A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V3C16

A Once in a Hundred Years Flower





I fully basked in the sun near the flower bed, bathing in the natural sun I was satisfied.
Since being away from home is no good, so I started heading home towards Crystal Tower.

Just like always while being carried by Yurie, I was transported.

*Trottrottrot*, *Thump*, *Thump*.
*Trottrottrot*, *Thump*, *Thump*.

Behind Yurie a giant oni was following.

I spoke to Yurie, and she stopped and turned around.

“What’s wrong––––wait oi!”

Chris stared in puzzlement and tilted her head.
Her actions themselves were adorable, but when an ogre wearing with an oni mask on does it, it’s a bit scary.
No, it’s not a story about a little, it’s considerably scary.

“Is something wrong?”
“It’s not something……do you notice it yourself.”

As expected Chris tilts her head, finally she follows my gaze and turns around.
Where we––––where Chris walked was piled with corpses.

Flying animals called birds and butterflies died on the ground.
They died with the road she traveled by, that created a path.

What happened, when one wondered they immediately understood.
Another bird, a small bird fell down after all.

From right above Chris, it fell from right above where an ominous aura was hanging over.
A single part of their body was caught in the aura, and though they fell to the ground seemingly in anguish, they immediately stopped moving.

The path Chris traveled, due to her own aura, had created a path of corpses.
In a picture book, “So we don’t forget the way we came, we’ll tear off bread” I had seen something like that. It resembled that, but the appearance was considerably harsh.

On the other hand, Chris who saw that tilted her head even more.

“Are birds and butterflies ok?”

Tilting her head again, an expression that doesn’t understand what I want to say.

[It’s really only flowers, huh.]
[It seems so.]

Yurie said it with telepathy, and I returned a nod.
Flowers as well as things like small birds and butterflies are within Yurie, and the former human me, within the same category.

Humans that like flowers, while I won’t say 100%, have a high possibility that they will like small birds and butterflies as well.
To that, Chris didn’t care at all.

She’s that kind of person, like that I had a feeling that I came to know one more thing about Chris very well.

Yurie starts walking once again, and Chris follows.

Will she follow like this until Crystal Tower I wonder. If that’s the case I don’t really mind.
That there are strong monsters in Crystal Tower is not a problem at all, rather it’s good that I can slack off.

That’s why without saying anything I let Chris do what she wanted.

And then as she walked, Yurie’s fatigue seemed to have accumulated, so I told her to take a break.
Yurie who’s carrying me seems to be simply walking, but she’s not.
A burden is placed on both her physical power and magic power continuously, so to speak it’s a continuous muscle training state.
I’m doing minute adjustments so that she can carry me the entire day, but Yurie, who not much time has passed since receiving my teaching, getting too fired up and getting tired is frequent.

I also order her to rest.

When Yurie who’s carrying me sits, Chris as well sits down nearby.
A giant ogre sits and holds her knees, all while enshrouded in an unparalleled, fiendish aura.

It’s an extremely amazing visual. There might something like that if it’s deformed illustrations, but in the case of seeing it in reality, that unbalanceness is a bit crazy.

That Chris is staring straight at a certain single point.

“What are you looking at?”

I follow Chris’s line of sight, at a tree stumps place I found that.

[It looks like a weed……]

Yurie in a whisper, that seems like a simple weed.
Although, Chris is correct instead……or rather.

“You understand that that’s a flower well, huh.”
“Un, I understand. If it’s a flower.”
“Do you know that flower’s identity?”
“I don’t know. But I know that it’s a flower.”
“I see.”

[Is it really a flower Slime-sama.]
[Mifurima, it’s an amazingly rare flower called that, it only blooms once every several years. When it’s not in bloom it looks simply looks like a common weed in this way.]
[I see.]

Yurie was convinced normally.
Among flowers there are that kind, she understands that fundamentally.


[Yurie, put me down.]

Yurie while suspicious, did as she was told.
I got down on the ground, and went back on the path we came.

Where we noticed Chris, the path of copses.
Going along that road, birds, butterflies, and dragonflies.

I took in the flying animals that were flying until just before into the inside my slime body.

I use magic, and then imagine.
Pulverization, stirring, and then aging.

Finally I also endow it, completing it.

I came back to Chris and Yurie’s place.

“Watch ok.”

I spit out what I took into my body.
Being tinged with a pale light I wind it around the flower that looks like a weed.

“That is.”
“Something like fertilizer. My original.”

Chris tilts her head.
A short time passes, and a change occurs.
The flower that looks like a weed has a bud on it, that bud blooms just like that.

There are two flowers on it.
A golden flower, and a silver flower.

“Mifurima. It’s this kind of flower. It rarely blossoms, but when it does it has a gold and silver flower at the same time.
“It seems your pleased, huh.”

Chris was entranced and stared at the flower.
The aura somewhat increased it’s ominousness even more, but that was proof of her being happy, so even I became happy.

I jumped into Yurie’s arms.

[I’m tired, so I leave the rest to you.]
[Are you that tired?]

I didn’t answer, since I was really just a little tired.
That was originally a kind of flower that only bloomed once in a hundred years, it’s a flower that even has a legend that if you happen to see it blossom anything you wish will come true.

In order to make it bloom I used considerable magic power.
Well, though.


It seems Chris is happy, I’m glad I did it, is what I thought.


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