A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V4C4

Want to Lay Eggs





Crystal Tower First Floor.


I gazed at Dulce eating the cake like it was delicious.
What I made today was a potato mont blanc cake, normally it’s made with chestnut, but there’s considerable affinity with potatoes so I tried making it.
Dulce devours that like it was delicious.

“Dulce, stay still for a bit.”

The future queen tilts her head, I transform a part of my slime body, and wipe the tip of her nose.
Due to devouring it, on the tip of her nose there is potato and cream.
I took that, but––––.


Dulce jumped at me.
On my slime body that returned to normal the wiped leftovers were on my cheek, but Dulce licked that up.

“Hey, stop it Dulce……it tickles hey.”

After completely licking it up, Dulce made a satisfied face, and returned once again to the original cake.
Her eating figure is as always cute, I was conscious that my expression watching over her slackened.


While calling out to that me, Karen came flying her flapping her wings.
Behind her a monster followed along coming here.

Her top half is a human woman, her bottom half is a snake tail the same thickness as her torso.
A species of monster called Naga, a group mainly inhabiting from the 3rd floor to the fourth floor in Crystal Tower.

That naga came along with Karen.

“What’s wrong?”
“Right now I accepted a consultation. So I wanted to hear Ryu-sama’s opinion a bit see, or such.”

While Karen said that, she looked a me with meaningful eyes.
I understood somehow.

She took on the consultation, and wanted to solve it.
However, she herself couldn’t settle it so she wanted me to do something.

Roughly understanding the situation, I exchanged a look. Karen calmly nodded.
Even if I settle this, she’ll shoulder that achievement, that mutual understanding was made.

“Got it, I don’t know whether I can advise you, but I’ll listen.”
“Thank you. Then Eri, let us hear your story once more.”
“Un……I, my breeding season’s come.”

Breeding season, for monsters that’s an important season.
Monsters of a certain strength, as an estimate if it’s a 中級以上 monster, then their the time they breed is decided.
For weak monsters numbers have a direct connection to their species, so they mate year round, however beings like naga aren’t like that.

They breed only during their decided breeding season.
And since they have that kind of ecology, their breeding season is considerably important.
Enough to come for advice like this.

“Naga’s reproduction is……if I remember right……”

Karen nods.

“Un, predation. By swallowing whole the party they’re pleased with they lay eggs.”
“I see.”
“So, ano……I-I want a hero.”
“Un. A hero that’s come only once before……when I met him, it’s this person! is what I thought.”
“Love at first sight huh. Your instincts are screaming that they want that guys lineage, right.”
“But he hasn’t come after that……”

Looking down, the naga Eri is in low spirits.

“That’s why she came to consult me. What should I do, like that. Look if you talk about breeding it’s ecchi, if you talk about ecchi it’s the former succubus me the night queen right?”
“I see.”

I understood the story.
In other words it’s fine if we track down the hero who’s only come once.

“How is it.”
“Lets see……”

I thought a bit……after thinking about how to say it, I spoke.

“That technique of Karen’s is fine isn’t it?”
“That technique?”
“That’s right, that technique. You have a technique to lure someone if you know their characteristics right.”

Of course Karen doesn’t have that kind of technique, not her it’s something I’m able to do.
The clever Karen immediately understood, hit her hand.

“That’s right, since I didn’t use it much I forgot. Thank you Ryu-sama.”
“Is that so?”
“Un. Iya, it’s embarrassing, huh. In the case of a technique you’ve hardly used, instead other people will remember.”
“Ah……that’s possible……”

Eri consented to Karen’s deception.
While thinking if that’s ok, I asked her the other party’s characteristics.

“Extremely cool, sharp, and an extremely good looking.”
“Is that so.”

While chiming in Karen glanced at me. She subtly made a complex expression.
Are these ambiguous terms ok, kind of expression.

I calmly nodded, and at the same time “Do it” exchanged a glance with that feeling.

“Alright, then I’ll do that now ok.”

Karen said that and, mumumumumu, took a stance with that kind of feeling.
A stance that seems like she’ll do something, but if you look well it’s nonsense.
But, that’s fine.

I matched that and stealthily used magic.
A magic to draw heroes.
Deciding the conditions, a magic that induce feelings of “I want to got” to heroes that comply with those conditions.

At the same time I made the invocation of magic seeable, and made it like it came from Karen’s body.

“You did it didn’t you. ……it’s the same as the time I saw it before.”

With a sense of feigning ignorance I spoke.

“Un! I did it.”
“Un, with this he should come.”

When Karen said that, Eri blushed and looked down.
As her upper half is a human woman’s, that figure was completely a maiden in love.

A neat figure, even without Karen’s request it would make one feel that they want to cooperate.

And after waiting a while, the outside of the tower became noisy.

Heroes came to attack Crystal Tower.
The heroes that entered the tower matched the conditions established by the magic.

A group of cool, sharp, and good looking guys.
Even looking as guy, heroes complying with the conditions came attacking numerously.

While the tower’s monsters were intercepting them Karen asks Eri.

“How is it? Is he there?”

Eri immediately replied.

The first group broke through and ascended to the second floor.
Immediately the next group arrived.

In the case of the capital the young woman would seem to be made to say Kya kya, rather than heroes groups that seemed more suited as actors came numerously.

“Is he here?”
“Not here.”

Eri once again replied immediately.
An immediate reply to the extent that you want to tilt your head and ask if she really looked.

Those guys broke through again, and the third group arrived.
This time they were a bit flashy, a group that seems to do mizu shobai in the big city.
But, it’s not wrong that they’re a group at the limit of being good looking.

“How is it?”
“Not here.”

The third immediate reply.

After that as well heroes came a few times.
Due to the effect of the magic, they were all full of good looking guys.
Right now in just this moment, the highest ratio of good looking guys on earth might be this Crystal Tower.
However he wasn’t here, within them Eri’s sweetheart wasn’t here.

“……as expected he didn’t come.”
“Did he already die? Outside.”

No matter how many times they die within a monster’s dungeon heroes will resurrect, but if they die outside that’s the end.
It’s a guy that only came once after all, there’s a chance that already happened is what I thought.

“Un? What’s wrong Karen. Pondering that much.”
“Uun, it might be possible but.”
“Ne, is it ok to use the same technique once more. This time with all the conditions reversed.”

Karen asks me like she’s requesting my opinion.
Translating, use that once more like that, is what it means.

That’s fine but……reversed?

“Un, try it.”

For the time being I nod to Karen.
She once again, gugugu, took a a pose of using the technique, and I matched that and use magic.

I reestablish the conditions––––etto reversed was it.
In other words……not cool, absentminded, and extremely ugly––––is it ok with that?

I hesitated, but I did it just like that.
The visualized magic’s effect enshrouded Karen’s body.
And when we waited for a bit, a single hero came.

According to the conditions not cool, absentminded, and extremely ugly.
Hero like he had demeanor of being considerably capable, but at a glance he’s middle aged and homeless.

No way this kind of guy is––––.

“Ahh! My beloved.”
“Like I thought……”
“What do you mean Karen.”

The enraptured Eri, and Karen with a proud expression.

“It’s the love is blind thing. In the eyes of a maiden during breeding season, that looks like a prince.”
“I-is that so……”

Honestly is that ok? Is what I thought, but I saw Eri with heart marks in her eyes approach and thought it doesn’t matter.

I’ve gone this far so I’ll do some after service.
I stealthily restrained the ugly hero.
A restraint so he couldn’t move at all.

The hero who couldn’t move, and the Eri who arrived totteringly.
The moment the two touched, Eri opened her mouth and swallowed the hero whole.

“Unexpectedly grotesque huh.”
“What are you saying Ryu-sama. This is a reproductive act, in other words ecchi.”
“Noo……considering that, there’s not enough sensuality……”

Thus Eri swallowed her fated sweetheart, and the next day she layed a slightly large egg.


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