A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V2C10

Queen of the Night





Crystal Tower First Floor.
In a break of the hero’s raids, being held by Yurie with a miracle fit and relaxing, in my surroundings Karen is following about.

Karen who evolved from a succubus into a night queen, due to the pheromones that are uncontainable even if she suppresses them releasing, the goblins surrounding at a distance are all restraining their crotches.
Amazing huh, night queen, despite being a slut she made those goblins that make a fuss about virgins all bulge.

She’s amazing, but I’m troubled right now.

“Ne ne Ryu-chan, lets have sex”
“I won’t”
“My sex is amazing you know. If it’s now, 300 times normal, it’s possible to taste 300 times the pleasant feeling of the ejaculation’s moment”
“You can go that far huh”

I have completely no mind to have sex, but I thought that 300 times the pleasant feeling was amazing.

“Actually I can go further you know, 1000 times or such I have leeway. But that’s a disabled person course after all”
[Hii, d-disabled person……]

Hearing disabled person Yurie became frightened.
She’s a talented one, but she’s still a child.

“Like a drug right”
“Un. The limit for not becoming a disabled person is about 300 times. But it’s 300 times you know, it’s feels amazingly good you know? That’s why have sex with me Ryu”
“Like I said I won’t”
“Why. Do you hate me? If you have a preference of appearances then I can change after all”
“Plastic surgery, is it. It’s not that kind of thing”
“Then what?”

Karen who asked me. Tears faintly ran at the corner of her eyes.
She wanted to do it that much huh, I answered while mixing in a sigh.

“I don’t like being worn out. Sex––––or rather no matter how it’s done, sexual pleasure is tiring right?”
“There’s pleasure that won’t tire you too”
“That’s as shady as the you won’t get fat no matter how much you eat”
“There really is! If it’s the me now, then I can triple that”
“It fell all at once! Rather, you can really do it!”

Desperately hounding me, Karen’s words have a strange credibility, or rather it had persuasive power.
At the highest being able to give 1000 times the pleasant feeling is the night queen, but falling down as far as 3 times it finally becomes realistically possible.

Even so.

“Don’t worry about sexual pleasure, really. At any rate I want to relax”
“Uuu……ne let me do it. I want to be of use to Ryu-chan! Let me do some-thing”
“Are you an unmanageable child”
“Just the tip is fine, just once is fine, since I’ll do something that’s not addictive. Ne!”
“Like I said, it’s not that kind of problem––––addictive?”

Exasperated, I who started turning my face away, but a word I was curious about entered my ears.
I once again turn towards Karen, and ask.

“Addictive and such exist?”
“Eh? It normally exists. Like sex deviations and such?If it’s me then I’m able to generally make that. If you don’t use the belly button to masturbate it’s no good, like those kinds of things”
“That’s too maniac! Your ability is all-purpose!”
“It’s thanks to Ryu-chan isn’t it!”
“Why did you get angry instead!?”

While retorting, I thought, and once again asked.

“Those kind of maniac, how far can you establish it?”
“U~n, almost anything. Humans have various fetishes after all. Breast fetish or heel fetish or fallen hair root fetish”
“What was that, the last one!”
“That’s why I said, I can do anything”
“……will that continue after death as well?”
“……is it about heroes?”

While being held by Yurie, with a serious look I nodded.

The term hero is, being blessed from god, a generic term for humans that receive divine protection.
There are various blessings of god, and divine protections, but commonly––––there’s a single common point for the reason to be called a hero.

That is, a monster’s stronghold, even if you’re killed within a dungeon, it’s possible to revive.
Naturally it doesn’t proceed unconditionally, it takes money proportional to the hero’s ability, each time they die and revive their ability drops by about ten percent.

Depending on the hero, the penalty is considerably massive.
Even so, revival is possible.
That matter of course, Karen knows.

“It’s possible, since they say stupidity and lewdness aren’t fixed even if you die right”
“……I see, if that’s the case can I ask one thing”

I was going to say my request, but that Karen was staring absentmindedly.

“What’s wrong Karen, was there something?”
“A request from Ryu-chan……ahhhhh

Karen suddenly shook her body, opening her eyes wide with an ahegao she let out convulsions.
……eh? With just that now she came, no way.

Karen, whose eyes turned into heart marks and was twitching, had considerably risen in levelbecoming a girl that broke through by evolution.

The next day, from the morning a great number of heroes came to invade.
All of them were heroes that had come once, merely weak heroes that came from Nii village.

The heroes entered the tower with bloodshot eyes, the first floor monsters intercepted but.

“I have no free time to care about you guys!”
“Second floorsecondfloorNiKaiNIKAIIII!!!”

The heroes with staggering breakthrough power, goblins or imps, they kicked about the main monsters of the first floor and went up to the floor above.
Immediately after ascending, from the floor above.


Various shrieks and coquettish voices could be heard.
What is it? Like that while the other monsters were staring blankly.


Karen returned from outside of the tower.

“It went well huh”
“Un! Exactly as Ryu-chan ordered, to all the heroes of that village [Go beyond the tower’s second floor] I made them like that. With this, when they come to the tower they’ll aim for the top in a straight line”
“Thank you Karen”
“By Ryu-chan……I was praised by Ryu-chan……”

Karen remained standing, however with her eyes wide open her body intermittently trembled.
If I retort I lose, so I didn’t retort.

With this I’ve become free.
With Karen’s power, and the dungeon skill’s [Turning Back Prohibition], the first floor became thoroughly free, I’m able to relax.

In this case, even if heroes steadily come, it’s fine.


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12 thoughts on “A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V2C10

  1. kirinashbell

    Thanks for chapter
    so he thinks he can relax on floor 1 if they make all heroes rush to floor 2 but that is a flag for something that’s gonna happen so that floor 1 becomes hectic again i.e. alex or the other apostles joins in


  2. Mischa

    I’m kinda shocked. I think it’s funny when she said just the tip! That’s a guys line right? Plus she “came” when he asked for a request, what’s wrong with this girl. If I could orgasm with such ease life would be more fun I think.



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