A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V2C19

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Crystal Tower First Floor, facing Terry and Lily.

“What was the business you had Ryu, the heroes are going to come soon”
“Ah~, does Ryu plan on skipping out possibly? That’s not good, defeat heroes and fight properly as Dragon Knight”
“That’s not it. Actually, I acquired a new technique”
“”A new technique?””

Matching their voices, Terry and Lily inclined their heads to the side.

“What is it suddenly. Ahh, is it because Hime-sama came recently”
“Were you taught something by Hime-san? I see, Ryu gets along well with Hime-san right”
“That’s not it either. This is genuinely exactly because I’m a slime, that kind of technique”
“Is that so”
“What kind? Show us, show us”
“I called you over in order to show you. Wait a bit”

I said as such to the two, and while being held by Yurie I melted my slime body.
It dripped from her arms, dripping and falling slime body.
That fell to the floor for the moment, and then like clay it changed it’s form.

Using my body what is made is two things, a club and a trident.
The same exact appearance as that which Terry and Lily use.

“This is the new power?”
“That’s right, a power to use my body and make weapons”
“Certainly if you said it was slime like, it was like it but……”

Both Terry and Lily looked at the weapons they were holding and at the things with the exact same appearance, and made a troubled face.
Of course, if it’s the exact same thing, then even if you make it there’s no point.

“Try using them. The heroes are coming soon, it’s just right, right”
“Somehow I don’t really understand, but lets try using them”

From the gate connected with Deep Forest one after another heroes were transferred.
Not from the nearby village, not heroes who were affected by Karen’s curse who immediately ran up to the second floor, even on the first floor they fought normally.

The transferred heroes were formidable, there was the dungeon’s skill Terrain Support and Preemptive Strike, the first floor monsters were able to force a hard fight.

Among them, participating more than usual is Terry and Lily.
The two were using the weapons made from my body, and were mowing down heroes.

Incidentally Yurie as well, making my body like a ball she kept on throwing it at heroes.

“Amazing! This weapon is absurdly strong”
“My body is light!”

Terry and Lily were fighting with high tension.
Normally hidden among the monsters, the two were finally for the first time as “Dragon Knight” obtained the scene of actively participating, because of that they seemed to be greatly excited.

Yesterday, Alex was repelled.
Due to Yurie’s idea, I who had assimilated my own body in the tower’s insides. The moment I did that, I understood that Alex clearly changed into a bewildered expression.
He surely had absolute confidence in finding me, no in recognizing me. That it was not a human or even a monster, the fact that it was the tower itself was far above prediction, and thus it was clearly understood that he was troubled.

I who came to have to run away from Alex up to now, but seeing that scene I was on the contrary calm.
Using Alex’s senses against him, if I were to smash his confidence in sticking to that it would be fine.

The weapons Terry and Lily were using now were made from my body, on top of that my magic power was lavishly put in, power up, magic power up, stamina up, speed up, upon defeating heroes stamina and magic power restore, etc.
They were weapons with special effects added this way and that.

Since they’re made from my body they should be dyed in the smell of my soul, and since effects were wantonly added magic power is also plenty filled.

Moreover, made from my slime body their appearance as well was made the same as a simple club and trident.
I made them such that you couldn’t tell from appearances alone that they were made from slime.

I made the same things for ChibiHime, Karen, and Yui as well.

I made the same clothes as the original Hime for ChibiHime, for Karen a long whip, and for Yui a chair.
By the way the chair was Yui’s order. When I asked what would be good, she worried thoroughly and answered a chair, so I made something a king would sit on throne like one and placed it in the eighth floor.

However why a chair? Does Yui want to dominate me?
Well, at any rate.
In addition to the various things I produced, right now, a part of my body is slipped into the tower’s insides.
Completely the same as yesterday.

And then, as a clincher…….

Hero, the careful Alex was dumbfounded.

Passing a night and coming again to the Dungeon named Crystal Tower, even more than yesterday Ryu’s smell was overflowing.
Not just the tower itself, even from the weapons the monsters are using, the smell of Ryu is coming.

Alex was greatly perplexed.
Ryu’s smell, the soul’s smell.
Alex thought that was coming from something the dead Ryu had reincarnated into.
Whether that be human, monster, or possibly some kind of animal.
If it was this smell, then it should be coming from something Ryu had reincarnated into.

That was different.
The smell came from the weapons or tower itself.
Though living beings die and reincarnate, even then they’re living beings. Becoming inorganic substances never happens.
If you were to speak of the details then though there are inorganic monsters like golems that exist, that’s another story.
Right now, Ryu’s smell is coming from inorganic substances.

Alex was troubled, and wavering.
Is this, truly Ryu’s smell?

For the first time since he was born he doubted his own senses.
Since he was thinking about Ryu’s matter, due to overthinking was it not a dreamt up convenient delusion. Is what he thought.

A man of his degree, would usually not become like that.
Especially since he had strong sentiment regarding Ryu, unwavering sentiment, it would not become like that.

However due to the inorganic substances continually displaying Ryu’s smell, his confidence wavers.

And then, as he defeats monsters he ascends the tower.
The floor is the seventh, breaking through is the stairway to continue to the eighth floor.

The moment he placed his feet there, Alex’s movements stopped.

Ryu appeared!
Ryu appeared in the appearance while he was alive, since his body was translucent the scenery showing through on the other side could be seen.
He called out his name. However, with reasoning Alex stopped that.
Alex is Ryu’s top disciple, from him he had various techniques and knowledge driven into him.

That Alex understood from just a glance.
What he had been pursuing was a phantom, he had completely understood.

Giving up midway and losing his motivation, and dropping his shoulders and withdrawing is Alex.
Seeing that guys figure, I was relieved that it went well.

[Slime-sama, why did that person return]
[I showed him a residual thought]

Yurie inclining her head to the side.

[A being with strong power staying in one place for a long time, or possibly when exercising at once, a power to the extent that it exceeds humans, to the space that being itself’s soul like thing is etched into it. I made that promptly yesterday, and showed it to Alex a while ago. And then. Not just the residual thought, the dungeon itself, and everyone’s weapons full of my magic power that I had them hold. My residual thought etched into the tower, that lingering scent transferred onto the weapons and such, it should have looked like]
[Was it like that……it is profound……ah but]
[Since it wasn’t there yesterday, when that person becomes calm he’ll notice won’t he]
[That’s fine. That guy since long ago when he saw one thing nothing else entered his eyes. If he came chasing after me yesterday, then how was it midway through? Why should it not be in his memory]
[I see! As one would expect]

Yurie admiring.

Well then, with this Alex’s case is settled.
Afterwards is continuing to repel heroes, and accumulating skill points is all.


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