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A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V2C20

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Brief Tranquility





Lucia ran up until the top floor in one go.
The monsters on the way were buried by making free use of her galient sword and magic.
The monsters standing in her way were cut to shreds by the whip like blade, or possibly burnt with sacred flame.
As a single one of Ryu’s Twelve Apostles, the chance of her getting a wound from common monsters was not possible.

She ran up with a fighting method that could be called matchless, but she avoided battle with the eighth floor’s dragon.
Excelling at situation assessment, both strategy and tactics holding a high level of knowledge she did not fight with the formidable dragon in the middle of the tower.

And at the top of the where she ran to, a large mouse was there.

“Nn? Alone huh? Nee-chan you’re pretty good. Something like coming up to here alone” Continue reading