A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V3C18

Onii-chan’s Amazing After All!





Secret Crystal Tower.


When I was slacking like usual, I was being stared at intensely by Yui who declared, “I’m staying here from now on.”
Being stared at, or rather being watched over.
Perhaps I should say she’s glaring at me with a frightful expression.

I was very curious about that, and I couldn’t feel at ease.

“Naa Yui, shouldn’t you not just stare at me that much and instead do your own thing?”
“H-Haa? It’s not like I’m particularly looking at Onii-chan. Don’t get carried away ok!”
“No, you were looking right, continuously since a while ago.”
“I wasn’t looking hmph!”
“‘hmph’, you……”

What can I say, she’s completely entered stubborn mode huh.
I don’t know why she’s that stubborn at that, but there’s one thing I understand.

That Yui who’s become like this won’t budge.

“She is Master’s little sister?”
“It seems so. Well, since they’re a dragon and a slime, they’re step siblings though.”

At a distanced place Karen and Lucia were looking at Yui and talking about something, but I can’t rely on those two.
Karen for some reason is amused, and Lucia is in training mode and watching carefully mode.

Lucia who is different from Alex won’t say, “You should be like this”, instead since she completely believes in me, she doesn’t have the conception of, “Saving me”.
For better or worse, Lucia is completely devoted to being a bystander towards my things(Limited to not being told).

There, a single person came to intervene.

Having received a new slime weapon, once again aura rose up and became an ogre with a fiendish appearance, Chris stood before Yui.

“What is it.”
“Slime wants to rest, it’s better not to hinder him.”
“That’s Onii-chan playing truant. You guys might not understand but––––”

Interjecting reflexively by asking a question in return.
When she did, Yui, “Uu” chocked on her words.

“––––O-onii-chan is Okaa-san’s son. The great Mother Dragon you know. That’s why, if he overdoes his idling he’ll wound Okaa-san’s name!”

She said as such.
Since before, numerous times, it’s something Yui has continued to say repeatedly.

You’re the great Mother Dragon’s son, so act properly.
I understand that, but……I want to laze around.
I want to do nothing and laze around every day.

If I say that Yui will get angry right, this is troubling.

Having been continuously told that, I had already gotten used to it. Recently I have come to be able to properly handle it, but Chris who hadn’t, didn’t withdraw.

“Lazing about is something important for Slime. The same as my flowers.”
“What, despite being an ogre you’ll make a comment to me?”

To me, a dragon, having been said implicitly was understood.
Yui and Chris, tension ran between the two.

This is bad, if these two fight, then neither of them will end up safe.
I have to stop them.

“Oi Ryu, it’s bad––––wait what’s this!”
“It’s serious––––what happened?”

Arriving from the surface, Terry and Lily stared in puzzlement.

“It’s nothing. More importantly, what’s serious.”
“That’s right, it’s the hero rush.”

I became weary.
I see, the hero rush, huh.

The hero rush is, at the human’s convenience, a day when heroes invading becomes numerous.

Heroes come to the dungeon to defeat monsters and make them into magic ingredients, or possibly raising their reputation, there are various aims.

When those aims pile up with some event and request swell, they come to attack on a large scale.

Just a while ago there was the Empress dowager-sama, and that empress dowager-sama’s son the king was an extremely filial son.
Each time that empress dowager-sama would pray “I hope peace will come to this world”, the king would for the sake of “peace” send heroes to the dungeon relentlessly.

Honestly those days were troublesome.
I who was still a human and a hero, had many circumstances pile up and I was in a state where I couldn’t defy the king’s orders. That’s why I was continuously dragged out to the dungeon.

That hero rush is, right now happening in this Crystal Tower, too.

“Do you understand the pretense?”
“What’s that.”

Terry and Lily made an expression saying that it’s gibberish.
Goblin and imp, low class monsters won’t think that far, huh.

“More importantly, hurry and come, the heroes will come very soon after all.”
“Skipping’s no good.”

Terry and Lily said as such, and returned to the surface Crystal Tower.

“Ryu-sama, I know.”

After Terry and Lily disappeared, Karen came and spoke.

“The hero rush’s pretense?”
“Un. It’s something I head at a village I made into a plaything though, since a great hero-sama’s birthday is next week, they’re doing it for that sake.”
“A great hero……ah.”

I who suddenly realized, and then.

“I see, next week was Master’s birthday. It’s become a holiday too huh.”

Lucia muttered alone.
That’s right, my birthday.

Before I had overdone many things, and in the human world the former me’s birthday became a anniversary and national holiday.

In order to commemorate the only hero to who was enough to become a national holiday, since they’re heroes they defeat monsters with all their power.

[Etto, reaping what you sow?]

Don’t say it.
More importantly, the hero rush.

“What are you going to do Ryu-sama.”
“Lets see……Lucia, on what scale will they come do you think?”
“The largest scale I’m sure. The feelings of reverence towards Master have swelled year after year. There’s also Alex nii-san’s promotion as well.”
“That bastard!”
[Ah, it wasn’t completely reaping what you sow……]

What a thing to have done, that Alex, doing such a troublesome thing.
Good grief!

I took a deep breath, and pulled myself together.
The largest scale means that they’ll come quite often.
Honestly, if its the current Crystal Tower, then it’ll probably be able to be cleared.

And the largest scale means that a considerable number will come as well.
Heroes that get past Shesta once are able to enter and exit the secret dungeon after that, and this time they’ll clear it often surely.

That’s bad.
I jumped down from Yurie.

“Wait there, I’ll do it.”

Saying that and stopping Yurie, I came to the top floor of the Crystal dungeon.

“A rush of that level is nothing––––kyuuu……”

As soon as I arrived, I encountered the scene of Shesta being done in.
The blown away Shesta plunged into the wall, and his eyes spinning he faints.

Disappointing, you’re ex-tremely disappointing!

Well but, this is convenient.
I while remaining stealthily hidden operated Shesta.

Shesta rises once again.

“Fuhahahaha, I did it is what you thought huh, naive.”

After I made him say some suitable line, I began the attack on the hero.
A tackle while rotating round and round, Big Mouse Tackle.

Unleashing that, I defeat the hero in one blow.
I defeat the next hero that ascended with a Big Mouse Tackle as well, the next one as well, and the the next one as well.
The heroes that had kicked about monsters until here and ascended to the top floor, I defeated all of them like an assembly-line system.

Since their numbers are large I didn’t have the leisure to obsess about other things, so I defeated them all in one blow.

The hero rush continued for a long time, the heroes that ascended to the top floor easily passed over 100––––it reached the level of three digits.

I defeated that all in one blow, so at the end I was exhausted.

“Uohhhhh! Amaziiing!”
“As expected of Shesta-sama.”
“As long as Shesta’s here, Crystal Tower is invincible.”

All the monsters that came to butter up to Shesta like usual, and the rush for the present reached a stopping point.

I undid the control, and stealthily returned to Secret Crystal Tower.

“See, with this you understand right.”

For some reason Yui was facing the other three, Karen, Yurie, and Chris and puffed up with pride.

“If Onii-chan tries he’s amazing ok!”

Why are you acting proud, you……so I thought but, I went out with all my power too much, and being tired I didn’t have the spirit to retort as well.


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9 thoughts on “A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V3C18

  1. sage yomeri

    Well, who saw this coming, raise your hand.
    Probably even the toilet he used as a human is being revered as we speak.
    Face it Ryu, your biggest battle is now trying to live a lazy life. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE doesn’t want you to have one lol

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    1. Nematoda

      But he must make commands and strategies for his commanders and armies, and all problem from his territories and his citizen (monsters) wellbeing.
      Yeah… Lets become demon king.

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