A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V3C0

PrologueSecret Crystal Tower’s Four Heavenly Kings





“I did it! I did it!

A young man made a triumphant pose.
The real feeling that wasn’t there immediately after defeating him, slowly formed and appeared.

The palm’s sensation, the heat held by the body, and most of all the figure of the defeated large mouse on the ground.
Those all, that the man had defeated the boss of this dungeon––––Crystal Tower, gave that significance.

A sense of accomplishment filled the body.

How much time had passed from capturing the tower, every day continuing to capture the tower the man had only been killed that many times, being returned to the town.

Even then a step at a time he continued forward.
He raised his power, prepared his equipment, and remembered the monsters movements.
Heart, technique, physique; with every level little by little he raised himself, at last he defeated the tower’s boss, the large mouse.

With this he could return to the village of his birth, and as a man who got the better of 1 dungeon, he could brazenly propose to his childhood friend the village mayor’s daughter.

“It was long……”

Deep emotion ruled his body, he started trembling slightly.
Like this the man was immersed in a short gratification but, he gradually noticed something was strange.

“The proof of conquest……isn’t going out?”

When the master of a dungeon is defeated the proof of conquest appears.
That itself has no kind of effect, speaking of human society it would be something like a business card.
However as it can be earned only when a dungeon’s boss is defeated, while it is natural as much as the dungeon is famous and the boss strong, it becomes that much of a status.

Even a small dungeon, to the extent that it will become credence and you’ll be able to be loaned land with an unsecured loan with no interest, and if you sell it, you’ll obtain enough money to be able to play for your entire life.
That’s exactly why heroes come to dungeons.

The man was like that as well, and then he defeated Crystal Tower’s boss.

However, no matter how much time passes the proof of conquest doesn’t appear.

“What is the meaning of this……uwa!”

The underfoot of the surprised man collapsed.
The man who lost his support began free falling.
His legs were completely enveloped by a floating feeling like his legs were stiffened.

That was for a moment, the fallen man was tossed on the ground.

“Owowow……h-here is……?”

The man looks around the surroundings.
He was dragged into the collapse of the top floor and dropped, but there was a place he had seen at all.

The floor and ceiling, the walls and such’s interior design were Crystal Tower itself, but it was an unknown level.
Almost every day going to and from Crystal Tower from corner to corner, a level not in agreement at all with the memory of the man who for that reason remembers even as far as the pillar’s stains.

“Where is this……this place?”

With a start the man hardened his body, immediately after that he readied his weapon and was vigilant against the owner of the voice.

From there, 4 figures appeared.
The man became speechless, all were strong––––they let out a strong atmosphere far more than the tower’s boss the large mouse.

The man did not want to admit it. As for why was because the four figures, the man knew them.

For heroes information was life, information of powerful monsters was information to the extent that it connected directly with life and death, and victory or defeat.
The man who captured Crystal Tower with depending on that information knew well the figures of the four people before his eyes.

Clad in high exposure clothes, holding both a form just like a female pervert and beauty like lady, a succubus.
Queen of a Thousand Nights, Karen.

With a spoiled child like young expression, furthermore being clad in a overwhelming violent atmosphere dragon girl.
Four Heavens’ Golden Dragon, Yui.

Wearing a mask of a dreadful oni, looking below the mask can hit you with fear one rank higher, an oni giant.
Asura King, Chris.

Few in numbers a human attached to the demon side, the Sword techniques and magic power, when compared to before leaving having become several times stronger the former princess.
Fallen Princess Knight, Lucia.

Each one is a famous person, their name and actual power are S rank danger monsters.

“Congratulations, and I’m sorry”

Among the other three making a sour look(though one is an oni mask), just a single one addressing him friendly is Karen.
With a friendliness like a tavern’s poster girl she thrust a declaration of death to the man.

“Welcome to Secret Crystal Tower”
“Se, cret……?”
“Yes, Secret. However it’s fine, it won’t be that long. Since if you defeat five more people, this time for sure it’ll be a complete capture. I guarantee it”
“Five people……you say”
“That’s right, the four people here are well something like Four Heavenly Kings see. If you defeat us the genuine final, evil big boss will appear, so if you defeat him then it’s a clear”
“……I won’t get on board with that”

The man fell to his knees.
Even though he had come up to here, even though he had finally made it up to here.
There are four S rank monsters, furthermore above that there’s a final boss.

His childhood friend’s figure faded, despair painted his heart.
In the condition of the man having lost his fighting spirit, he was killed by Lucia.

Unitl the end he didn’t understand.
Why, a low rank dungeon that had just been completed, why monsters this powerful had gathered in Crystal Tower.

To answer that, you have to go back in time a little…….


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13 thoughts on “A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V3C0

  1. chaosezel

    Chappy o kansha oo!

    What happen to Lucia?! o_0
    She appears there is quite a sudden though I know that this chapter is a prologue.


  2. Mhamo

    Who’s Chris? I can’t remember him whatsoever lol. The only humanoid monster I remember is the spoiled kid with ultra slow easy to avoid laser lol


  3. kirinashbell

    Thanks for chapter
    Lucia joining ryu this early was unexpected and i bet alex would be very jealous also if the world finds out that 1 of the apostles betrayed humanity(not really) then ryus dream life of not doing anything is gonna be shattered.
    The only thing that is common with the 4 heavenly kings is that they all love/like ryu:
    Yui loves her ryu onii chan (obviously otherwise wot have u been reading all this time)
    Karen wants to make him happy(sexually with her 300-1000 times increase enjoyment) since the day he helped her level up
    Chris likes ryu coz he is the only one that talks to her and not afraid of her asura like face and aura
    Lucia loves him as a father figure(or maybe as love interest) since she was trained by ryu in the past, still remember her 3000 second rule XD
    why isnt hime included in this list or is she included with yui?

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    1. teemo

      Hime only came to pay a visit last time she’s still 2nd in command of the mother dragon’s forest so she isn’t part of Ryu’s group. And the clone she left hasn’t really done much yet.



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