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A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V3C18

Onii-chan’s Amazing After All!





Secret Crystal Tower.


When I was slacking like usual, I was being stared at intensely by Yui who declared, “I’m staying here from now on.”
Being stared at, or rather being watched over.
Perhaps I should say she’s glaring at me with a frightful expression.

I was very curious about that, and I couldn’t feel at ease.

“Naa Yui, shouldn’t you not just stare at me that much and instead do your own thing?”
“H-Haa? It’s not like I’m particularly looking at Onii-chan. Don’t get carried away ok!”
“No, you were looking right, continuously since a while ago.”
“I wasn’t looking hmph!”
“‘hmph’, you……” Continue reading