A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V2C6

Managed to finish an extra chapter this week on account of a slow week!~


So a few term changes:

Ok I’ve been regretting this ever since I translated it this way but;

Originally I was going to translate 使徒 as apostle when Ryu points out that they call themselves that, but I ended up changing it to simiply disciples almost like The Disciple of the King of Heroes, like an official title(Chapter 14 – King of Heroes Sympathiser). However I’ve decided to change this so:

How the general populace and Alex call them: Disciple -> Apostle(使徒)
How Ryu calls them: Disciple -> Student(教え子)
Disciple stays as is~(弟子)

I’ve gone and changed the terms appropriately in all the chapters, if you’re curious they’re Chapters: V1 – 14(King of Heroes Sympathiser), 18(Noble Illness), 19(An Accurate Judgment), 20(Guidepost), 21(Puppet Regime); V2 – 3(Skill Point)


tl;dr : Term Disciple changes to either Apostle or Student or stays as is~

Sorry about that



The Sacrifice Saw





Crystal Tower First Floor, today as well heroes did not come to attack, the monsters had too much free time.
Within that, the newly arrived Succubus Karen was flying around Crystal Tower’s interior, and meddling with various monsters.

Even now, she messed with Terry and Lily.

“It’s a cute goblin-chan isn’t it”
“Don’t touch me”
“Ara why?”
“My Tou-chan said this, Succubus are all fickle sluts”
“Do you hate sluts?”
“Isn’t that obvious? A girl who isn’t a virgin has no value”

Being arrogant, Terry declared that.
If you say it to that extent, it’s splendid. It became possible to see the goblins as great men or philosophers.

“You’re kidding––––chu”

Karen suddenly stole Terry’s lips.
A long kiss, struggling at first Terry gradually didn’t move, and then let out convulse little by little.

After a while Karen released Terry.
Terry let out drool and fainted, while his crotch bulged he trembled.

As expected of a succubus with one kiss she made a virgin ascend.

“Terry! Get a hold Terry”
“Ojou-chan as well”

This time she even kissed Lily.
Between woman, a passionate yuri kiss.

Yurie above my head with a gulp swallowed her saliva. Is the stimulation a little strong for children.
On the other hand the surrounds are getting roused up.
The succubus Karen is scattering sensuality and love scenes, the monsters are enjoyingly watching.

Before long Lily as well, in the same way, with a single kiss she fainted, with her face up she fainted while twitching.

“Now then, next is––––”

The loitering Karen who searched for her next prey, suddenly with a start her movement stopped.
Until then she had been cackling with laughter, but she suddenly paled, and began to spill large cold sweat.

From meeting eyes with me.
When I think about what I did to Karen, I understand becoming frightened, but then that’s inconvenient.

I glare at Karen.
With words I sent a glare loaded with “You understand I’m sure” , to Karen.

Even more startled Karen, with a paled face she approached me.

“Slime-chan you’re cute today as well, with Onee-chan, won’t you do something ggood?”

Keeping up appearances desperately, she came to do the same things as she did to Terry and Lily to me.
She rubbed cheeks with me who was being held by Yurie, and showered a rain of kisses on my cheek.
A kiss without a shred of sweetness, if I were to say which, it would be close to a headbutting kiss.

The surrounding monsters assuming “The next victim is Ryu huh” when I saw that, I was satisfied with Karen’s quick wittedness and performance.

Hauling Terry and Lily, we moved to a place where the public notice doesn’t reach.
Karen came along together.

When we moved to a place where other monsters weren’t able to see, Karen stated trembling again.
She’s completely frightened of me.
I breathe a sigh, and said.

“As long as you don’t do something to expose my power I won’t do anything to you, so be at ease”

Karen briefly stared at me probingly, and then became relieved.

“That’s good……I thought for sure I was already hopeless”
“Already hopeless you say, what did you think I was going to do to you. I won’t, such a troublesome thing”
“That, you’re always saying that but, do you hate troublesome things?”
“Ahh, hate them. I want to live peacefully”
“Fu~n, I see”
“Your power, I thought I could use it for that, but it’s within a dream after all. I can pas time leisurely within a dream, but reality will remain troublesome right”
“Eh? My power you say, what do you mean?”
“Like this”

I use a technique on the Terry and Lily who are sleeping even now.
I transform the the top of the slime head and an antenna comes out, then I * MyonMyoon* send thought waves to the two.

To the two respectively I show them the dream they want to see.

After a while, Terry and Lily laugh *Nihera*

“Amazing, white elf elf and black elf twins what’s more virgins”
“Uke and Uke and BLYuri sold 1000000 copies, I did it”1

The two muttered sleep talk.

“Is this Nightmare!?”
“Was it a technique with that sort of name”
“W-why are you able to use that?”
“Yesterday when you did it, I learned it”
“You learned it you say……”
“A lot of things happened, I became able to learn techniques that I received once”

……otherwise I would be scolded by Kaa-san.

“No way……I’ve never heard of such a thing……”
“Can you not believe it? Then”

I once again send Terry though waves”

“Amazzziiing! This time it’s a 765 year old lolibaba virgin”

Terry once again muttered sleep talk, his lower body bulged to the limit and twitchingly trembled.

“Like this”
“As far as overwriting dreams!?”
“Un? Was that a difficult thing?”
“Usually they’ll wake u once, or it’s not possible if you yourself don’t enter the opponent’s mental world”
“Is that so”

Well, even so I was able to do it so there’s helping it.

“Incredible……really who are you?”
“Just a slime who was carelessly born in a nest of a tiger mom(dragon)”2

Karen who became absentminded, with her mouth half open and foolish.
Her precious succubus good looks are going to nothing––––.


Karen suddenly clung came and clung to me, prostrating herself before me.

“What is it, out of the blue”
“I, as a succubus want to become much stronger. That’s why make me a disciple please!”
“You’re skipping too much, I don’t understand what you mean”
“Please, I’ll do anything! Do as you want with this body master, if it’s for master then no matter man or woman I’ll embrace them, group is ok too!”
“A succubus’ anything is out of the norm oi!”
“Therefore please!”

Karen prostrated herself before me again.
She wants to become stronger very much, I wonder if she wishes to obtain power.
The reason she came to takeover the dungeon that stands above the dragon vein is that.


“I refuse”
“Because it’s a pain. I’ve said it many times, but I hate troublesome things”

Being refused by me, Karen hung her head sadly.

Night, Crystal Tower where the monsters had fallen asleep.
I who got up confirmed that Yurie was properly asleep, I erased my presence and came to Karen’s place.

In a corner of the tower, Karen who was floating in the air sleeping.
The succubus’s body that was shone on by the moonlight was beautiful and obscene.
If a young virgin saw this, then surely in that instant they would shamefully leak I think.

I confirm the surroundings, lastly I confirm.
After confirming that no one was watching, I used “Nightmare” on Karen.

A succubus’ technique, using it on a succubus.
The cause of her fear, I understood one thing from the scolding in the mental world. The majority of a succubus’s strength is the mind’s strength.
For wanting to become stronger, the only thing to do is forge the mental will. And doing method of doing that inside the dream world is the most effective.

That’s why I, confirming that she had fallen asleep, manipulated her dream.

For a succubus, a dream that forge the mental the most.

“Just watch……munyamunya……because in one night I’ll eat 500 male virgins, 500 female virgins……”
“It became an amazing dream huh”

If I were to say it’s succubus like then it’s succubus like.
Nightmare was properly effective, confirming that Karen had entered training of her mind I returned to bed.

Being surrounded by monsters, *suyasuya* raising peaceful sleeping sounds, to Yurie’s place.
I returned inside Yurie’s arms that were recently completely miracle fit.
And then I slowly closed my eyes.
In order to spend a leisurely, quiet night, I slowly fell into the world of dreams.

After Ryu went to sleep, Yurie slowly opened her eyelids.
The slime within her arms peacefully raising sleeping breathing, the succubus a little ways away muttering seductive sleep talk.
Alternatingly comparing them, Yurie.

“Slime-sama, you’re kind……”

Muttering as such, she hugged Ryu close.

1.I think? 「受けと受けとBL百合で100万部売れたわ、やったー」
2. Term is 教育ママ

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