A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V2C20

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Brief Tranquility





Lucia ran up until the top floor in one go.
The monsters on the way were buried by making free use of her galient sword and magic.
The monsters standing in her way were cut to shreds by the whip like blade, or possibly burnt with sacred flame.
As a single one of Ryu’s Twelve Apostles, the chance of her getting a wound from common monsters was not possible.

She ran up with a fighting method that could be called matchless, but she avoided battle with the eighth floor’s dragon.
Excelling at situation assessment, both strategy and tactics holding a high level of knowledge she did not fight with the formidable dragon in the middle of the tower.

And at the top of the where she ran to, a large mouse was there.

“Nn? Alone huh? Nee-chan you’re pretty good. Something like coming up to here alone”

The large mouse was pompous, moreover he stood before Lucia with a fearless attitude.
There were no other monsters on the floor, a single large mouse.
There was no floor above either. There was no staircase itself, when she looked from outside there was also a conjecture that the ninth floor was surely the top floor.

Lucia excelled at the power to see through war potential.
If you were to speak of the ability of the large mouse before her eyes, then the fact that he was not very different with the monsters on the first floor of this tower, is what she saw through immediately.
It’s not like he’s hiding anything either.

Human and monster as well, they can’t completely hide the true nature they hold. For example even if they play the clown, it’s something they’ll certainly reveal somewhere.

(Like that slime……)

Within Lucia’s mind, the figure of the slime she encountered once in Deep Forest came to mind.
Exactly that, trying to conceal their own resourcefulness and ability however not being able to conceal it is a good example.
When comparing it with that, the large mouse in front of her is through and through merely a large mouse, not exceeding a single small fry.

“This great me is Big Mouse Shesta. As you see, this tower’s boss”

Shesta said that sort of thing. Lucia was bewildered.
Perhaps……there’s something?
While being vigilant, she carefully mows him down.


When I follow her with Distant View magic I saw the scene of Shesta being instantly killed by one blow of the galient sword.
It was an exceedingly clear instant kill that Lucia who started the attack made a troubled face.
She with the fallen Shesta looked around surveying the tower’s top floor’s space.

Well then, it’s my turn.
I used magic, and hijacked Shesta’s body.
I took the opportunity to restore the damage of the galient sword, so that he wouldn’t wake up midway just in case I cast a light sleep magic.

And after that I made Shesta stand.

Lucia who I could see through the hijacked Shesta was visibly vigilant.
While gripping the galient sword, *inch backward*, she retreated a step.

“Revival……no transformed?”
“You’re pretty good huh Nee-chan”

Etto……was Shesta’s expression good with this.
After operating his body there was no need to worry about the tone of his voice, but if I didn’t properly do his expression and character.

“That’s your true shape huh”
“Fu, it’s fine to boast Nee-chan. You made this great me show my seriousness”

Lucia turned her body to the side and fled.
It was some time ago, the time encountering her in Deep Forest in the same way, to extent of being too fast she assessed the situation and fled.


“Naive. This Crystal Tower is constructed such that after you climb up once you can’t descend”
“Ku……then until I can open a means of escape with power!”

Standing her ground, Lucia goes into combat readiness.
Adding centrifugal force with her right hand into the galient sword she gyrates it, and her left hand expands several magic circles.

Self strengthening magic, enemy weaken magic, and attack magic to restrain, a series of magic were fired in a set.

A pale blue sacred flame envelops Shesta’s body. Being burnt a little, it’s a bit hot.
In a flash the galient sword came attacking.
In that figure clad in princess use made princess armor coming to attack there is beauty closely resembling that of dancing.

I extend my arm and catch the galient sword. The blade was tightly caught with fingers and the force of the galient sword was completely stopped.
Lucia drew back, but I didn’t give an inch.

“Up to here huh. I’ll sink you in one blow without suffering. Big Mouse Attack!”

I kicked the ground, and like a cannonball charged.
Big Mouse Attack, a simple tackle.
When I’m operating Shesta, as much as possible I do only simple attacks so as not to expose my true colors.
That is this tackle––––Big Mouse Attack.

A violent force, Lucia was unable to avoid it.
Running up to here alone Lucia, I sunk her with one blow.


Shesta holding his head and gradually becoming conscious.
While he lost his consciousness, the monsters came up to the top floor.
The surviving monsters as well, the monsters revived with magic after the heroes disappeared as well.
The monsters that admired Shesta and came together up to here came up, and surrounded him.

“This, is……”
“As expected of Shesta”
“Something like instantly killing that princess knight, I respect you extremely. Even though if it was us we wouldn’t be able to compete”
“She’s one of those called the Twelve Apostles among humans after all, there’s no helping it”
“Defeating that in one blow is Shesta-san! As expected I’m glad I followed Shesta-san”

Just like always, the monsters praising the victorious Shesta.
And then, Shesta as well is the same as always.

“A-hahahahaha. If you fight with this great one whether Twelve Apostles or Thirteen Apostles, they are of no concern. If you want then the guy above the Apostles as well I’ll quickly finish him off”

When Shesta said that, the surrounding monsters got even more excited.

We were watching that from a place slightly separated but, a little strength entered Yurie’s arms who was holding me like always.

[What’s the matter Thirteenth one, did something rub you wrong]
[That’s not it, that person, thanks to Slime-sama is yearned for that much, yet going as far as speaking ill of Slime-sama]
[He doesn’t know, so there’s no helping it]

In the first place, this situation is something I purposely built up after all.
As much as Shesta is praised he is carrying it according to my desires, so I have absolutely no complaints.

More importantly, instead right now.

––––Dungeon Points has broken through 50.

That the Secret Dungeon making dungeon points have accumulated is more important.

With Dimension Slicer I opened the wall of the dimension and jumped inside.
Coming here is the third time.
Upon entering, Land God Jijii was, from the handsome youth I sent previously, receiving a lap pillow and having him feed him cherries.

In a different meaning a dreadful scene, I was still able to endure imagining the scene of Jijii ravishing the handsome youth.

While trying my best to erase the current scene from my memories, with half closed eyes I brought my focus together and spoke to Jijii.

“Nn? What, you again. What did you come for. As you can see, I’m busy, I have no free time to keep you company so hurry up and return”
“Today I have a request and came. The tower’s, make the Secret Dungeon”

Jii-san rose from the handsome youth’s lap. I was careless!
I thought it was fine already since he parted from the lap and when I normally looked, I saw the handsome youth “Ah” revealed a disappointed like face.

What? What happened? What happened, what kind of relation did you guys become?

Thinking about is as expected dreadful, so I erased that from my memory and looked at Jijii.

“Secret Dungeon, you say?”
“Ahh. I accumulated 50 points as well and came”
“It’s a pain so I refuse”
“……I’ve prepared additional handsome youths”

The hesitation for a moment was because I hadn’t erased the previous scene I saw of the two’s relation from my head.
Even so I endured. From the opened dimensional tear I dragged in two handsome youths.
Handsome youths of a different direction with the first guy.
One side was girl like fragile, the other side has an arrogant expression that’s tense.

“Ohh, ohhh, ohhhhh!”

Using three stages! To that extent, Jijii bit at it.
The handsome youths were tied up and restrained. Either one had a pretty face, but when Jijii approached fear revealed on their faces.
On the other side, the previous handsome youth pouted his lips, unexpected jealousy!

No good no good, lets cease being further deeply involved than this.
Lets immediately persuade Jijii.

What I was taught from Hime, with 50 dungeon points, completely please the tower’s administrator Land God.
The points were accumulated with the Hero Rush transferred from Deep Forest––––half of it was Alex and Lucia though.
And the handsome youths to please him with as well were somehow managed to stock from among the heroes.

Well then, with this how is it?

“Mwuhu, mwuhuhuhuhu”

It seems it’ll go well.
After Jijii looks at the handsome youths as if licking them over, *cough*, like that at this point in time doing such as to keep up appearances he turns towards me.

“There’s no helping it, receiving an offering to this extent and not granting it would be a disgrace of a Land God”

Somehow he even said it self-aggrandizingly.
No, that’s fine so……

“Thank you very much!”

Without saying what I thought, I said my thanks with all my heart to the Land God Jijii.

Crystal Tower, A1(Another).
There where the appearance was completely the same as the tower until now’s interior design, I was there.
A different point was one, doors, and staircases exit and entrances were not there.

Yurie as well was not joined, I alone rolled around.

I slept suitably, I awoke suitably.

Magnificent! A space where no one obstructed was this magnificent!

The time I was human as well, after being born in Deep Forest as well, after coming to Crystal Tower as well.
There was always people’s eyes and I couldn’t relax, being this completely full of the feeling of freedom is surely the first since I was born isn’t it.

I didn’t do anything, at any rate, I enjoyed my first time in my life’s true relaxation .

Crystal Tower Eighth Floor.
Yui returned to her dragon form, and trampled down the heroes who arrived.

Since the tower was built Yui was roughly a figurehead situation, but for the first time, and with completely released power she fought.

The Legendary Golden Dragon, before that power the human heroes were at their wits’ end defeated.

“Ahh mou! Why do I have to do this kind of thing”

To the side of Yui speaking so was a woman’s figure.
Horns on her head, wings on her back.
A beautiful woman concealing her skin to the extent of an excuse with high exposure clothing.
Former succubus, Night Queen Karen.

“Without saying complaints quickly work. It’s for the sake of Ryu-sama’s rest right”
“Why do I for someone like Onii-chan’s sake––––”
“Since if you don’t I’ll expose to Ryu-sama your lovey-dovey love”
“Wh––––wh-what are you saying, I, someone like Onii-chan’s thing––––”
“I don’t understand good will but I do understand sexual desire you see. You, whenever you talk with Ryu-sama you’re always sexually excited––––”
“If you don’t want it exposed, quickly work”
“N mou! It’s fine if I instantly kill heroes isn’t it!”
“That’s right, do your best ok”

Being threatened by Karen, Yui defeated the heroes who ascended.

With this day as a turning point, Crystal Tower’s name went up even more, and then rumors flowed.
In this dungeon there are two bosses, a mouse and a Dragon.

If you defeat either one, the true boss, the path to the Secret Crystal Tower will open, that kind of rumor.
With Ryu realizing a brief tranquility, comprehending that, living in the Secret Crystal Tower a dragon wearing a slime’s clothing was becoming famous, was something a little while after that.


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