The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V2C17

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En Route to Zenobia





The Commerce Alliance refers to several cities in the south on this continent.

There are no large countries in the south of this continent, each city has autonomy and they each govern uniquely.

“That means there is no King?”

In the middle of heading to Zenobia, Sati asks me.

“That’s right. Another name of the Commerce Alliance is, The Country Owned by Merchants.”

“There are countries without kings, huh. Does that mean there are no aristocrats either?”

Sati seems to have received a shock.
For many years she was a slave of an aristocrat in the city of Arsenum.
A country without a king, a country without aristocrats, she can’t imagine such things I suppose.

“The Commerce Alliance isn’t a country, it’s a federation of fellow cities. Just like the name, it prospers relying on commerce. The south’s characteristic crops, also most things like spices are managed by the Commerce Alliance I guess.”

“Which means that pepper and things like cinnamon are delivered from the Commerce Alliance?”


“I see, it suddenly became familiar.”

It seems she finally understand when her forte, the field of cooking became the topic.

“The Commerce Alliance leverages the temperate climate, and cultivates crops that can’t be harvested in the north. The northern people sell handicrafts and resources as compensation. Like that they trade and profit.”

Naturally, they don’t see directly to the Maou Army.

The Commerce Alliance doesn’t participate in the “Multiple King Alliance”, but they’re not greedy enough to sell directly to the Maou Army.

If the Maou Army conquers the world at this rate, then their own position will become precarious, is what they think I suppose.

The Commerce Alliance is the country of merchants, they can do forecasting of that degree.

Even if they’re a country of shrewd merchants, they’ll defend the final line, is what it means.

Now then, to the most shrewd one among those shrewd merchants I have to,

“Please deal with the Maou Army directly,”

request that of them.

“Is that possible?”

I mutter.
Thinking calmly, it’s a possibility.
The Commerce Alliance isn’t participating in this time’s Multiple King Alliance.

The reason is that they didn’t tie an old covenant, and they’re in discord with the Multiple King Alliance’s participating country Rosaria. That and the Commerce Alliance isn’t a “Country”, it’s a federation of cities. They have no duty to participate.

However, while that may be true if you were to ask if they would abandon a Multiple King Alliance that was caught in a dilemma, that’s not so.

It seems they’re giving support behind the scenes.

Free of charge, or perhaps cheaply, they’re supplying crops, and it seems they are sharing the burden of the supply train.

As expected the leaders of the Commerce Alliance are human. The feeling that the Maou Army is dreadful might be deeply rooted.

Just how should I convince that lot I wonder.

I unintentionally become discouraged, but the maid next to me didn’t seem to be worried.

“It’s fine. Nothing is impossible for Goshujin-sama!”

As she states so, she encourages me.

“If Zenobia’s merchants come into contact with Goshujin-sama’s kindness as well they should surely realize that the Maou Army aren’t bad people. And then they’ll surely tie that treedee.”

She says full of confidence.

“Good grief,” she’s easy going, is what I thought but didn’t say it.

Since I thought she was right.
If I proceed with the negotiations with this kind of mood, then what should succeed won’t succeed either.

“The Maou Army’s future depends hangs on my shoulders, what am I going to do getting discouraged here.”

As I change my thinking like that, I decided to think of the best plan.

“In order to make the negotiations a success, first I have to gather information.”

My first priority is to thoroughly investigate what kind of person Zenobia’s leader is, and what kind of ideology they hold.

There’s nothing as foolish as challenging someone without any information.
For the time being, let’s proceed to the city of Zenobia and gather information.
Thinking that, I hasten the horse’s pace.
Since I wanted to do it as soon as I decided as such.

“Sati, I’m going to hasten the horse’s pace.”

So Sati wouldn’t be surprised I inform her beforehand, but surprisingly Sati didn’t say, “Yes.”

“……Goshujin-sama, what is that?”

Sati points reservedly.
To the eastern direction.
When I turn towards there, a carriage was stopped there.

Observing, I see a group with their swords at the ready.
Of course they’re not aiming at us.
It seems like bandits are attacking the carriage.
It’s something that happens often in this world.
Farmers that went broke become bandits and attack merchant caravans.
It’s a sight I’m familiar with.

The bandit’s numbers are about 20, the merchants number 5, though the merchants side’s weapons seem to be superior, but as expected the numerous bandits should seem favorable.

(……at this rate the merchants’ side will lose)

I thought so, but I ignore it and advance the horse towards Zenobia.

“Goshujin-sama, you won’t save those people?”
“I won’t save them.”

I end it with just that.

“Eh, but, at this rate those people may be killed.”

“This is already Zenobia’s territory. If I cause a commotion here, then my identity may be exposed.”

Incidentally, my figure right now is the very picture of a human.
In other words I’m not wearing the undead robe and mask.

Even if I’m not wearing the undead robe I won’t lose to bandits, but as I said, I don’t want to cause unnecessary commotion here.

If it’s exposed that I’m affiliated with the Maou Army, then forget gathering information, at worst I might even lose the chance to meet with Zenobia’s leader.

I should harden my heart here and ignore them.
That’s my responsibility as a brigade commander of the Maou Army.
No, my it’s my duty.


Sati silently grasps the sleeve of my clothes.
The modest and faithful her.

If I say I won’t save them, then she will neither blame nor reproach me.

However, the warmth being transmitted from her palm once again reminds me that I’m human.

After thinking, I order Sati to get down from the horsed.
Sati who hears that smiles broadly.

“Goshujin-sama, you’re going to save those people right.”

“I’ll see bad dreams if I abandon them. In addition––––”

I might be able to gather information from those merchants.
Tentatively, that kind of justification is necessary.

The act I’m about to do is obviously an absurd action as a brigade commander of the Maou Army.

(Good grief, my previous life’s memory aren’t only useful huh)

If I were able to completely abandon them, I might be able to live more easily.

While thinking that I lower Sati from the horse,

“I’ll end it in 5 minutes. Lay down there and hide.”

and order her.
Sati obediently abides.
Making sure of that, I make the horse gallop.


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