A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V4C3

Queen and Undressing





“Ryu! Help me out Ryu!”

Secret Crystal Tower, my fully satisfied comfort under the pseudo sun was destroyed by Terry’s boisterousness.
The boisterousness means that Terry came from the surface.

“What’s wrong.”
“Never mind that, come here.”
“Like I said what’s wrong––––wawawa!”

As if saying asking questions was meaningless, Terry forcibly took me from inside Yurie’s arms.
Lifting me with both hands, he carried me on his head and ran off.
Just like that he went out of Secret Crystal Tower, and returned to the Crystal Tower first floor.

“Everyone, I’ve brought Ryu.”

Waiting there were the goblins.
Almost all the goblins that followed Shesta, all the goblins in this Crystal Tower were lined up.

What’s the meaning of this I wonder, everyone’s eyes are shining, staring at me with eyes like their expecting something.
I had a somewhat bad premonition, I feel like this will become a pain.

“Oi Terry, what’s the meaning of this.”
“Look at this.”

Terry showed me a club.
The slime weapon club I made.

“What’s the matter with this?”
“This, Ryu made this for me right?”
“Ryu made that ogre nee-chan’s weapon as well right?”
“Ogre nee-chan? Chris’s?”

Terry greatly nods.

“I want you to attach a special function to this like that nee-chan’s weapon to this as well!”
“What, is that it?”

I was relieved.
I was suddenly snatched and brought here, so I was on guard, but that’s the reason, huh.

Looking at the goblins again, everyone was looking with eyes of expectation.
It’s a flow where I have to make everyone’s, well, if it’s that amount then it’s not a great pain.

“And, what kind of function do you want me to attach?”

Almost like they arranged beforehand……well they probably didn’t right.
All the goblins cried out together from their hearts.

Terry who was close with me represented the goblins and continued again.

“We want an undressing function to be attached to the club. So that when we use this and strike, the opponent’s clothes come off.”
“I see.”

I nod, and look at the goblins. They’re eyes were shining even more than before.
The goblins as usual, I chuckled just a bit.

“I got it, I’ll do it.”
“Ahh, place the club on the ground.”

Terry did as he was told, and placed his own club on the ground.
I stared at that, and thought a little.
I worked out a plan for the weapon remodeling in my head, and after completing that I swallowed the club with my entire body.

I kneaded the club within my body, and after bestowing the ability as I imagined I spit it out.

“Otto! Did you complete it Ryu?”

Terry caught the spit out club in a panic, the look of expectation in his eyes reached the peak.

“Ahh. The club’s become a different color right?”
“Lets see……it’s true, there’s a line drawn in the middle and the color is different. Red and blue.”
“If you strike with the blue side then it’s the same club as before, it’ll ordinarily cause physical damage. If you strike with the red side, then though the damage is zero, it will burst the clothes only on the place that was struck.”

Terry was even more excited.
I turned toward the other goblins.

“Everyone else as well take out your weapons, since I’ll remodel them all at once.”

The goblins did as they were told, took out their clubs, and placed them on the ground.
I swallowed the clubs pile up like a hill all at once, remodel them one by one, and spit them out and return them.

Since it wasn’t a significant remodel, it immediately ended.
All the goblins moved the weapons in their hands.

“Will it really only take of clothes with this?”
“It doesn’t hurt even if you hit with this side.”
“It’s true! Even if I strike with all my power it doesn’t hurt.”

The goblins immediately test fire them.
Then luckily––––from the other side’s point of view unluckily, a single hero appeared.

Age around twenty, gold colored long hair fluttering, clad in a refined dress that emphasizes her breasts, in her hand she holds a whip.
Looks like some place’s noble––––.

“””A disgrace worthy queen’s come━(・∀・)━!!!!”””

The goblins grew excited in an instant.

Eh? She’s a queen? I understand she’s noble like, but where’s the queen elements?

When I wondered, the goblins swarmed the hero in an instant.
They gathered with command enough to surprise, and they all struck with the red side of the club.

As expected of goblins, unwavering.
Without meddling I watched over. The hero’s strong, she easily handled the goblins and with the whips counterattack defeated them, but even so she’s outnumbered. Bit by bit, she’s receiving attacks.


Naturally the attacks are the from the red side, the dress is stripped and disappears where she’s hit. However, the hero who sensed there was no damage where she was hit changed her complexion.
Well, your expression will changed if you’re done in by that kind of weapon, right.
On top of that, the goblins.

“Hyahhaa, a fresh queen!”

Like that blurt out ambiguous words, and as a group attack with lustful expressions.
If it was an ordinary woman, it’s where she’d run away.

That hero was cornered at the wall. The dress stricken by the clubs is tattered.
The goblins gradually narrowed the encirclement, and the hero thought with a bitter expression.

“……rather than have this body disgraced.”

She said that, and fired magic.
Swirling fire, fire magic.
Towards the considerably powerful magic the goblins guarded themselves, but that wasn’t fired towards the goblins.
The hero fired magic at herself.
The blaze immediately wrapped that body, the smell of burnt flesh filled the tower.

Suicide, is it.

If you heard her lines just before it’s probably so. Guessing the goblins intention, rather than suffer that––––like that.
That’s immensely correct, for a hero that can resurrect even if they’re killed inside the dungeon that’s immensely correct.

It’s too bad for the goblins, but––––.

“Oi, did you hear that?”
“It’s been a while since I heard those words.”
“Rather than have this body disgraced……kuu! With just this I can eat three times a day”

––––or not it seems.
It seems the lines the hero left at the end satisfied the goblins.
What are their heart strings, as always a species I don’t understand well.

Though I don’t understand well.

“Thanks Ryu! This’s amazing.”

With Terry’s lead, the goblins said their thanks to me.
That they seems satisfied is best.

I said something suitable, said farewell to the goblins, returned to Secret Crystal Tower, and restarted my relaxation.

Mary Grey Stenkil.
As the name suggests, while a hero she’s the country of Stenkil Kingdom’s queen.

While a queen, as a hero she’s buried numerous monsters unaided, cleared many dungeons, a famous brave woman.
That Mary was going to go meet with a certain man.

She held a splinter in her hand.
Red and blue, a fragment of a weapon that’s been transformed with magic power.
She brought it back from the dungeon––––a fragment of the monster’s weapon that she brought back with quick judgment.

The name of the man she was going to meet carrying that is Alex.
Succeeding his master, currently as the number one hero, an extremely famous man.

“This presence……a fresh presence……that meaning is?”

Mary mutters.
She as a veteran hero felt a sense of uncomfortable contradiction to something she herself understood.
She decided to go ask about that to the most well-informed Alex.

Having a somewhat bad premonition, these kinds of things have the feeling of becoming troublesome.

Ryu’s premonition was a hit in a place he wasn’t aware of.


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