A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V2C12

Last One Attack





Crystal Tower First Floor.
While leisurely basking in the sun, I thought about how to use the 1 skill point just received.

Strengthening the dungeon itself, skill point.
I rack my brains on what I should strengthen.

If it’s how to raise humans then I understand but.
Instead without thinking of anything, should I make Terrain Support level 2.
But in that case it’s uninspiring

Actually my brain isn’t functioning well.
Recently the the environment was settled in pleasant way, I relaxed too much and the result was that my brain was absentminded.
It’s a good thing but; I was able to relax just like I wished after all.
Relaxing, I moderately worried and thought.

While thinking about this and that a heroes invaded again.
The gathered goblins and imps intercepted, within them were the figures of Terry and Lily as well.
The invading heroes without looking to the side they head straight for the inner stairway. Due to Karen’s Nightmare, they’re heroes who hold the nature of passing through the first floor and ascending to the second floor.
Even if they’re attacked their legs don’t stop, at any rate they aim straight up.

[Yurie, step into the side a little. I don’t want to be dragged into the battle]
Understood Slime-sama]

Yurie obediently, while holding me, moved.
Since a stray shot may hit, we watch as spectators from a distantly separated place.
And then while relaxing I think about how to use the skill point.

“It’s terrible, today too I wasn’t able to defeat them”
“It’s regrettable right, even though it was just one more”

After all the heroes ascended, Terry and Lily came to my place.

“One more?”
“Un! Lily as well as Terry, we tried out best and stuck the hero, but we missed the chance to defeat them with one more hit”
“It’s terrible”

Terry and Lily sat down around there and let out a *buu*.
They would have been able to defeat them with one more hit, huh.

Although I induced it, it’s hard. Since in the case of the current state until the heroes ascend to the floor above it’s like a time attack.
The heroes defend and evade, but they don’t counterattack. At any rate they move with maximum preference on living and ascending to the second floor.
Because of that it’s hit as much as you want, but Terry and Lily still can’t defeat them huh.

“A~a~, from the start if the state of their stamina was just a bit decreased then”
“If that was the case then we could defeat them right”
“……fumu. That may be possible to do you know”

I turned back from my half melted state, and had Yurie who was holding me stand.
Change the skill point into a dungeon skill. I was able to imagine, I made that the form.

––––Dungeon Skill Preemptive Strike Level 1 has been created.

“Alright it’s completed”
“Completed you say, what was?”
“That is you see––––oh, just at the right time a heroes have come”

Heroes appeared at the entrance of the tower.
Young women clad in priest robes, women of monk like appearance.
They numbered 10. There were pure monks there, as well as monks carrying weapons that were obviously used for hitting.
To that the goblins simultaneously react, and attacked them.


Abruptly, from the tower’s wall a ball of flame, a magic the level of fire ball was shot.
The number of flames was the number of people, with a single shot per person all the monks received a direct hit, the priest’s robes they were wearing got burnt.

Due to the sudden attack the monks faltered, but the goblins rushed on without reserve.

“Hyaha! It’s a nursery!”

That was Terry as well in same way, with his ulterior motive in plain sight he jumped at the monks.
On the other hand, Lily who didn’t jump and remained.

“Just now was, magic came out from the wall right”
“Ahh, dungeon skill Preemptive Strike Level 1. To the heroes that come just a small attack, the dungeon will automatically cause”
“I see. But”

Lily bent her head slightly to the side and looked at me.

Was there some problem with the skill just now?
Just as it looks a covering fire, it’s a simple and clear skill isn’t it.

“Ryu did it? Why are you able to do that kind of thing?”


Oh no, since just as I was worrying the answer fell I did that unintentionally.
If I don’t deceive her somehow or another, etto…….

“W-when I was in Deep Forest I was taught by Kaa-san you know”
“I see, you were taught by Mother Dragon-sama”
“That’s right yea. Kaa-san’s kind after all, she taught me those kinds of things greatly”
“Is that so”

Lily seemed consented with the deception.

Fuu, that was dangerous.
I was too carefree I accidentally did it.
I’m glad I was able to deceive her well.

While doing so the monks were annihilated.
One person after another were defeated, the last one was defeated at the same time as she placed her foot on the staircase.
A paper thin difference, the difference of the Preemptive Strike shot.

It went well as planned.
The heroes that all escaped to the second floor just before were, on the first floor annihilated by the goblins.

Incidentally, Preemptive Strike is not just this floor, it’s a mechanism that activates when they walk onto all levels.
The dungeon once again became a bit stronger, I was satisfied that that result came out as well.

“Like I thought it’s amazing right, Ryu is”
“You’re able to do the same thing as Shesta, as expected of Mother Dragon’s son, Dragon Knight’s Leader right!”

Praising me with pure eyes, Lily’s words didn’t feel bad.


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  1. kirinashbell

    Thanks for chapter
    dungeon upgrade once again but its been used for defense instead of leisure that ryu wanted, at least the goblins are happy with them priestess and monks that are now in their hands


  2. wrathfulfury

    Makes a person really wonder on the ecology of goblins, they are so bent on virgins that I wonder what happens to the women after they have been used once. Are they let go after birth, does impregnation into a seed bed destroy them, is it a gang bang or a one on one?

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