A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V1C15

Maiden Dragon





A tremor suddenly ran throughout he quiet Deep Forest.
The birds perched on the trees took off flying simultaneously, from far away I heard an explosion.

“Is it a Hero!?”

I, who was relaxing, looked in the direction of where I heard the explosion.
It’s not from the outer forest, I heard it from the around the center.
And I heard it abruptly.

In the case of hero invasions, there are hardly any cases where they suddenly enter the center of the forest omitting the outer forest.
……could it be, that transfer circle huh.
Alex, my former apprentice just the other day used the strategy of sending in heroes directly to the center of the forest using a Transmission Magic Circle.
It was a success and like right now, skipping the outer region, a fierce battle unfolded suddenly in the center of the forest.

The earth tremors continued once again. The explosions as well occurred consecutively, and black smoke began to rise.

I used perception magic. For some reason I can’t grasp the situation.
Perhaps only only combat is taking place, I can’t sense anything regarding the opponent.
Was Jamming magic or something cast?

“……for crying out loud”

If it really is Alex and co then it would be bad for me to go, but that being said I can’t just overlook this situation.
After casting magic to erase my figure and presence, I bounced like plainly like a slime towards the direction of where the explosions occurred.

Inside the center of the forest I’m accustomed to I immediately arrived.
What would you know at the place there was a rampaging dragon.

A dragon one size smaller than Mother Dragon, covered entirely in gold scales.
They had bloodshot–eyes that had lost consciousness and were rampaging.

Monsters had gathered in the surroundings.
Ogres, Lizardmen, and powerful monsters were begin attacking in order to stop the dragon, but they all experienced having the tables turned on them.

There were heaps of corpses in the surroundings, this is the most terrible situation this year.
Regardless of what type of hero came to invade, it has never been this terrible.

“What are you doing Yui”

That’s right, the dragon is Yui.
Those golden scales that shine are extremely characteristic, there’s no way I would mistake them.

Mother Dragon’s daughter, succeeding the Legendary Golden Dragon’s blood Yui.
Her true form, a dragon’s figure.

For some reason she’s running wild.

“Ow ow ow ow……”
“Hime! Are you ok?”

Hime was in a place slightly separated.
She was leaning her back against a tree, and her body was covered all over in what looked like bruises.
It seems like she was injured as well in order to stop Yui.
She’s a big executive vampire, but it seems rather that the rampaging dragon is one rank higher.

“Ohh, if it isn’t Ryu-chan. You came”
“More importantly what is this”
“Rather than that, right now stop Yui. We’ll talk afterwards ok”
“Stop her you say, in front of all these people–”

Turning and looking around, there are injured monsters, as well as monsters who are just now fighting.
There’s a great amount of monsters, an innumerable amount of eyes.
If I get serious here various things will come to light.

“It’s ok it’s ok, leave that to me as well. Anyways Ryu-chan stop Yui”
“……for crying out loud”

If it was during my time as a human this would be the time I would vexingly scratch my head, but unfortunately I’m currently a slime so I couldn’t do that.
There’s no helping it, let’s do it.

When I step forward, Hime let’s out a large voice.

“Listen up~, everyone fall back fall back”

The monsters listen to Hime and simultaneously begin to fall back.
The battling monsters normally fall back, and the injured monsters borrow their race’s power and fall back.

A technique from the executive Hime’s built up trust and dignity.

Then I stepped forward even more.

“Idiot what did you come out to do”
“Run away”

The majority of the monsters were surprised that not Hime, but I went out.
I have a feeling they were told it’s ok leave it him, but honestly it was too light and couldn’t be trusted.



Yui that was rampaging seemed to be in pain somehow.
She’s not suffering from the damage given by the monsters, it’s different, suffering from within.

There’s no helping it.

I leap high with a bounce and fall vertically just above Yui.
It’s not a simple fall, it’s a rapid fall using magic power as jet propulsion.

I headbutt Yui’s head with my entire body.


An explosion occurred, Yui who had her head stuck had her big body driven underground.
Yui who received a blow rivaling that of a falling meteorite fainted just like that, kyuu, letting out a cute voice she faints.

“That was Onii-chan Power. Yui-chan’s strong, but she simply can’t win against her Onii-chan and Okaa-san.

The monsters were at a loss for words that I defeated Yui with a single blow, and broke into a commotion afterwards.
When Hime explained as such, after a beat the monsters all readily consented.

“Mother Dragon-sama’s power right?”
“Well yea……even if he’s a slime an older brother’s an older brother, it’s no good if there’s no measures to keep his dignity”
“The person himself is a lazybones and ruins that dignity though”
“No argument there”

Coming to an interpretation on their own, the monsters laugh with each other.
I thought whether this was fine or not, but I have no complaints against their consent of the situation.

In addition…….

“I, didn’t say anything other than the truth. Yui-chan is certainly strong, but she can’t win against her Onii-chan and Okaa-san right”

Hime makes a mischievious smile and says that in way only I can hear.

After Yui’s rampage was settled, the monsters dispersed in groups of small groups.
Although there are injured monsters as well and the cause, no matter how you look at it, is Yui, yet everyone leaves without minding it especially.

After everyone left, together with Hime I gazed at Yui who was fainted while being underground.

“Even so, what happened with her”
“A dragon’s constitution. Though it’s possible to become a human’s figure, a dragon’s blood and instinct are forcibly suppressed while in human form. If you’re always in human form there’re cases of rampaging”
“Was that so”

Now that she mentioned it I recalled that recently Yui has always been in her human form.
So she rampaged because of that.

“However, why did she stay in her human form until it came to this? If that was the case then if she occasionally returned to her dragon form this wouldn’t have happened right”
“Right~. Kufufufu, I wonder why~”

Hime covers her mouth with her fist, once again floating a mischievious smile.
The face that one has when you understand the reason but meanly won’t tell them. An expression that suits Hime nicely.
She probably won’t tell me the reason even if I ask her, so I don’t ask.

“More importantly, what do we do about this? Is it fine if we leave her like this?”
“When a river bank bursts, it’s because there’s too much water right. Even if you cover the place where it burst, there’s still water remaining, so before long it’ll collapse again”
“……we have to decrease the water huh”
“Exactly. It’s fine if you release the magic power that has increased because of a dragon’s instinct out the body. That’s exactly why the rampage”
“It’s fine if Hime sucks it isn’t it”
“It’s impossible for me, if something like a vampire directly receives a dragon’s magic power then their body will be smashed to pieces after all~. What’s more, if done in by a dragon’s magic then it won’t be possible to resurrect for a month”
“……I’m the only able to do it huh”

Haa……I let out a deep sigh.
Good grief, Yui, she’s given be a troublesome matter.
If she wasn’t my little sister I would ignore this.

I jump into the hole, and get on top of the fainted Yui’s head.
When I touch her I understand clearly, like Hime said, within Yui’s body an enormous magic power is surging.
Since this is the cause of her rampage, it’s no good if I don’t suck it out.

Now then, let’s do it.
I connect with the center of Yui’s magic and temporarily vacate my body.
Then I pour a little magic into the connected portion……the feeling of pouring pump-priming water through a hose into a bucket.

In the next moment, Yui’s magic beings flowing in this direction.
Like water flowing through a hose from place where the water is high to where it’s low.

Dragon magic power flows into my body.

“Uhe……Yui, your magic power’s become this strong huh”

It was a little bit tedious. Yui, it seems you’ve grown a little compared a little while ago.
This is certainly an amount that Hime wouldn’t be able to receive.

The flowing magic power accumulates in my body. If I immediately release the magic power it may return to Yui’s body again and it’ll become bad again.
I decided to temporarily undertake all the magic power.

Before long, all of Yui’s magic power came here.


I let out a burp from overeating.
I don’t have a stomach anymore, but the magic power was a large amount that seemed to be hard to digest…….


At almost the same time as I finished sucking the magic power, Yui regained consciousness.
She blinked her dragon eyes in surprise and looked around.
Then she locked eyes with me.


She screamed.
A shriek like a girl, but she let that out with a dragon’s body.
Her large voice caused a shock wave that blew me away, and I was thrown out of the hole.

“Kyaa, you”
“Wh-w-w-w-w-what are you doing Onii-chan!”
“What am I doing……nothing really?”
“It’s not nothing right, riding on top of someone’s head”
“Ufufufun, Ryu-chan was you know, Yui-chan’s–”

Hime was going to say something, but that seemed like it would become a troublesome matter so I stopped her.


Hime who was stopped pouted seemingly disappointed look.

“I’m going already”

I leave the rest to you. I left behind that unstated implication and left that place.
I don’t want to move anymore today, my belly’s full.
I’m gonna go like this to my basking spot and leisurely process Yui’s magic power.

“Ano, Hime-san, what in the world is this……?”
“Yui-chan’s big rampage case”
“Yui-chan, I understand the maiden’s heart of wanting to stay in human for a certain someone’s sake, but do that in moderation as well ok”
“Wh-wwwwwho is a certain someone! I didn’t really do this for Oni–”
“N~? I didn’t really name anyone though?”

From behind I heard Hime’s teasing voice and Yui’s unsounding moan.
Hime’s messing with her, but if she’s this energetic there shouldn’t be any problem right.

Now then, today I will relax with all my might from here on.


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