The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V1C15

A Complete Victory! However…





“Goshujin-sama, what is the matter?”

Sati the maid suddenly asked.

“……n? Did I make an expression like I was troubled?”

Since Sati was employed at my side, when I relaxed I would take off my mask and robe, but right now I wore the mask and robe and had a grotesque appearance.

Therefore, there’s no way she should be able to do something like perceive something from my expression but…….

“Recently, with Goshujin-sama’s slight gestures or movements I’ve become able to understand what Goshujin-sama is thinking.”

“……In a certain sense that’s scary huh, that thing called woman’s intuition is.”

Like this the woman of the world will surely see through men’s cheating from men’s poor lies, right.

“I heard that Goshujin-sama had splendidly driven away the enemy from Jiron-san but.”

“Ahh, well, certainly that’s true.”

“What’s more the I’ve heard the enemy, the White Rose Knights, are Rosaria Kingdom’s legitimate chivalric order. Doing something like repulsing that, I think that’s amazing.”

“I, myself consider it amazing.”

I spoke jokingly.
Honestly, I didn’t think that things would go well to that extent.

Everything’s thanks to my previous existence’s knowledge, but even so it’s on the level of going too well.
Often in novels and such there are stories of using past life’s knowledge and becoming peerless, but that was actually real, like that even I’m astonished.

––––However, even so it’s not like everything went well.

As if to confirm I ask Sati.

“While we were in the middle of fighting outside the fortress, is it true that a part of the enemy soldiers invaded inside the walls?”

Sati answered.

“Yes. But, the Maou army people immediately drove them back.”

She stated the truth.
Just like the report I heard from my subordinates.

But then it’s not like I was doubting Sati or something, I simply wanted to confirm once again.

In reality though yesterday’s battle was a complete victory, there was a single problem.

Just as Sati said, during the fight enemies invaded inside the walls.
Of course, the gate wasn’t destroyed, and the ramparts weren’t scaled either.

The human soldiers suddenly appeared inside the town.

At first, I thought there might be a problem in the,

“Anti-Transition Magic”

that I ordered my subordinates to establish, but, apparently that’s also wrong.

This morning, they frantically investigated, but the report I received from Jiron was,

“There’s no problem at all”

like that.

Which means, the remaining possibility is, using a secret path enemy soldiers invaded, is what it comes to.

“A secret path? Is that kind of thing in this Ivalice?”

“Not just Ivalice. There’s one in Arsenum too, it’s in anyplace. Not just in human cities, there’s one in the demon’s castle as well see.”

“Why would you make that kind of thing? If the enemy were to know of it, then it would be terrible wouldn’t it?”

“Because they’re thinking of losing isn’t it.”

“Losing, is it?”

“That’s right, it’s self-protection, self protection. Supposing they lose to the enemy, influential people’s way of thinking is to make hidden escape routes so that at least they can somehow get away when their castle is surrounded by the enemy.”

So that means, this time, the path the enemies used is the path the previous lord, Edward-sama created, is that correct?”

Like I thought she’s a considerably sharp girl, it seems she easily reached the same conclusion as Jiron.
However, unfortunately that answer was a miss.

“Jiron also said something similar, and put the screw on Edward, so raged but, that was wrong. In the first place, I’m not that foolish. Something like the previous lord’s created escape route was the very first thing I crushed.”

The previous lord Edward was a timid man. Even without putting the screws on him, he informed us of all of this town’s secrets in great detail.

That’s why there’s no chance that man guided them.

“If so, just how, by what means did the enemy soldiers invade the city?”

Sati, “Uun” crossed her arms and began to think.
Frowning, her way of earnestly thinking is adorable.

I wanted to watch her for a while like this, but since it was pitiable I stop, and decide to tell her the answer.

“The way they used to come in is the newly created escape route that I made. What’s more, it only just been very recently completed.”

“You made that sort of thing?”
“Yea. I’m also scared of losing.”

Saying so was half serious, half joke.

For the moment I’ve been entrusted with being the lord of this city, but I won’t necessarily be ruling forevermore.

In the future some other brigade’s leader might rule, to begin with I might lose the next battle.

For the time being I’ve avoided defeat, but it’s not certain that it’ll always be like that from now on as well.

I’m not so conceited to think that I’m that strong, I’m not deluded to think that I could continue to win for eternity.

If humans made a serious effort and made countermeasures, then I think sooner or later I will experience losing.

At that time, I will without worrying what others think run away.
In the first place different from highly proud nobles, my previous existence was an extremely usual ordinary person.
I’m not an idiot to the extent that I would throw my life away in exchange for something like pride.

In addition, every great commander has said the same remarks. “The person who knows when to quit is exactly the qualification of a great commander!” like that––––.

I’m of the exact same opinion.

“––––However, making an escape route is fine, but having that immediately used by the enemy is.”

“Did the residents inform them?”

“No, that’s not it.”

I declared as such.

“As expected I’m not that foolish either. I conducted the construction of the escape route with only demons.”

“In that case there’s no worry about leaks right.”

Like that Sati was relieved, but I leaked, “Now then, I wonder about that.” Such that she wouldn’t hear.

For Sati, the Maou army may seem to be an organization that’s constantly friendly.

Fortunately among my Undead Brigade there is no dissonance, but if you were to look at the entirety of demons I wonder. I’ve said it before, but the Maou army by nature is not a monolith.

The current Maou,


until she sat on that seat, a bloody internal quarrel unfolded.

“Goshujin-sama, that appearance is……?”
“N……? That appearance……?”

When I look down at my own arms, I ascertained the reason she was surprised.
My arms were getting close to semi-transparent.

“……good grief, again huh.”

I unintentionally uttered as such.
Apparently, it’s “Once again” the Corps commander’s summons.

That person, that people are in the bath, or going to the bathroom, she surely doesn’t have that way of thinking.

“Well, because she doesn’t is why I’m being called casually like this……”

Muttering, I leaked a monologue, and to Sati,

“I’m going to meet my boss.”

So I revealed.

She probably didn’t understand the meaning.
While making a bewildered expression, she hastily lowered her head.

“A-ano, please convey to her that this Sati says best regards. Also eeto, some kind of present……. I-I’ll bake cookies right now––––.”

I couldn’t listen to her natural air headed remarks until the end.
Before that my body became completely transparent.
The surrounding scenery distorts, something like a space time distortion can be seen.

Now then, where will I be called to this time.
While thinking that, I decided to enjoy the fantasy like scenery.


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