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A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V4C4

Want to Lay Eggs





Crystal Tower First Floor.


I gazed at Dulce eating the cake like it was delicious.
What I made today was a potato mont blanc cake, normally it’s made with chestnut, but there’s considerable affinity with potatoes so I tried making it.
Dulce devours that like it was delicious.

“Dulce, stay still for a bit.”

The future queen tilts her head, I transform a part of my slime body, and wipe the tip of her nose.
Due to devouring it, on the tip of her nose there is potato and cream.
I took that, but––––. Continue reading

A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V4C3

Queen and Undressing





“Ryu! Help me out Ryu!”

Secret Crystal Tower, my fully satisfied comfort under the pseudo sun was destroyed by Terry’s boisterousness.
The boisterousness means that Terry came from the surface.

“What’s wrong.”
“Never mind that, come here.”
“Like I said what’s wrong––––wawawa!”

As if saying asking questions was meaningless, Terry forcibly took me from inside Yurie’s arms.
Lifting me with both hands, he carried me on his head and ran off.
Just like that he went out of Secret Crystal Tower, and returned to the Crystal Tower first floor.

“Everyone, I’ve brought Ryu.”
“””Ohh.””” Continue reading