A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V2C8

A Younger Aunt





Crystal Tower First Floor, since I was free I meddled in Yurie’s training.
Although I only speak out.

If seen from the side, then Yurie was sitting in seiza on the floor, and I was basking in the sun being held in a half melted state.

[Ano, Slime-sama……I have one thing I’m curious about]
[What is it?]
[It’s about magic power though, it feels like there is some kind of rhythm like thing]

I reflexively let my voice out, I shift my eyes on my half melted body and look at Yurie just above.
Her young face is serious as usual, but on top of that, to the degree of spice, unease and bewilderment are mixed in.

The conversation with Yurie was through magic circuit direct communication telepathy, disregarding all the inhabitants was, she did well to notice that in this early stage, that sort of meaning.

[I don’t understand if there’s a rhythm. Wave……I think it’s a little different. Etto……]
[Rhythm is fine. Besides it doesn’t particularly have a name, if it suits you even a habit is fine]
[A habit, is it]
[My habit, it’s accurately a habit that’s acquired by all humans that were raised with my training method. Approximately, totoon, totototoon, that repetition right?]
[Exactly like that!]
[With my training you get accustomed to that rhythm. I said it just now but it’s something to the degree of a habit, so it’s fine if you don’t mind it. More importantly, well done]
[On what?]
[At this stage, noticing that means that your foundation physical strength and magic power have come along. You tried really hard on your training huh]
[I didn’t……it’s thanks to Slime-sama]

Hanging her head in shyness is Yurie.
I understand that she thinks she did nothing, since the foundation training I made Yurie do was “Always carry me”, just that.
When I am held, physical strength and magic power are continuously consumed to the limit, if you were to speak of an ordinary human then it would be something like training 24 hours.

Since it was possible to realize that just by holding a cushion like slime, I understood her thinking that she did nothing.

[It’s because Yurie was continuously holding me. Usually it’s something troublesome that you would get tired of midway]
[Something like getting tired of it! Even though Slime-sama improved me this much, that would receive punishment!]

The insistent Yurie from above tightly held me close even more.
A truly earnest person.

[At any rate, since you became able to sense that, the training’s first stage is complete. I’ll give Yurie my own style First Dan]

I used magic, on Yurie’s right wrist a red string––––I made something like a good-luck bracelet.

[This is……]
[The proof of the first dan. Next, I’ll teach you a single technique]
[––––! Thank you very much!]

Yurie even more make shining eyes, and once again tightly hugged me close.

With having attacked the village, it became that heroes would come to attack occasionally.
This day’s afternoon as well, heroes not much better than villagers came to attack, the Crystal Tower First Floor monsters intercepted.

I didn’t move, in exchange I had Yurie move.

“Eei! Slime-sama shoot!”

While being held aloft by Yurie, together with a yell she threw me.
Making my slime body almost like a ball, she threw me at the heroes.


I who was thrown made my eyes “Guruguru(go round in circles), and went away from Yurie.
Of course something like eyes don’t rotate and there’s also no need for letting out a voice. This is simply camouflage.

Training number two, throw me like a ball and defeat the opponent.
Until now continuously holding me was for forging stamina, this throwing action is for raising explosive power.
Physical strength and magic power as well, first is foundation.
The things I did to the twelve students up to now, I did to Yurie as well.

Yurie threw me, and one by one defeated heroes.
Half was Yurie’s power, half was my adjustment.
Crises are unneeded in foundation forging, I adjust it to the degree that it doesn’t become a crisis, when it seems dangerous when I’m thrown I quickly defeat them.

After repeating that.

[What’s wrong Yurie, your hands have stopped]
[Slime-sama, this hero……]

What does she mean I wonder, like that I follow Yurie’s line of sight and look at the hero before my eyes.
That guy that repelled me who was thrown by Yurie has a good physique, it’s good but, his bearded face was scraggly, a man of an unfashionable feel.

His strength……well weak. Around an equal match if Terry and Lily fought together.
That’s fine, but what’s wrong?

[This hero, it seems he has the same rhythm as me]

Being told that by Yurie, I closely observed that guy.
Certainly, that hero’s mental strength and magic power, that rhythm is the same as ours.
What does this mean? When I held that doubt, the answer was immediately understood.

“Girl who was reduced to a monster’s hunting dog. This number one disciple of Alex-sama, Sea Ron will punish those who cause harm to other humans”

The man said that and threw a hatchet.

“Take this! QuattroAxe!”

Four axes were thrown at the same time.
Shouting it like a killer technique it’s relatively nothing special, it’s simply throwing them is all.

The proof is that Yurie quickly avoided them, and leeway to talk to me remained.

[Alex-san’s disciple……Alex-san was if I remember correctly, the first apostle––––]
[My first student……there was a third generation huh]

I was a bit surprised, but if I think about it, it’s not something strange.
In order for Alex, or my students to properly become independent, so that they would be able to play an active role I thoroughly drove the foundations into them. Those guys playing an active role is obvious, thus that people playing an active role have taken on disciples is once again obvious.

There was no direct connection with me, so until now it was unknown.

It was unknown until now, but.

[Don’t make a move Yurie, I don’t want this guy to know about me]
[I understand]

Yurie nods, and stops throwing me.
I use the skill Nightmare that I stole from Karen.
I interfere with Sea Ron, and show him a dream.

Sea Ron collapsed, lying on his face collapsed he began to see a dream.

Crystal Tower or such is unknown, that there’s a dungeon in this place is unknown.
That kind of dream.

[Alright, it’s fine with this]
[As expected of Slime-sama]
[Un? Why?]
[Just now you used Nightmare……right. Since it was that kind of rhythm]
[I see, you read that huh]

Like I thought, on top of being serious she’s excellent.
On the other hand is Sea Ron. The bearded man collapsed on the ground.

[This one didn’t notice huh, despite fighting with Yurie directly and this side noticing]

Alex, what kind of education are you doing?
Moreover despite being this damn weak he used something similar to a killer technique.
While not having foundation that’s no good.

[Surely his physical condition was bad is what I think. More than me he seems considerably older-san]
[This guy’s older, but the position is reversed, Yurie is higher (you know)]
[Yurie is my student, you’re the same generation as this guy’s master Alex. And, this guy’s third generation. In other words?]
[……i-in other words?]

*gulp* Yurie swallowed saliva.

[Alex is your Elder Brother Disciple, as such this bearded guy is your Nephew Disciple]
[A younger aunt]

Being called a younger aunt, after Yurie stiffened for a while, she threw me who she was holding onto the ground.

“Slime-sama is an idioooot!”

Like that, on the verge of tears she ran off.
Did I tease her a little.
Noticing that relationship, it was a bit amusing, I unconsciously tried teasing her.

A young girl like that as a younger aunt is a bit cruel.
Afterwards as an apology lets strongly train her.

I thought that, but Yurie who ran off returned, and on the verge of tears held me up in her arms.

“Slime-sama is an idioooot!”

She threw my over and over onto the ground.
It wasn’t just simply throwing, just as I ordered her, the method of throwing of forging explosive power.

While making a face as if she was about to cry and continuing that is Yurie.
Truly, a diligent person.


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    1. sage yomeri

      Well, she’s plenty OP in an area that’s relatively new. Hopefully she STAYS OP as the level scales (i.e. more experienced/stronger heroes show up). Well, she IS receiving more than the Saitama level of training after all.


  1. kirinashbell

    Thanks for chapter
    If he knew who yurie is then he will think no wonder I cnt get any advantage against a monster’s hunting dog but he will realize that he is attacking his senior(status) and only hell awaits if it gets known( for ryu since alex will question her about who trained her), alex the hunting dog coming to hunt down a slime in crystal tower while they have an apostle on each floor searching for ryu so he cant escape.


  2. himanshu

    The things I did to the twelve students up to now, I did to Yurie as well.

    Did he seriously have his apostles carry him around and throw him at monsters when he had a human form?
    So he was always lazy by nature, and didn’t become like that after a troublesome decade of having to go through all those annoying side-quests. Interesting.


    1. Xiose Post author

      Haha, I’m pretty sure he used magic tools or something to get the same effect. Like a sword that drains you’re energy or something, but who knows~



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