The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V2C6


Alliance with the Dwarfs





The Undead Brigade independently crossing through Rosaria,
raiding Isthmus,
extrication of the Dwarf King,
everything went well.

A good performance, or rather it went too well that’s it’s scary, but it’s not like everything’s succeeded yet.

The negotiations with the dwarf king, Gunther, remain.

I who returned to Ivalice, invite the Dwarf King Gunther to the mansion’s reception room.

Not as a prisoner of war, but as a guest.

Or perhaps here I should be like a demon, and like the Isthmus’ lot I should make him a hostage, and forcibly make the dwarfs work.

There’s that method as well.

That way is a demon like method, but I know how meaningless and futile that act is.

It might be possible to move people with fear, but it’s impossible to make people work with fear.

If there’s no compensation people will absolutely not work.
Isthmus’ King proved that.

Even if he succeeded at making the dwarf king into a prisoner, he couldn’t make the dwarfs obey him right.

I have no intention of making the same error.

Gunther is already sitting in the reception room.
I order Sati to bring out black tea.
Certainly, she says and bows her head, and carries in black tea on a tea cart.

“How much sugar should I put in?”

The maid Sati asks Gunther, but Gunther shakes his head.

“I don’t need sugar. Instead put in distilled liquor.”

Sati brings in distilled liquor in a panic.

The reason it took a little time is that the owner of this mansion, me, doesn’t really drink alcohol.

When Sati brings the distilled liquor,

“How much should I pour?”

she asks.

Gunther wordlessly snatches the distilled liquor from Sati, and doesn’t pour it into the cup, but drinks it like that.

With a vigour like he was drinking water.
Sati whispers in my ear.

“Dwarf-san, he really likes alcohol huh.”
“……ahh, it seems so.”

As for this not a bottle, but a cask is necessary huh, as that impression comes to mind, Gunther opens his mouth. The smell of liquor drifts as far as here.

“First I’ll say my thanks for rescuing me to you.”

As he says so, he bows his head.
It appears this king is an honest king.
It seems he’ll say his gratitude to a commoner, no, even a demon if he has a debt.
I formally return that thanks and decided to go into the main topic.

“I have a request for Gunther-sama the Dwarf King.”

Gunther slowly shakes his head.

“I am no longer a king.”
“……what does that mean?”

“My country Wilheim Kingdom has fallen long ago. There’s nothing as humorous as a king without with a country.”

“……I see.”

“You have been polite with me, but there’s no such need. It’s fine if you treat me as a mere senile old fool.”

Lilith who heard those words, “Well then” and emphasizing over-familiarity she addresses him.
Then she picks up a cylindrical object placed on the sofa in the reception room, and places that on top of the table.

“Ojii-chan, can you make something the same as this perhaps?”

Towards a country’s king it was an impolite attitude, but as Gunther just said, he shows no signs of minding and takes into his hands the matchlock gun.

Gunther is a king and at the same time a dwarf.
Seeing this kind of machine, there’s no way he wouldn’t feel interest.
His eyes light up, and picks up the gun.

“This is?”
“It’s something called a matchlock gun.”

“Put gunpowder and a ball into the tip of the tube, ignite it, burn the gunpowder, and due to that explosion an iron ball will be fired at high speed.”

“A kind of magic?”

No, it’s science, I start to say but stop.

“Please think of it as a kind of alchemy. When the material called gunpowder is detonated, a combustion gas is created. Usually if it’s made to explode it will scatter in all directions, but if it’s made to explode inside the cylinder’s iron cavity––––”

“That energy is transmitted in one direction, and the ball is ejected at high speed, correct.”


As expected of the Dwarf King.
With just a simple explanation, he understood everything.

Then the most important part for making matchlock guns, he should understand even if it’s about screws I’m sure.

As I take a screw out from my pocket, I frankly ask him.

“Are you able to mass produce something the same as this?”
like so––––

Gunther took that screw, and knit his brows.

“It seems simple and has a complex shape. Almost like a spiral staircase.”
“That’s right. That helical structure is important.”

Due to that spiral structure, objects are able to be firmly fixed. That’s a screw’s strong point.
If the bottom of the gun isn’t sealed tight with this screw, then the matchlock gun won’t be complete.

“Does it seem like you can make it?”

I ask once more.

Gunther answers without moving a single eyebrow.
“I can make it.”
Like so––––.

Hearing those words, Lilith frolics, but Gunther adds on, however.

“Mass producing this shape is impossible. Even if skillful dwarfs are gathered, a few per day is the limit.”

“……I see, like I thought.”

An answer as I’ve predicted beforehand.

“Cutting one by one. This kind of elaborate thing. It might not be possible to reproduce, but to make up the number would be difficult.”

Gunther cuts his words off there and asks me, “In the first place this kind of thing. Just who made it?”

An other world’s Japanese, if I were able to say that it would be simple, but gloss over it with, “That’s a secret.”

However, I have an idea of a method to mass produce this screw.
Of course, my hands aren’t skillful like the dwarfs.

If I were to talk to this wise king, wouldn’t he make them for me, thinking so I expressly went all the way to Isthmus.

I tell that method to him.
In these kinds of times, modern knowledge is useful.

Gunther who heard that method opens his eyes wide.

“There was that kind of method!”

As I thought it seems just with hearing that story Gunther hit upon the method to mass produce the screw.

As I thought the dwarf king isn’t an ordinary person.
If I provide him just an idea, then he’ll immediately understand, something of the same rank.
No, he’ll create something even better.
With this mass production of screws, in other words the prospects of mass producing guns is up.

Afterwards is gathering dwarf craftsman, and beginning mass production, but the problem is the price.
I have no intention of making the craftsman work for free.
Receiving the strongest weapon known as guns.
I intend to prepare compensation suitable for that.

I suggest to the king that even now is excited.

“You Majesty Gunther, if you mass produce this matchlock gun for me, then when Maou-sama unifies this world, I propose that the Dwarf Kingdom is reconstructed.”

The expression Gunther showed when he heard that was today’s best.
He opens his eyes wide and asks, “Truly?”
I answer briefly.

“I have received permission from Maou-sama.”
“––––the proof that permission has been received.”

I answer honestly.

“I have none. In addition, I cannot make this into a written oath.”
“Then that story, how can I believe it.”
“With just my words. ––––for now.”
“If, that promise is broken, what do you plan to do?”
“At that time, pierce me with that gun that Gunther created.”

I have that much resolve.

Maou-sama is in a superior position, right now, she can’t make a promise with the dwarf king.
There’s also the case of basteo the other day.

If she were to show an attitude of compromising with a ruined country’s king here, then it will set a bad example for the other corps commanders after all.

However, if it’s that Maou-sama.
If it’s that girl, then she should definitely arrive at the same thought as me.
I believe that, and daringly give out Maou-sama’s name.

If, that promise isn’t realized, then as I just said, it would be fine even if I gave my life to this man.

With that resolve, I stare at Gunther’s eyes.

––––was that resolve conveyed to him I wonder.

Gunther slowly nodded his head.

“Very well, I’ll send out a proclamation, for capable dwarf craftsman to gather in this Ivalice.”

As Gunther says that, he asks for a handshake.
I grasp that hand tightly.
Like this, between the Maou Army and the dwarf race, a secret alliance is tied.


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  1. RoriconKnight

    the author doesnt seem to be experienced in gun history…


    rifling imo come around middle period of matchlock, 1500-ish. at that time wheellock invented but darn complicated and expensive..



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