A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V2C9

Chaos Seed





[Yurie, I have unfortunate information for you]

*Gulp* Yurie swallowed saliva.
Power entered the arms that were holding me as well, the eyes looking down on me were a bit scary.
Even so I informed her.

[As a result of investigating Sea Ron’s mind, I understood that the entire third generation has 64 people]
[T-that many……]
[Within those, 63 people are older than you]
[In other words nephews and nieces that are older, there are 63 people]

Yurie who burst into tears while holding me in both hands, over and over threw me onto the floor.
Exactly like a pubescent girl venting her anger with a stuffed toy, that kind of scene.

The surrounding monsters gazed at that while grinning.
I’m sure they don’t understand the circumstances here, but watching Yurie doing that from the side is comparatively charming, as such no one stops it, rather they watch over with good vibes.

[Slime-sama is an idiot idiot idiot!]
[It’s not my fault though. Ahh that reminds me, there was a single thing that Alex decided]
[Alex-san was, that guy said something like Slime-sama’s smell?]
[That guy. He completely worshiped me, a guy like a believer of Ryusim] 1

*Gulp* Yurie once again swallowed saliva.

[What did that person decide?]
[Show the utmost decorum––––do you not understand from just a slogan. In short, if juniors see seniors, they should properly kneel and greet them. In the case of the third generation, in the instant they saw me they would fall back ten steps and bow their heads enough to make mochi]

Does she still not understand, that’s understandable.

[If the third generation sees the second generation, well they would fall back one step and kneel]

Yurie stared absentmindedly, I’ll make it easy to understand.
I tore off a piece of my slime body, and using magic power I made figures.

They were a bit deformed, but if people who knew saw, then they would understand that it’s two figures of Yurie and Sea Ron.

Yurie laying back with her legs outstretched, and Sea Ron was bowing to that Yurie.

[There are 63 person’s worth of this]
[Uwaaaan! Slime-sama is an idioot!]

I was once again stricken intensely by Yurie.
Yurie’s joke material “Younger Aunt” was unexpectedly amusing, so I teased her.

Incidentally in order to tease her I said this and that, but it was all true.
Believing in me with stalker tendencies, Alex decided it as he pleased, I as well before reincarnating have comparatively annoying memories .
I have to act in a way so that my true colors aren’t exposed to Alex and co, I thought as such.
While continuing to tease Yurie, I once again made my resolution.

Suddenly, I felt a gaze.
I who was teasing Yurie had gathered the gazes of the first floor, but there was a single type of gaze that was different from those.
Turning around to that, it was Karen.

She was intently staring at me. Within the other monsters that were smiling, only Karen was staring at me with a gaze filled with passion.
What is it? That.

A short while passes, reaching a place where Yurie’s teasing can stop, around when the surrounding monsters gradually disappeared.
Karen quietly came by my side, and said.

“Like I said don’t call me master”

I look at the surroundings, that just now wasn’t overheard right.

“No, master. Make me a disciple. All along I was watching this child’s matter, master is raising this child right?”
“……therefore raise you as well, is what you want to say?”
“Un! Please master. I want to become stronger. I want to become a succubus amongst succubuses”

Insistently, Karen intensely stared at me.
Her gaze’s passion was the real deal.

“Haa……even if I say no, you won’t withdraw right”
“There are conditions. First, lower your voice’s volume. I don’t want to be noticed”

Karen clearly nodded, and skillfully let out a small shout.

“I’ll cooperate to make you stronger, however I won’t make you a disciple”

Since you have the same smell as Alex.
So I thought, but I didn’t say it.

“A monster doesn’t make disciples”

Like that, I said something suitable.
Without change I gave directions to Yurie, while holding me Yurie starts walking.

“Come along”

Crystal Tower Eighth Floor, Dragon’s Room.
To Yui’s room, I brought along Karen.

“Onii-chan? What did you come to do?”
“Sorry, but I’ll borrow this place a bit”
“What are you going do?”
“If you watch, you’ll understand. More importantly, please keep what I’m going to do now a secret. ……in this tower I can only ask you”
“Only me……I-I understand”

Yui for some reason her cheeks reddened.
I don’t understand why she became like that, but I got her consent, so for the time being it’s fine.

“Like I said stop with the master”
“Un, then……Ryu-chan. What would be good for me to do?”
“Wait a bit, it’ll end immediately”

Karen nods. I jump down from Yurie and stand on the ground.
I face the space where there’s nothing––––and scream.
I scream with all my strength.

“Ryu-chan? Opening your mouth wide, what’s wrong?”

Yurie and Karen curious.
Well they don’t understand right.
Right now, what I’m letting out are something like ultrasonic waves. If I say it more accurately, then it might become super magic power waves.
I let out high magic magic power wave motions to the extent that normal humans and monsters wouldn’t be able to sense, I kept throwing it forward.

Before long, a hole opened.
In the space where there was nothing a hole opened.

“W-what is that”
“Another dimension/space. We’ll use this a bit”
“A-another dimension? You can open that?”
“Well yea”
“I see, that’s why you let out weird magic power”
“Yui, you, just now did you comprehend that?”
“Just a little. Something like, my skin was strangely tingly and itchy. It wasn’t just my imagination”

I look at Yui.

“W-what is it, staring at person’s face”
“No, you were able to sense that just now well. You’ve become stronger again haven’t you Yui”
“F-fun! Even if someone like Onii-chan doesn’t say it, I’m normally strong”
“Haha, that’s true huh”

She’s a genuine Golden Dragon after all, Yui is.
She’s completely incomparable to the monsters around here.

I once again turn towards the hole. I’ll use this––––.

“W-wait a minute”
“What’s wrong”
“How much?”
“I’m asking how strong I’ve become. Compared to Onii-chan, how much?”
“Lets see……Certainly just now your skin was strangely tingly and itchy. Then about 1/10 of me about”
“Ahh no, is there about 1/4. Well but this is to the end a guess––––”
“It’s fine with 1/10!”

Yui for some reason got angry.
U~n, just now was not good I wonder. I seriously corrected myself that there’s about from 10% to around 25% but, follow…….it might have been heard as sympathy huh.
Since dragons have high pride, if you’re not careful around there.

“I shouldn’t be that high. If Onii-chan’ side isn’t way stronger it’s weird”

Yui changing her expression frequently, she was muttering something.

“But……ufufu……1/10 Onii-chan huh……ufufu……”

I don’t know what she’s muttering, but if I follow up badly I’ll stir up trouble for myself again, so for now I was relieved.

I pulled myself together, and sent in magic power into the different dimension hole.
This time wasn’t high frequency wave magic power, normal magic power.
However I sent a large amount, to the extent of being able to mow down this tower, into the different dimension.

And then, I compressed it.
There was nothing––––inside the different dimension’s space where there was literally nothing, I compressed magic.


I refined magic power into a pure mass.
And then I took out the completed thing from the different dimension’s space, and I show Karen.

“What is that?”
“Chaos Seed, a seed of possibility”
“Chaos Seed?”
“When you use this, as the one uses it hopes, it’s possible to evolve into the form drawn in your dreams”
“It’s such an amazing thing!?”
“Ahh. However”

Karen who falters.

“If there are even a bit of idle thoughts, after taking this you’ll change completely into a form covered in patches. Something like an ideal form isn’t usually that neat. The majority of humans, this and that, have various ideal forms, those will become mixed up. In examples up to now, beautifully cutely, the bodies of those who think something like that would, like drawing a line from the center, be something like on one side be cute and on one beautiful––––they changed into something like a chimera”

Even if I look to the extent that I could understand, Karen caught her breath.
This is a threat, at the same time a trial.

Even hearing that, yet does she still have the courage to obtain this Chaos Seed I wonder.

“It’s fine, things like that, I’ll be fine”
“Is that so?”
“Un. That dragon girl is ambiguously half way, but I’ll be fine. Since I only have one thing I want to become”
“I see”

I don’t understand why Yui is half way, but Karen’s resolution was transmitted.

“Well then……receive it”

I gently pushed out the Chaos Seed.
Karen accepted that.

In an instant, light enveloped Karen’s body.

Dazzling light, the light of evolution.
That wrapped up Karen’s body and changed her form––––changed?

“Nothing changed you know? Is that your desired form?”
“Etto, that’s––––”

Karen that started answering, at almost the same time rapid footstep sounds went out.
Footstep sounds coming down from the floor above, a large mouse’s footstep sounds.

“What was that light just now, even though with great pains a person was taking a pleasant afternoon nap fuohhhh!”

The instant he descended, Shesta shook his entire body, opened his eyes wide, and raising a strange voice he reached climax.
A sexual climax, while scattering body fluids he fainted, twitchingly convulsing.

With that I understood.
Her appearance didn’t change, but Karen unmistakably evolved.

“Rather you’re just leaking, do control!”

Karen who smiled sweetly.
She took a deep breath, most likely she was drawing in the pheromones she leaked.

When she did, Shesta’s convulsions settled as well.

“Thank you, it’s thanks to Ryu-chan”
“That means you became the succubus form you properly wished for huh”

I asked, but Karen slowly shook her head.
She shook it, but her face was bright.

“I’m not a succubus. A succubus amongst succubuses, remaining in legend, I’ve become a Night Queen”
“A higher kind huh, I see”

Karen’s evolution that exceeded expectations a bit.
It was surely a greatly strong desire, so I thought.

1.おれ様教 – The kanji splits like, おれ様 教, the second one being used in things like ヒンドゥー教(Hinduism) and キリスト教(Christianity). I used Ryuism since it’s about him but the おれ様 is actually “I/myself” in a pompous way, so alternates: This One’s Religion, Oresamaism or something, I’ll keep Ryuism but if anyone has a better/more accurate version feel free to comment

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  1. kirinashbell

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    yurie (human apprentice apostle)= 0.05-0.1 %
    shesta (lowest ranked D monster with lots of hot air)=0.00000003(.14159265359 the number is from pi XD)



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