A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V2C11

Reason and Worldly Desires





Crystal Tower.

Without giving an eye to the monsters of the first floor, the heroes that came to invade ascended to the second floor in a straight line.
With the shouting and coquettish voices audible from the above the stairway as BGM I was leisurely relaxing.

Well, it might be the first time.
Since being born it’s the first, being able to slowly relax like this.
The heroes were manipulated by Karen and made to go up, and with the dungeon skill they weren’t able to come down.
Because of this combo technique, I was able to be carefree for the first time.

I was basking in the sun with a half melted body, but when I noticed it had become completely melted.

“Awawa……S-Slime-sama’s body is……”

Flusteredly gathering the completely melted body that spilled out of her arms is Yurie.
It’s not completely liquid so she’s able to gather it more or less in her hands, but the majority of it spilled from the gaps of her fingers.

Her manner of using her hands to desperately gather up my body felt good. It was a good feeling like patting the face or back.
That’s why I let Yurie do as she pleased, rather I advanced my melting, enough to cause her to hastily gather it up even more.

Naturally I didn’t forget her forging.
The action of gathering up my body becomes a burden and forges her physical strength and magic power.
If it were compared to humans then it would be something like practice swinging inside water.

Like that, a relaxing early afternoon.

“Ryu-chan Ryu-chan, will you let me do something too?”
“Hmm? It’s fine Karen is, since I’m happiest with just this”
“Ryu-chan, that, you said it yesterday too”
“Ojii-chan you ate rice yesterday right, don’t make that kind of emphasis. There’s no reason it will change with around one day right”
“U~. Let me do something”

Karen who since then had become completely emotionally attached was like this at every opportunity, following me around telling me to let her do something.
It’s not like I don’t understand the feeling of that since I’m her benefactor, she wants to do something, but in that case I want to tell her to be calm.

Despite being the precious promised first tranquility since I was born.

“S-save us please!!!”

……the tranquility ended didn’t it.

While being watched attentively by a great number of monsters, descending from the highest floor to the first floor is Crystal Tower’s boss, Big Mouse Shesta. He stood before the giant ants called Fire Ant.
The fire ants were two, one side was large, if the case of human sense then a large breed dog size, the other side had childish features and small breed dog size.

The small sized one clung to the large one, the large one protected it.

“You lot, who are you”
“I am Kororo, this person here is my master Princess Sarara”
“A princess?”

Shesta suspiciously looked at the big Kororo, and then the one he called master, the small Sarara.

“Princess-sama is the lady who will become our fire ant clan’s queen, our clan’s lifeline”
“And, why did that princess-sama to this kind of place?”
“Chased out by the heroes. The heroes invaded our colony, and slaughtered our clan”

While enraged Kororo spoke, hearing that Sarara clung to Kororo even more, the ant’s body trembled with fear.

“Heroes are selfish right”
“If the opponents a monster they’re a bunch who think it’s fine no matter what they do. Ke”

The curious onlooker monsters unanimously criticized the heroes.
On the other hand, on Shesta’s face, who at first was suspicious, a look of sympathy appeared.

“Alright leave it to me, this great me will do something”
“Ahh. Until that girl makes a new nest as a queen this great me will shelter her”
“Thank you very much! Truly what would be good for me to say……thank you very much!”
“Don’t mind it”

You have chivalry don’t you Shesta.
There aren’t many who would burden themselves knowing that they’re a trigger for conflict.

When I thought like that, I was able to see Shesta who was idiotically loudly laughing as cool.

“Were you at this place”

At the tower’s entrance a human appeared.
On his round head, burnt with incense is a birthmark at the top of his head.
Joining his hands together, clad in a modified yellow robe uniform.

A monk, in addition a fighting monk.

“Who the hell are you”

Shesta immediately asked them their identity, but I thought it wasn’t something that was required.
Since the instant the fighting monk appeared, the two fire ants began trembling.

“This humble one’s name is Wanghu, I’m hunting those grotesque ones.
“It’s you huh, the one who crushed the fire ant’s nest”
“Affirmative. Those two are the last remaining two on this land. For the sake of the people, so that the ecology of this land doesn’t crumble. This humble one must hunt”

Somehow it’s earnest action huh.
I glanced at Yurie.

[What is it Slime-sama]
[No, it’s nothing]

For an instant I thought which one was more overly serious, but if I think about it carefully it was something trivial.

“That, it’s amusing right”

At my side Karen told me that whisperingly. In a whisper small voice to the extent that only I could hear.

“Un, it’s wearing a mask”
“That’s right, reasoning…..it’s not, since that’s a buddhist priest, it’s a mask of discipline right”

In other words it’s that he’s only keeping his reasoning with strict rules since he’s a monk.
That is certainly amusing.

Like that, while I was thinking of those things.


Shesta who immediately jumped out by himself was immediately done in.
Due to carelessly jumping in he was cross countered, to the point that it looked like an excessively cleanly decided telephone punch.

“I punched another insignificant thing”

“What do you mean insignificant!”
“Apologize to Shesta-sama!”
“He’s this tower’s boss you know!”

The monsters one after another threw jeers at Wanghu.

“A fellow of this level a boss……? What kind of joke is that?”

It’s not a joke. He is a string puppet though.

“You can only say that right now”
“Shesta-sama you know, is serious after being done in once”
“It’s that, until Shesta-sama’s second face”

Whether it’s a point where they care about Shesta being done in, instead the monsters are saying that from here on is the real thing. Making some kind of conduct, I was surprised that it became like that before I knew.
Well but, that way is convenient.

I secretly used magic, and operated Shesta’s body.
Swaying, exactly as stated Shesta rose like a puppet.

“It’s here It’s here It’s here!”
“Finish that guy off”

All of a sudden, the monsters got roused up.

“I see, do you mean to say you weren’t serious”

Wanghu as well consented of his own accord.

“Very well, this time for sure I shall defeat you, and drive the grotesque fire ants to extinction”

Wanghu said as such, and once again leapt at Shesta.
Just before, I was talking, as such I didn’t follow, but Wanghu seems to be a considerable master.

Even if he did a frontal attack, he has enough tower to be able to independently breakthrough this tower to the third floor.
His battle style is hand-to-hand fighting, a powerful blow lunges form a exceedingly beautiful form.
Plain and vigorous, an orthodox strength.

If it’s drawn out it’ll be annoying, so operating Shesta’s body after kicking him up I hammer punched him and drove him into the ground. Since he promptly guarded I wasn’t able to go as far as reaping his consciousness, so I once more kick up his chin relentlessly.
He revolves once vertically and plunges into the ground from his face.
Twitching, it may have become a little bad.
Well it’s a hero, it’s surely fine.

“As expected of Shesta-sama!!”
“Amazing! Shesta-san is amazing!!!”

The monsters praised Shesta.

While steering that Shesta I talked to Karen who was beside myself.

“Karen, can I entrust this guy to you?”
“Eh? Why?”
“It’s amusing don’t you agree, this guy”

With a start Karen looked at me right beside her.
I winked. With another start she nodded.

“I understand, leave it to me”

And with a cheerful face Karen went to the side of the collapsed and trembling Wanghu.
She crouched down, and gently touched the back of his bald head.
The place she touched shone dimly, that light was absorbed into Wanghu’s body.

After a while, Wanghu.


Like that, he rose a beast like war cry.
What is it, that?

“Isn’t there a mature woman! Isn’t there a mature woman with the skin of her cheek and knees drooping!”

……what does this mean I wonder.
No I understood the meaning of the words, but what is that I wonder.
Somehow, when I inclined my head to the side Karen gave me an explanation.

“There are these kind of tastes as well you know”

Wanghu rose a war cry and ran from the tower.
Even seeing that, I completely don’t understand what’s what.
I only understood that usually he was suppressed.

“It’s exactly like that, after all”

Karen who returned before one knew, snapped her fingers.
Immediately following, from a distance.

“Haahaa……I want to do it with a virgin……I want to extremely defile a virgin white elf queen”

Like that, some goblin’s voice was heard, but it was too much the norm that no one paid attention to that.

Like this, Crystal Tower sheltered a new monster.

––––A formidable enemy has been defeated, 1 Skill Point has been obtained.

It strengthened just a bit.


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