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A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V2C10

Queen of the Night





Crystal Tower First Floor.
In a break of the hero’s raids, being held by Yurie with a miracle fit and relaxing, in my surroundings Karen is following about.

Karen who evolved from a succubus into a night queen, due to the pheromones that are uncontainable even if she suppresses them releasing, the goblins surrounding at a distance are all restraining their crotches.
Amazing huh, night queen, despite being a slut she made those goblins that make a fuss about virgins all bulge.

She’s amazing, but I’m troubled right now.

“Ne ne Ryu-chan, lets have sex”
“I won’t”
“My sex is amazing you know. If it’s now, 300 times normal, it’s possible to taste 300 times the pleasant feeling of the ejaculation’s moment”
“You can go that far huh” Continue reading