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The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V1C15

A Complete Victory! However…





“Goshujin-sama, what is the matter?”

Sati the maid suddenly asked.

“……n? Did I make an expression like I was troubled?”

Since Sati was employed at my side, when I relaxed I would take off my mask and robe, but right now I wore the mask and robe and had a grotesque appearance.

Therefore, there’s no way she should be able to do something like perceive something from my expression but…….

“Recently, with Goshujin-sama’s slight gestures or movements I’ve become able to understand what Goshujin-sama is thinking.”

“……In a certain sense that’s scary huh, that thing called woman’s intuition is.” Continue reading

A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V1C15

Maiden Dragon





A tremor suddenly ran throughout he quiet Deep Forest.
The birds perched on the trees took off flying simultaneously, from far away I heard an explosion.

“Is it a Hero!?”

I, who was relaxing, looked in the direction of where I heard the explosion.
It’s not from the outer forest, I heard it from the around the center.
And I heard it abruptly.

In the case of hero invasions, there are hardly any cases where they suddenly enter the center of the forest omitting the outer forest.
……could it be, that transfer circle huh.
Alex, my former apprentice just the other day used the strategy of sending in heroes directly to the center of the forest using a Transmission Magic Circle.
It was a success and like right now, skipping the outer region, a fierce battle unfolded suddenly in the center of the forest. Continue reading