A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V3C15

Oni and Smile





The day got dark, it became night, and morning came.
Once again the day got dark, it became night, and the third morning.

During that, Chris was always gazing at the flowers.
She likes them a great deal I suppose, remaining sitting and holding her knees, she continued gazing at the flowers without a quiver for close to three days.

I who went along with that, when will she get tired, when will she return.
I abandoned calling out to her from my side and would wait, is what I thought but.

“……you really like flowers, huh.”

Finally, I addressed her from my side.

“Un, I like them. Flowers are pretty. I like them very much.”

There was no hesitation at all, a straight answer came back.
She doesn’t pick them, she simply gazes at them is all, it seems she’s satisfied with that.

As proof, the aura enshrouding Chris’s body is far stronger than in the beginning.
At first it only coiled around her body, but the amount of aura increased, and it came to cover the entire flower bed.

This whole area is covered in an ominous aura, and it’s come to feel like hell.

“Why do you like flowers?”
“Because they’re pretty.”

I was immediately replied to.
There’s no other kind of reason, just that was tightly conveyed.

“You really like them, huh.”

From the corner of my vision that entered.
It seems that my body that coated the flowers so that they wouldn’t wither with the aura started to come off after three days.

A single flower that was completely peeled was touched by Chris and it withered.


Having noticed my voice, Chris who looked in the same direction and noticed that.
Since she was wearing a mask I couldn’t see her expression, but she clearly lowered her shoulders and seemed dejected.

“It’s time.”
“Yea. It’ll be fine if I coat it once more though.”

Chris shook her head, and slowly stood up.
Really slowly, slowly in a way that she wouldn’t harm the surrounding flowers even on accident.
She stood up, and first of all looked my way.

“Thank you, it was a dream like time.”
“See you then.”

In a way that made her large build seem small, she lowered her shoulders, rounded her back, and with a careful gait parted from the flower bed was Chris.

That back seemed small and sad.


For three days, Yurie who had always been carrying me came to say with telepathy––––it doesn’t need to be said.
It’s something that doesn’t need to be said.

“Wait a bit, I’ll think it over now.”

Chris tilted her head, I pondered.
What should I do, how should I do it?

Coating the flower bed was a success, but it was a failure.
Accurately speaking it was a short-term success, but it was a long-term failure.
Putting it another way, if I only coat here, then Chris will only be able to see this flower bed.

Something like flowers, there’s an unknown number in the world.

“You like all flowers, huh.”

It’s like I thought.
What I felt from Chris, that was simply “Fondness”.

If it’s flowers she likes them, she likes them all.
For that kind of Chris, having just coated a single flower bed was already a failure before having done it.

Then what do I do, it’s obvious, I have to do something about Chris herself.

“I’m going already ok.”

When I was being silent, Chris tried to depart once more.

“Wait. ……do you always carry that club?”

I stop her once more, and ask.
The club that Chris is carrying, it’s fine even if you call it an ogre’s trademark, is a club thicker than the waist of a poor human.

“I carry it, though.”
“Then lets go with that.”
“What do you mean?”

Without answering her remark, I demonstrate with action.

First is the image, the ability to bestow on the club, imagine that influence and effect.
When that’s solid, I melt a part of my body.
I send the melted part towards Chris, and it jumps on the club.

“What are you doing slime.”

I don’t answer, I stay silent.
The slime body wraps the club.
After completely wrapping it, it becomes a club with the the exact same appearance as the original club.

“Alright, it should be fine with this.”
“What do you mean?”
“The effect should be showing already––––it’s there see.”

Chris restlessly looks around, wondering what happened?
Then she noticed.

“The aura……is going up?”
“It’s the club’s power, a barrier is spread in the surroundings of the body of the person holding it. It’s direction is the opposite the usual.”
“The direction is opposite?”
“Aura or magic are forced back, and it’s made so that they can’t go outside.”
“Un, it happened.”
“Having said that, if I shut it all in then it’s bad for the body, if one’s unlucky they may explode. As such I opened a hole at the top. The aura ascends to the top, it looks like a chimney right?”

Chris who was surprised even more.
That’s right, it’ll go up.
The aura that diffuses in all direction will head up in a single direction.

“With this the surface, places lower than your head should not have any influence now. Limited to when you’re holding the club.”

Chris who noticed looked around the surroundings.
A place lower than her head, the flower bed.

As long as she holds that club, no matter what kind of flower bed she goes to they won’t wither.

In the past I saw someone do it, filling a weapon with a mechanism to “Bluff”.

Just like now it displayed a seemingly strong aura, and was made to display traces just by moving.
Some people attach a bluff to the weapon.
I reproduced that.

“Thank you.”

Chris stared straight at me, and said that.

“Thank you Slime-san, thank you.”

Her vocabulary is insufficient, or might be further other causes.
I don’t understand that, but, Chris’s “Thank you” resounded in my heart.
Her aura also increased, I understand well that she said that earnestly.
I’m glad I did it, is what I thought.

Furthermore, her aura increasing also happened.
The visual became, “A fiendish monster wearing a mask enshrouded in an ominous aura”, the likes of Yurie had her hands begin to tremble with the dread of that visual.


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8 thoughts on “A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V3C15

    1. sage yomeri

      I know there’s an OP slime here, but this slime has no plans to be a Demon King OR stand out. Your idea sounds ok, but it’s not going to happen anytime soon.


  1. sage yomeri

    Well, at least she gets to touch a flower. Unfortunately everyone else will start running like hell.
    Good job making it harder for everyone there Ryu



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