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The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V2C17

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15 hours to go in the Kickstarter, it’s not going to make the stretch goals but if you can spread the word. I’ve seen some people say they weren’t aware of the Kickstarter until just recently.


En Route to Zenobia





The Commerce Alliance refers to several cities in the south on this continent.

There are no large countries in the south of this continent, each city has autonomy and they each govern uniquely.

“That means there is no King?”

In the middle of heading to Zenobia, Sati asks me.

“That’s right. Another name of the Commerce Alliance is, The Country Owned by Merchants.”

“There are countries without kings, huh. Does that mean there are no aristocrats either?”

Sati seems to have received a shock.
For many years she was a slave of an aristocrat in the city of Arsenum.
A country without a king, a country without aristocrats, she can’t imagine such things I suppose.
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