The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V2C16

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Message to Subordinates






“Ike-sama’s going to the south?”

That’s the first thing Lilith says when I explain the situation.
Next, “I’ll go too” and tries to start getting ready for the trip, but I stop her.

“No, this time Lilith will be staying here.”

Naturally, she raises complaints.

“What do you mean by saying that Ike-sama’s companion isn’t this Lilith. There’s no uncertainty in my power, ingenuity, and loyalty, and I’ll even serve you at night.”

“……setting aside the last point, I’m valuing your power highly. That’s why you’re staying.”

The White Rose Knights Alistair’s attack, the dwarf king Gunther’s rescue, if it were fighting places like those, then it would be fine to take this girl along, but it won’t be like that this time.

“Recently, rumors of Ivalice’s abundancy is spreading, and vagabonds and refugees are gathering. It’s fine that the population is increasing, but in that case quarrels will increase as well. I leave maintaining the public order of the town of Ivalice to you.”

“Which means?”

“If you find people who are committing mischief, give them a good beating and capture them.”

“I see, do you mind if I hit them hard enough for grey matter to come out from their left ear?”


“Then from the right ear.”

“Both are a no go. Beat them at the level of finishing with minor injuries, and put them in prison. Afterwards Jiron will do something about it.”

As I say so, I turn towards Jiron.

“As I just said, I leave the rule of the town to you. It’s fine if you act like always.”


Jiron makes a dispirited response.

“What’s wrong?”

“……no, I worry if we can get by if Boss isn’t here.”

I see, that’s what’s wrong.
Come to think of it, this might be the first time I’ve entrusted everything to this guy.
In order to relieve Jiron, I speak in a kind tone.

“I left a manual for you just in case. If you’re worried, read that.”

“Haa, no, can I not ask for instructions from Boss by asking a magician for Telepathymagic?”

“You can’t.”

I cut him off with that.

Just as Sefiro said, the Undead Brigade lot have a tendency to rely on me too much.

Treating this as a chance here to prompt their independence isn’t bad.

Thinking that, I once more repeat.

“Certainly, it’s possible to give orders with Telepathymagic whenever there’s something. Perhaps that way is more efficient.”

“Then please do so. Like I thought I’m worried without Boss.”

Lilith follows.

“In the first place, is it not possible to transfer to Zenobia with Transitionmagic? Then your business will finish in a few days won’t it?”

“For transition magic I can only use: transition where a comrade has a space where authorization has been given, or short range transition. I have no transition space where authorization has been given in Zenobia. That’s impossible.”

“Haa, in that case, as expected at the very least it will take half a month right.”

Lilith vents a sigh.

“That’s right,” when I state as such, I once again ask them to look after things.”

And decided to begin preparations for the journey.
However, even then Lilith expresses complaints.

“Ike-sama, I understand why I can’t accompany you, I can consent. But, why is that girl going with you.”

Lilith points to the girl clad in maid clothes, Sati.
Sati seems bewildered, so I explain the circumstances.

“I’ve explained that this time I’m heading towards Zenobia in order to tie a treaty of commerce with the chairman of Zenobia’s council, the leading power of the Commerce Alliance right.”


Lilith nods.

“It’s a historical first for the Maou Army and humans to tie a treaty of commerce. That’s why there’s a need a living precedent, I believe.”

“What do you mean?”

“Humans and demons getting along well. If there’s that kind of precedent, then it’ll be easy to settle the talks I believe.”


Lilith leaks such a groan.
It seems she’s consented.

She’s looks at Sati like she’s looking at her parent’s enemy, but she doesn’t say any more complaints.

Sati hides behind my back and avoids that gaze.

I feel sorry for Sati like this so,

“At any rate, I leave the rest to you. Now, starting now you guys are this town’s supervisor.”

I forcibly conclude the conversation, and order each of them to be diligent in their duties.


“Very well.”

When Lilith and the orc give their respective acknowledgment, they leave the office.
As I watch that, I decided to make preparations for the journey.

Though in the first place Sati the maid is doing those kinds of things. What I should think about is just that one point.

“The first treaty of commerce between humans and demons……”

Quite an absurd demand has been thrust upon me.

That’s just how much Maou-sama is valuing me, but answering that expectation is also tough.

Now then, it’s my first “Diplomacy Debut”, but will it go well.

While watching Sati excitedly begin preparations for the journey, I carefully consider every negotiation technique.


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