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The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V2C5

Happy Holidays! Sorry about updating so late, I was running around fixing incorrect grades and taking care of other business, and then the holidays started so I was busy with family. I meant to get this up earlier today, but I woke up super late, sorry about that.

Also I wrote dwarfs without thinking about it, but do you guys prefer dwarves?

Anyways enjoy! 1/3 Chapters, will post the others as soon as I fix the formatting.

Gunther Extrication Operation





A large falcon crest is drawn on the full set of armor I made Jiron bring.
It’s likely that it’s some noble’s coat of arms, but I don’t that history.

It might be of a famous noble, or it might be of a ordinary, humble knight class.

However, that kind of thing doesn’t matter.
The problem is whether this will fit my size or not…….
Let me try putting on the armor.

––––umu, it seems there’s no problem.

Though I believe it’s a bit large, if I stuff padding in then there’s no problem.
I put on the helmet, and go out of the tent that’s been made in place of headquarters.
It was Lilith who raised a voice of praise as her first words.

“It’s very splendid. Ike-sama.” Continue reading

A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V2C5

Hidden Top Decisive Battle





Crystal Tower First Floor.
A single hero had arrived.

When they entered the tower, Terry and Lily reacted first.
Although they’re still weak, from around when they rolled me in and formed Dragon Knight these two have wanted to grow or rather there it could be said their desire to improve is strong.

Well that’s fine, more importantly the hero.

The hero that arrived was young, a youth of approximately his teens.
His equipment was light armor, buckler shield, a long sword, what is called orthodox.
If you only saw that much he would be an ordinary hero, but there was one point different from other heroes.

He was trembling.
His knees were trembling, he swung the arm that held the sword.
His teeth were clattering to the extent that they beat out a beat. Continue reading