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The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V2C18

Sorry about the late update, got busy and then had to travel.

The Kickstarter was funded! Unfortunately, it didn’t reach the stretch goals. However, I wanted to thank everyone who backed or spread the word. It really came down to the wire, seriously it went over by only $359 after going up and down at the last couple seconds. Anyways, thanks to anyone who helped out!


Unexpected Aid






When I approach on my horse, the battle had already begun.
A fierce battle unfolded.
At first I thought that the caravan group with fewer numbers had a disadvantage, but they were surprisingly putting up a good fight.
It seems there were magicians and magic swordsmen among the caravan’s guards.

“Support might not have been needed, huh.”

I think for a moment, but while I was thinking like that one of the vanguard’s soldiers was struck directly by the bandit’s axe and collapsed.

––––as expected it seems there’s a need to cover them.

I begin chanting the usual Impactmagic.
This magic’s strong point is that it’s easy to adjust.
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A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V2C18

Slime Tower





Crystal Tower Top Floor, while being held by Yurie I ascended together with Hime.
The top floor is Shesta’s floor, there where it was like a royal palace interior design, Shesta was reclining on the throne.
That Shesta saw us and rose.

“Ohh, well well, Hime-san. It has been a while right”
“It’s been a long time. Mouse-chan seems in promising shape don’t you. The rumors, they’re even heard as far as Deep Forest you know”
“Is that so? Well, I only did what was obvious though”

Shesta answered with suitable politeness towards his former executive, but his expression was with all his heart proud,he became conceited enough to the extent that anyone looking could understand.

“That’s something that can’t be done easily. Making a new dungeon, skillfully attacking the surrounding villages and guiding the attack with a good feeling. At this rate the day the big three dungeons become the big four dungeons is close as well right”
“Stop it, someone like me such a thing as being on par with Mother Dragon is presumptuous” Continue reading