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A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V2C6

Managed to finish an extra chapter this week on account of a slow week!~


So a few term changes:

Ok I’ve been regretting this ever since I translated it this way but;

Originally I was going to translate 使徒 as apostle when Ryu points out that they call themselves that, but I ended up changing it to simiply disciples almost like The Disciple of the King of Heroes, like an official title(Chapter 14 – King of Heroes Sympathiser). However I’ve decided to change this so:

How the general populace and Alex call them: Disciple -> Apostle(使徒)
How Ryu calls them: Disciple -> Student(教え子)
Disciple stays as is~(弟子)

I’ve gone and changed the terms appropriately in all the chapters, if you’re curious they’re Chapters: V1 – 14(King of Heroes Sympathiser), 18(Noble Illness), 19(An Accurate Judgment), 20(Guidepost), 21(Puppet Regime); V2 – 3(Skill Point)


tl;dr : Term Disciple changes to either Apostle or Student or stays as is~

Sorry about that



The Sacrifice Saw





Crystal Tower First Floor, today as well heroes did not come to attack, the monsters had too much free time.
Within that, the newly arrived Succubus Karen was flying around Crystal Tower’s interior, and meddling with various monsters.

Even now, she messed with Terry and Lily.

“It’s a cute goblin-chan isn’t it”
“Don’t touch me”
“Ara why?”
“My Tou-chan said this, Succubus are all fickle sluts”
“Do you hate sluts?”
“Isn’t that obvious? A girl who isn’t a virgin has no value”

Being arrogant, Terry declared that.
If you say it to that extent, it’s splendid. It became possible to see the goblins as great men or philosophers. Continue reading