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The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V2C9


Bullet Manufacturing and Summons





As I overlook the town from the window of the Ivalice’s office, one after another dwarf craftsman go through the gate.

All of them are carrying large baggage on their small bodies.
Most likely it’s their trade tools.
Those dwarves skillful hands are highly valued, and are prized in various places as craftsman.

The best hand picked dwarfs among them expressly came all the way to this rural town, so I need to thank Gunther.

As I overlook that sight from the window, Sati raises a puzzled voice.

“The dwarves are coming one after another huh.”

“Ahh,” I answer. Continue reading

A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V2C9

Chaos Seed





[Yurie, I have unfortunate information for you]

*Gulp* Yurie swallowed saliva.
Power entered the arms that were holding me as well, the eyes looking down on me were a bit scary.
Even so I informed her.

[As a result of investigating Sea Ron’s mind, I understood that the entire third generation has 64 people]
[T-that many……]
[Within those, 63 people are older than you]
[In other words nephews and nieces that are older, there are 63 people]

Yurie who burst into tears while holding me in both hands, over and over threw me onto the floor.
Exactly like a pubescent girl venting her anger with a stuffed toy, that kind of scene. Continue reading