith, “We won’t go filch the treasure?”
purposed as such, but I reject it.

Our objective is just the Dwarf King Gunther alone.
As long we’re able to make him an ally, then the dwarfs who respect him will also become allies.

It’s not possilble to convert that value into gold coin.
Right now, what’s necessary for the Maou Army is not wealth, it’s technology.
The ones to compensate for that are supposed to be the dwarf race.

In order to make them allies, it would easy by making their king an ally, thinking so I came to this place.

At this point, things like treasure are meaningless.

Lilith regretablly says, “Che”, nevertheless she follows me.

The prison the Dwarf King Gunther is imprisoned in is at the edge of the royal capital.

It wouldn’t be deemed necessary to use the best district to accomodate criminals and hostages, but for a place to accomodate a country’s king it’s too shabby.

Enought so that the place that the White Rose Knights’ commander Alistair seemed like a summer resort.

“They lack courtesty in dealing with a country’s king huh.”

That’s my frank impression.
Lilith answers with a suprised expression.

“But, human’s treatment in dealing with demi-humans is like this right?”

Lilith’s answer is to the point.
This crude prison represents well human’s treatment of demi-humans.

Human beings, with just a difference of race, just because the religion is different from what they revere, they can remorselessly each other.

That doesn’t change whether it’s the previous world or the other world.

Not to mention this is a world where the concept of humanity and ethics have not taken root.
Those who hope for kindness and mercy towards the defeated might be wrong.

“Dear me, I’ve really reincarnated into a difficult world.”

As I uttered so, in order to rescue the king I go toward the gate of the prison.

There is only a single gatekeeper at the prison.
Since it’s an emergency even the guard might have been rounded up.
It seems we have come to the prison at the best timing.
I order Lilith, “Don’t be rash” and address the gatekeeper.

“Good work on your duty.”

I talk to him in a n self-important tone.
There is an aristocrat’s coat of arms on this armor. Behaving modestly would instead make me be doubted.
Sure enough, the gatekeeper respectfully salutes me.

“Thank you very much for your efforts!”

The gatekeeper I deemed to have just become a young man, answers with a tense expression.
I show the fake directive I had Jiron suitably create to the young man.

“By the decree of His Majesty the King, the Dwarf King Gunther will be transferred to another prison.”

The young man makes a surprised expression.

“Transfer Gunther-dono? However, I haven’t heard such an order.”

“The enemy army is approaching before our eyes. There’s also intellignece that a portion of dwarfs have risen to action. That we have to quickly transfer him is His Majesty the King’s thoughts.”

I intentionally raise an irritated voice.
At any rate I plan to press him with the presistance that it’s urgent.
However, unexpectedly, it seems this young man is too serious.

“Please allow me to confirm the directive.”

So I hand over the directive in order to confirm it.
Good grief, I can’t help but click my tongue.
Despite that no matter how enthusiastic he is about his duties, his wages wouldn’t go up.
Not just that, if he were to do that then his fate would be decided.

Sure enough, the young man’s expression changes,

“T-this is a fake note!?”

At the same time he utters such words, he’s struck on the head by Lilith with all her strength.
Deja vu.

If I remember right I have a feeling I saw a similar scene last time.
As Lilith throws off her helmet, she floats a bewitching smile.

“Ike-sama, let’s move like usual here. Taking action slowly would take up more time.”

As she says that, sentinel who notice the unusual event come here.
Certainly that’s true, so I agree, but I once more order Lilith.

“Refrain from excessive killing.”

Lilith with a carefree tone says, “Yees!” and heads towards the sentinels.
For the time being it seems she will defeat them without pulling out her sword and only martial arts.
As I’m relieved with that appearance, I head to inside the prison.
Lilith asks me, “Where to?”

I answer briefly.
“Gunther’s place.”
Incidentally I have no information on where he’s imprisoned.

However, without fail for things such as this, that they’re imprisoned in the deepest part as a standard.
Without fail he’s in a place where the defense is the strongest.
While I run towards the direction that the soldiers came from, I chant magic.

ImpactSonicBoom magic.

The soldiers that come attacking are blown away by impact, and they slam into the wall.

I fired it with the smallest level of power, so I don’t think there’s any worry of dying, but seeing their figure of their backs slamming into the wall is pitiable.

One after another soldiers go flying, but their numbers gradually lessen.
In other words, it seems I have arrived at the deepest part.

There within the prison I found an old man enshrined.
A figure like a short and stout beer cask, a splendid mustache and beard.

Since being reborn in this world I have caught sight of dwarfs many times, but with a glance I judge that the man before my eyes is the king that rules over dwarfs.

He had just that much of a dignified appearance.
I almost reflexively genuflect.
That’s something called courtesy towards a king.

It seems that the Dwarf King Gunther has not lost his majesty.
He suddenly stands up, and overlooks me.

“Who are you?”

From the pure white beard, a low voice resounds.

“I am Ike who is acts as the Maou Army 7th Army Corps Vice Commander.”

Hearing those words, as expected it seems he’s surprised.

“To me I can only see you as a human though.”
“……I am making use of transformation magic.”

There’s no way I could say that I’m actually a human, and there’s no need to.

As proof that we’re demons, I order Lilith to take off her armor.

When Gunther gazes at Lilith from head to toe, he seems to confirm that we’re demons.

“I see, it appears the two of you are truly demons.”

As Gunther stokes his splendid beard, he says this.

“––––that is to say, the Maou Army has at last defeated Rosaria, and occupied up to this Isthmus I suppose.”

“Why do you believe so?”
“If not, then there is no reason the Maou Army would be able to come this far.”

“No, unfortunately Your Majesty’s thinking is off. The Maou Army has still not even conquered Rosaria. Currently, there is fierce fighting unfolding in the vicinity of Rosaria’s royal capital Leazas.”

At those words, for the first time Gunther showed shocked eyes.
His slightly closed eyes, open wide.

“Are you deceiving me? While Rosaria is going strong, you have invaded this Isthmus’ royal capital, is what you’re saying?”

“That is correct.”

When I declare as such, Lilith complements.

“That we are here, and this tumult you can hear from outside is proof above all else right.”

“……though certainly that is correct. Which means, you have cut across Rosaria that’s in the height of war, and have raided this Isthmus’ royal capital correct?”

“Eeh, that’s right.”

I answer honestly.


When the dwarf king becomes silent once more, he continues, “It is difficult to believe suddenly.”

“……however, by looking just at the facts, I don’t believe your words are lies. Let me believe you. And such a powerful person has come here. I have guessed the at least the reason for that.”

As expected of being called the dwarf king, it seems he’s a wise man.
The Isthmus’ lot were fools.
If they were to attain the cooperation of this man, then he would be accompanied by many excellent dwarfs.

“The Maou Army wants our dwarf technology correct?”

Gunther asks me directly.

“That is correct.”

I speak honestly.
Since I thought, lies and threats won’t pass before this man.

I wonder, did my thoughts get through, the dwarf king stands from his chair and speaks.

“––––very well. At any rate I’m a captive. I have no choice. It’s fine to take me along.”

In that expression I felt some kind of resignation.
I suppose it’s due to being shut up in prison a very long time.

I have heard that he is a dwarf in his prime that has just exceed 80 years, but signs that he was older than his actual age could be seen.

While thinking like that, I destroy the prison, and remove Gunther’s iron chains.

At that excellent performance, he leaks a voice of interest, “Hou……”

“This is magic huh. It’s handy huh. I see, the one who came to abduct me is the Maou Army’s magician.”

Lilith denies those words.

“No, Ojii-chan, Ike-sama isn’t a mere magician. He’s the Maou Army’s Strongest Magician.”


I glace sidelong at Lilith who declares that full of confidence.

I don’t know if that excess adjective is the truth, but at any rate, in order to continue to be called as such I need to continue winning.

For that reason, we have to escape the royal capital before this confusion is contained, and return to Ivalice before we receive the enemy’s pursuit.


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