A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V2C18

Slime Tower





Crystal Tower Top Floor, while being held by Yurie I ascended together with Hime.
The top floor is Shesta’s floor, there where it was like a royal palace interior design, Shesta was reclining on the throne.
That Shesta saw us and rose.

“Ohh, well well, Hime-san. It has been a while right”
“It’s been a long time. Mouse-chan seems in promising shape don’t you. The rumors, they’re even heard as far as Deep Forest you know”
“Is that so? Well, I only did what was obvious though”

Shesta answered with suitable politeness towards his former executive, but his expression was with all his heart proud,he became conceited enough to the extent that anyone looking could understand.

“That’s something that can’t be done easily. Making a new dungeon, skillfully attacking the surrounding villages and guiding the attack with a good feeling. At this rate the day the big three dungeons become the big four dungeons is close as well right”
“Stop it, someone like me such a thing as being on par with Mother Dragon is presumptuous”

Although he says that, Shesta’s expression did not seem all that dissatisfied.
There’s the fact that Hime is indiscriminately praising him, but the person in question considerably has that intention.

“Amazing huh. After a little more this tower as well, the Hero Rush will come, but if mouse-chan is here it will be fine right”
“Leave it to me. No matter what kind of hero comes this me will *sticks out tongue*――

Shesta opens his mouth wide.
A huge mouse that is Big Mouse, opening it’s mouth to the limit, even swallowing a human whole has the feeling of not being a problem.

“––––I’ll gulp them down”
“Kyaa~, lovely~, cool!”

Hime praising him even more, being praised by Hime, with all his power Shesta grinned.

[Being swallowed, is a little unpleasant]

With telepathy Yurie mutters.

[That kind of thing, anyone would detest]
[If it’s Slime-sama then it might be fine?]
[Since I was a sacrifice, I made the resolution to be eaten by Dragon-sama after all. Even now it’s a little unpleasant, but if it’s Slime-sama……]

I don’t understand what kind of change of mental state, but I won’t eat you ok.

[Being enveloped by Slime-sama completely, 360 degrees Slime-sama……ahh……]

While holding me, Yurie is in a world of her own. Strength enters her arms, too.
This kid, recently hasn’t she been becoming increasing dangerous?
In the process of becoming like a certain someone.

……why do my students tend to be like this I wonder.
If in the future I have a chance to meet god or such, I want to try putting the screw on them and interrogating them.

Wildly laughing Shesta, the flattering Hime, in a world of her own Yurie.
I was a witness to an unpleasant scene––––so I thought, at that moment.

Chills ran.
Shivers instantly ran up my spinal muscles.

This is……no way.

Crystal Tower First Floor.
The group of heroes whose forms appeared from the transfer gate.
They number 10, all of them are uniformed with the same appearance and equipment.

Among them there was a single person wearing a mantle, a man with a exactly a leader sense was there.
The man’s name was Alex. Immediately after being transferred he quizzically surveyed the insides of the dungeon.
Even though the men were repelling the tower’s preemptive strike, it was all of a sudden so they were bewildered.

“Alex-sama! Just what is this”
“Transfer magic. Apparently when you finally arrive at Mother Dragon’s location due to a trap you’re launched here”
“What did you say! Curse you Mother Dragon, running away with this sort of cowardly hand”
“Shall we head back Alex-sama”
“Using a roundabout way is proof that Mother Dragon is weakened! If it’s now we can strike her”

His subordinates were full of enthusiasm, but Alex did not get on board with that.
He quizzically frowned and surveyed the inside of the dungeon.

During that, goblins and imps and such monsters came attacking, but there was his subordinate’s turning the tables on them.

“Alex-sama? What is the matter?”
“He’s here……”
“Ryu is here”
“Here is it?”

With Alex’s lines, the subordinates as well quizzically came to look at the insides of the dungeon this way and that.

“There’s no mistake? That is, that Ryu-sama is here”
“There’s no mistake. This is Ryu’s soul’s smell. Moreover it’s strong. That damn Mother Dragon hid Ryu here huh”
“That’s cowardly Mother Dragon!”

Due to Alex’s conjecture, the subordinates simultaneously became enraged.
Within them, a single carefree subordinate said.

“It’s possible, Ryu-sama may have been made a monster right”

That man was glared at. Alex’s subordinate’s simultaneously glared at him.

“There’s no way there’s such a thing!
“That’s right! He’s Alex-san’s master Ryu-sama you know”
“Right Alex-sama!”
“……even if for example Ryu became a monster”

Alex did not glare at the subordinate. Those eyes strongly, looked at the ceiling––––at the floor above.

“At that time I’ll become a monster as well, I’ll go under Ryu and aid in creating a monster kingdom is all”

Alex, to the bitter end did not look at anything other than Ryu’s matter.


I who watched with Distant View magic became dejected.
Hearing the conversation of Alex and those comrades that were transferred together, I became about half shivering and half dejected.

[It’s serious Slime-san, if you don’t immediately suppress your presence. If it’s Disciple-san then he’ll completely grasp your wave motion]
[That’s not effective on Alex……that guy, I don’t know how but not magic power or wave motion, it seems he can recognize me with the smell of my soul. Even if I made my presence zero, he won’t be deceived]

Previously I attempted it in Deep Forest.
That being said I can’t leave it as it is.

Alex and co immediately began capturing the dungeon.
Defeating monster one after the other, Alex who went up a singe level looked around his surroundings and displayed an action of searching for something.

At this rate it’s bad, what should I do?

Defeat him in an instant?
No Alex is a hero, even if he’s defeated inside a dungeon he’ll revive. If I defeat him in an instant, no matter how I do it my true colors will be exposed.

Should I defeat him like always, operating Shesta?
Alex is strong, if I use the indirect play of operating Shesta it will take time until I defeat him, during that time it will be exposed with the wave motion of the magic that I’m operating.

Should I escape? No there’s no point. If it’s Alex then the moment I escaped he would drop everything and chase after.

I’m at a loss, it’s a staggering crisis.
A method in a way that it won’t be exposed to Alex that my true colors is this slime…….

[Slime-sama, I thought of something good]
[Something good?]
[That’s no good right, the moment he’s swallowed Alex will be convinced that the slime is me––––]
[It’s different. Swallow the tower]
[The tower]

Yurie nodded and looked at Shesta.
Even now still being flattered by Hime, carefreely, loudly laughing Shesta. Incidentally Hime is frowning and looking at me. This side seems to have noticed Alex’s invasion.

[If you, like Shesta-san,*Paku*swallow the tower––––]
[Then my smell will diffuse throughout the entire tower huh]
[Yes! If it’s possible though……]
[There’s no problem]

I jumped down from Yurie’s arms.
Jumping down to the floor I release power.
I melt my slime body, and my body penetrates through the crevices in the floor.

My slime body passes through the mere crevice with no problem, before long I diffused throughout until every corner of the tower.

If the tower is flesh, then my body is blood.
And then I made it so that the tower itself is where my body was.

[What’s the matter Alex-sama]
[No it’s nothing……Ryu’s smell changed……this tower itself?]

Thanks to spreading throughout until every corner of the tower, even without magic I became able to understand Alex’s movements.
Being plainly bewildered by Yurie’s idea is Alex.
The smell of my soul, apparently since he has absolute confidence he’s troubled by this situation, is something I clearly understood.

In this case it’ll go well.

While being bewildered, Alex who determinedly ran up the tower.
Those guys––––the moment Alex himself ascended to the eighth floor, I struck Alex with a golden fore foot manifested from the floor of the eight floor.

“The tower……is Ryu……?”

Always being there from the first floor, I feigned the tower’s preemptive attack, I drove the golden forefoot with all my power into Alex and defeated him.


Alex who became squashed and those subordinates taking flight.

Somehow being able to deceive him, I was relieved.


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  1. hecate

    and yurie :v even if she was a girl, she had a “man of culture” taste XD lul

    don’t tell me she secretly did a “gentleman” time when ryuu didn’t notice XD

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  2. sage yomeri

    Oh great, I had that feeling that Alex would go there. This was why I didn’t want to say it because I really hoped he wouldn’t go there. But he’s going there.
    Sorry, Ryu, but probably in the future, you’ll have a small group of slimes after you calling you master in the future (with one probably having dog ears as well)

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