The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V2C18

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Unexpected Aid






When I approach on my horse, the battle had already begun.
A fierce battle unfolded.
At first I thought that the caravan group with fewer numbers had a disadvantage, but they were surprisingly putting up a good fight.
It seems there were magicians and magic swordsmen among the caravan’s guards.

“Support might not have been needed, huh.”

I think for a moment, but while I was thinking like that one of the vanguard’s soldiers was struck directly by the bandit’s axe and collapsed.

––––as expected it seems there’s a need to cover them.

I begin chanting the usual Impactmagic.
This magic’s strong point is that it’s easy to adjust.

With something like Fire Ballmagic, you might accidentally take the opponent’s life, if possible I didn’t want to do pointless killing.

Even if the other party are bandits, I didn’t want to take their lives.
I blew away the bandit who raised the ax once more with
The bandit is blown a ten odd meters away.

Next, I cast Barriermagic at the male guard who seemed like he would be stabbed with a spear.

The bandit’s spear goes askew.
The bandits who saw that sight, the caravan’s people, both parties were surprised.
The bandits question me, “You bastard, who are you?”
The caravan’s guards also make a statement of a similar meaning.


The reason I became silent for a while is that I’m troubled for a response.
However, I can’t not name myself.
If the caravan lot doesn’t know whether I’m an enemy or ally, they’ll be troubled.
After careful consideration, I choose my words and speak.

“––––I’m just a magician passing by. I’m helping because of morality. Of course, the ones I’m helping are the merchants.”

The merchants who heard that were relieved.
The bandits, “Damn,” raise angry voices.
Together with those words the battle restarted.
Once again I could hear the sounds of people crossing swords.

While going as easy as possible on them, I defeat the bandits, but in the middle of that I notice a person coming this way.

The man I think to be the commanding officer of the guards, while mowing down enemies, comes next to me, and while focusing on the bandits asks me.

“Though I don’t where or who you are, I’m thankful. I won’t forget this debt for my whole life.”

“It’d be good if that life didn’t end in this place though.”

As I said that I cast Endowment Magic》.Enchant

“……this is?”
“Simple endowment magic.”
“This is endowment magic.”
“What? Is it the first time you’ve seen it?”

“––––no, since there’s magicians among my comrades as well. Just, I can’t believe that your endowment magic is the same endowment magic at all. The lightness is almost as if the sword has become feathers.”

In addition, the commanding officer continues.

“If it’s this sword, I have a feeling that it can cut up boulders.”

When he said that, the commanding officer targeted a particularly heavily armored man among the bandits and slashed him.

Just as he said, he cut the heavy armor like paper.
Seeing that I raise a voice of admiration, “Hoh.”
As I thought it seems this caravan’s guards are a gathering of quite capable people.

At first I thought he would use that endowment magic’s power to kill all the bandits, but instead he begins holding back.

While being careful to not give them a fatal wound whenever possible, he fights keeping in mind to just snatch their strength.

It’s an action that can’t be done by people who haven’t received training.
I think seeing that sight.
There’s no longer any need to help them any more than this––––.
Already more than half the bandits have become incapable of combat.
Afterwards, within the next few minutes they’ll begin to flee.

War is the same, but there’s nothing like killing each other until each side is annihilated.
The side whose will to fight is reduced runs away.
That’s a battle’s standard.

Sure enough, the man I believe to be bandit group’s leader raises a loud voice.

“We’re retreating you lot!”

That he didn’t use the words, run away, might be the bandit leaders kind of pride.

If they’re running away, then that’s fine but I purposefully volunteered to help out.

For the enemy commander to run away here is kind of annoying.
Thinking that, I chant
RestraintBind magic.
Yellow vines clad in magic coil around the men’s feet.

“W-what is this?”

Or so I wanted to say, but I’ll do so on another occasion.
Right now, for the time being I should devote myself to healing the injured.
First of all, starting from the caravan’s guards I should treat them.

Restoration magic isn’t my domain, for the time being if it’s first-aid treatment I can do it.
I close up the shoulder wound of the guard who was directly struck by the bandit’s axe just before.
He was directly struck by the axe.
It broke all the way to the bone, but as a temporary measure shall I stop the bleeding.

Next, I cast magic on the bandits as well.
Naturally I do so while they’re tied up.
Voices of criticism went up from the guards whose comrades were injured.
I think those are reasonable feelings.
But as I thought, if they die like this, I’ll have an uneasy conscience.

Besides, it shouldn’t be the case that they became bandits because they wanted to.
For the majority of bandits, their fate as former farmers troubled for food was decided.
If the times were better, they would have inherited farmland from their parents and worked normally, or become craftsmen and make a living.

At any rate, for certain they wouldn’t have become bandits.
Thinking so, I can’t help but sympathize.
This is the “Naiveness” that Sefiro often says.

While thinking like that as I treat the bandits, there’s a person who calls out to me.

At first I thought Sati had come.
Since the tone of voice is similar.
An airy girl’s voice.

However, I immediately notice that the owner of that voice isn’t Sati.
Sati absolutely obeys my orders.
If I were to order, “Head towards the east,” she’s a girl that would abide by that order for 5 or even 10 years.

No doubt she’s hiding in the thicket now, too.
That’s why it’s impossible for her to call out to me.
I who thought that turn towards the direction of the voice.

There’s a beautiful girl there.
A girl wearing a pure while dress.

Elegant clothes like an aristocratic young lady would wear, and unbecoming of a bloody battlefield.

In reality the hem of her dress is covered in mud.
It wasn’t tailored with the assumption of going out into the field I’m sure.
In short, this girl is a fairly good family’s daughter.
Just by looking at the clothes she’s wearing and her atmosphere, I could imagine that.
In addition, looking closely it seems the carriage nearby isn’t that of a caravan’s either.
If it were a caravan’s it would be made more reasonably.
The carriage is plainly an extravagant build made for aristocrats to ride.
Looking at that, I think.

(Perchance, I might have done some unexpected aid)

like so––––.

There are no aristocrats in this Zenobia that could be called the capital of the Commerce Alliance.
However, there are no aristocrats, but there are substitute existences.
Those are wealthy merchants.
Zenobia is governed by a conference of wealthy merchants.
Speaking modernly it’s the political system “Republicanism”.

In other words, what I want to say is, isn’t she “That” wealthy merchant’s daughter.

Her attire, her wording, I guessed as such, but that conjecture was spot on.
In fact, from her mouth came words beyond my imagination.

“I do not know from where or who you are, however for this occasion’s assistance, thank you very much.”

As she respectfully lowers her head, she continues like so.

“––––I’m sorry I forgot to introduce myself, my name is, YuriaOctave. Employed as this Zenobia’s leader. EltriaOctave’s daughter.”

Looking at that lovely girl, I think.

The girl named Sati, she might be a goddess that brings me good luck.

If it weren’t for her words, I wouldn’t have met this good luck by chance here.

I who thought as such, in order to leverage the good luck I grasped to the maximum degree, respectfully lower my head in return.

“A pleasure to meet you, Yuria-sama, I’m a magician from Isthmus, ……I’m called Raiku.”

“A person from Isthmus? It seems you possess splendid sorcery, but are you an aristocrat?”

Yuria asks me.
I affirm that.

The reason introduced myself as someone from Isthmus is that Rosaria and Zenobia are like cats and dogs, the reason I didn’t name myself Ike is just in case, because I’m cautious.

Recently, the activity of the Undead Brigade is reverberating throughout the continent.
It’s too dangerous to give my real name.

Just, I noticed after I named myself, but I think the name Raiku is ironic.

Previously, it’s a term the 3rd Army Corps’ Commander Basteo used when he slighted me.
It was a false name that brought up in the moment, but at any rate, because I introduced myself as Raiku, for a short while I have to stick with this name.

At the very least, until I meet Zenobia’s leader Octave through her, I shall call myself Raiku.

While thinking that, as she advised, I decided to head to Zenobia.


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