A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V1C16

Sacrifice Training Plan





Today is the day when sacrifices are brought from the village near the forest once a year.
From the morning humans–not heroes, a party of villagers enters in succession, they brought various offerings along with the sacrifice.
Although humans have set foot in the forest, the monsters already understand that once a year they’ll come like this carrying the sacrifice. As such they allowed the villagers to pass through without stopping them.

Thus the procession of the offering and sacrifice finally arrived at the forest center region.

There’s still a little to go to the center region, magically speaking, where Mother Dragon–Kaa-san is enshrined, but for now the party stops in the central plaza.

In the surroundings various monsters have gathered, half of them are curious onlookers, and half of them are aiming at the offerings.
Tentatively, I’m among the curios onlookers, and watching over the course of events.

The villagers are trembling at being surrounded by monsters. That’s only natural, due to this being a nest of monsters where they have to give a sacrifice and at this very moment they are surround by those monsters, they would tremble as well.
Well, that’s an unnecessary worry though.

“Dragon God-sama, these are this year’s offerings and sacrifice”

An old man who liked like the village mayor stepped out to the very front, and towards the direction of Mother Dragon who he couldn’t see he prostrated himself.

[……good work]

Kaa-san’s voice that is transmitted from far away.
I understand clearly, a displeased voice.

[Both the offerings and sacrifice, I have certainly received them. I’ll guarantee the village’s safety for a year. I swear on my dragon’s name]

“Hahaa……my humble pleasure”

The village mayor says that and bows his head once again, the other villagers–the villagers who carried the offerings here prostrated themselves in the same manner, appealing that they are not hostile once again.

After the villagers left, half of the monsters jumped at the offerings.
The offerings were gold and silver treasures; cattle, pigs, and sheep; and things consisting of various grains.

From a human’s point of view they’re goods that would sell for a fortune, but for a dragon they’re meaningless.
A dragon doesn’t need treasures, these things circulate among humans only.
Dragons don’t need to eat things, Kaa-san is enshrined in the center of the forest, her only source of energy is magic.

Even so, the villagers send the sacrifice and offerings.
I can understand that since the forest is close by they offer things as a method to buy safety, but to be honest there is not much point.

The monsters of Deep Forest don’t particularly attack villages after all.
Even so the other side sends them, no presses them on us.
If it isn’t accepted then next time misunderstandings like, “The gifts were not satisfactory, we have to send more” will increase.
So that wouldn’t happen it was decided that humans would send something suitable once a year, the best way to have them consent, and their safety would be guaranteed–by Kaa-san.

Of course the offerings are unneeded, so those things are suitably divided by the monsters. The curios onlookers half do that.

[Ryu, my son]
“What is it Kaa-san”
[Dealing with the sacrifice, I entrust that to you]
[I do not eat people, nor do I interact with them]
“I know that, but why me?”

Until now the sacrifice has been sent every year as well, each time Kaa-san had dealt with it appropriately.
Why is it that suddenly this year it was me?

[That’s an order]
“No but–”

The next moment it became pitch dark before my eyes.
When I next recovered consciousness my surrounding had become a carter, and my gelatinous slime body was scattered around.
The offerings half had been taken back by the monsters, and at a glance I was left with leftovers.

Once again it appears I was scolded by Kaa-san for defying her.

[Will you object to my decision]
“I won’t, I won’t ok”

I deny it in a rush, when I say something poor, I’ll be instant killed again.
Was Kaa-san satisfied with that answer, she didn’t say any more than that.

Haa……what a pain.
The sacrifice, what would be a good way to deal with it.

I parted from the center of the center of the forest a little, a place that’s unpopular.
I pushed the flatbed trolley *heave ho heave ho*(I let my voice out on purpose) and brought it here.

One human sat on top of the trolley.
Cloth was placed on their head, the appearance was unable to be seen.

But, they’re trembling.
That might be natural, there’s no way a human brought here to be a sacrifice would be calm.

For the moment, I took off that cloth.
From underneath the cloth appeared a young girl.
Her age is around 10 years, she’s not particularly cute, she isn’t the type that will become beautiful in the future either.
Her looks are in the lower middle, well that’s exactly why she was chosen as a sacrifice I guess.

The girl looks around restlessly, and tilts her head.

“Did you not listen to the conversation. Your treatment was entrusted to me”
“I listened but……Since Dragon God-sama said, [My son]”

Ahh, that’s why it’s not Dragon God-sama, but Dragon-sama huh.

“In that case, it’s me”
“Ehhhhh!? B-but, you’re a……Slime right”
“You remember my voice right?”
“True……it’s the person’s voice who was conversing with Dragon God-sama”
“In other words–”

Turning my head, I gave a reason she could consent to.

“–You’ve been entrusted to me”
“But she said son”
“Mother Dragon thinks of all monsters as her children. That’s why she’s Mother Dragon”
“I-I see……”

When I attached that kind of reason, the girl consented.

“Please treat me well. If possible instantly. Pain is unpleasant”
“Splendid resolution. You’re not scared?”
“I’m scared, I’m scared but……it’s something that can’t be helped”
“After all, someone like me is an incompetent person who serves no purpose so”

The girl said that, and hung her head seemingly lonely.

“I can’t read, and I can’t do farm work. Even if I’m made to do housework I only fail. Work that others learn in a day, even taking a week I can’t learn most of it”
“In addition I have no parents, I’m not pretty either so. Someone like me who’s an idiot, clumsy, and plain, can’t be of use to the village unless I become the sacrifice at least”
“……you’re negative huh”
“Because it’s all true. Everyone in the village says so”
“Everyone? The adults?”
“The same age as well. You’re clumsy and a dunce, so at the very least step aside so as to not become a hindrance, is what they say, all the time”

All the time.

Pretty extreme. That is.
I don’t understand exactly how clumsy or stupidly slow and unskillful, but for a girl of about 10 to be that self-abusive is no doubt because she’s been told considerably.

That’s……honestly a little questionable.

“That’s why I’m happy to be of use to the village. But but it’s scary so……um, at the very least instantly”
“I see, I understand your story”
“Thank you very much!”
“But I refuse”

Being refused the girl makes a face like she’ll start crying soon.

“Am I……not fitting as a sacrifice?”

The manner of speaking she let out was indeed deep-rooted.
That way of speaking, I don’t really like it.

“You may be an idiot, clumsy blockheaded naif”1
“They’ve never gone so far as to call me naif”
“But, you have one thing that you’ll never lose to anyone in”
“I have no such thing……”
“You do. The fact that you have met me”

The girl was surprised. I spread out a magic circle.
First off I affixed a barrier, I made it so other monsters wouldn’t be able to approach.
Next I cast magic on the girl, the magic power I released enveloped the girl’s entire body.

“W-what is this”
“Take a look”

I fling a rock that was laying on the ground.
Suddenly being thrown that, the girl flusteredly caught it.

“W-what is it”
“Try breaking it”
“T-that’s impossible, a rock this big”
“It’s not impossible”
“It’s impossible”
“If you’re saying that, carrying the rock now should have been impossible originally as well right?”
“Eh? Ah……”

The girl suddenly realized.
That’s right, it was a rock that she originally couldn’t carry.
It’s considerably large, a rock whose size was big enough that although the girl was carrying it, she couldn’t wrap her hands around it.
It was considerably heavy as well.

“Why can I hold it?”
“It’s fine, so try breaking it. It’s fine to hit it or kick it, really”

The girl nods and timidly strikes the rock.
A large bang is released and the rock shatters.

“You broke it”
“W-what’s going on?”
“I cast magic on you. A magic to raise your power, for only a minute, to the limits of your talent.
“Talent……upper limit?”
“It means if you work to death, you can become like this”
“Ehhhhh!? T-that’s impossible”
“It’s possible, the magic proved that. The you now is an idiot, clumsy blockhead simpleton because the teaching method was bad”
“Like I said to the extent of naif is……”

I turn my body aside, and breathe fire.
Surging flames, the dragon’s flames burned a section of the forest to nothing. A single plot the size of a noble’s mansion was completely turned to rubbish.

The girl who saw that spaced out.

“Even I, the weakest slime, was able to become like this. That’s why it’s possible for you as well”
“……is that, really true?”

I nodded clearly.

“Ohh, what’s this, what’s up with that”
“Ryu is taking a human girl along”

I met up with Terry and Lily, bringing along the girl.
No, I was carried.

The girl was in the same clothes that she came with, the only addition being she was wearing the collar I made.
It was neatly attached to her neck, a collar with a slime relief.
In that state, she carried me. She carried me in a pose of carrying a ball at the center of her body.
Having done so was in order to allow her to live in the forest.

“I was entrusted with dealing with her from Kaa-san, since it was a good chance I had her become my legs”
“You, you’re really a lazybones huh”
“Ahaha, that’s typical Ryu”

Terry and Lily consented with that.
They readily consented to the reason I made her work as my legs being that I didn’t want to move.
The collar attached to her neck is proof that she’s my possession, and there won’t be any cases of monsters attacking her.


She’s opening and closing her mouth like she wants to say something.
I addressed her within her mind.

[I guess you wanted to talk about the fact that I’m strong right?”
[Eh? T-this is]
[The effect of the collar. It allows you to talk with me telepathically like this, and a light curse so that you won’t expose my secret is attached]
[Secret……is it]
[It’s a secret that I’m strong. I’ll gradually inform you of the reason]
[I understand]

The girl consented.

“Um……ah, I can speak about this”
“Un? What’s wrong”
“I’ll try my best, and also”

The girl, with the first smile I’ve seen since we met, said to me.

“Thank you very much, Ryu-sama”

1. The original word was オッペケペー which after looking into I found out is kind of like a dunce, simpleton in a good way. I chose naif, a somewhat uncommon word. If you have something better feel free to comment.

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21 thoughts on “A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V1C16

  1. Nematoda

    [Until now the sacrifice has been sent every year as well, each time Kaa-san had dealt with it appropriately.
    Why is it that suddenly this year it was me?]

    could it be that Kaa-san know that it would become like this? thats why she seems displeased when the Sacrifice this year come…
    rather than she died as ‘useless’ person…so she let MC take care of her instead… teach her and encourage her.

    …Kaa-san really a Mother-Dragon we don’t deserve.

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      1. Kazuya

        Terry and his group ‘did’ a 13yo queen recently, and are probably still ‘doing’ her as we speak, so there is not much difference between the two girls’ ages.


      2. Granitefish

        Age wise yes there isn’t much difference from a 10 and 13 year old. Biologically there is a large difference between a 10 year old girl and 13 year old girl.


  2. kirinashbell

    Thanks for chapter
    ryu’s first slave/disciple which will probably be used as a distraction for hime when she needs ryu to help find some good blood to drink or she’ll block the sunbathing areas again XD


  3. Easykiln

    Why’s he suddenly acting with sympathy? I get that she didn’t come of her own volition, and it can be argued that the others reaped what they sowed, but that doesn’t seem like enough. As a former hero, he should understand that most of them legitimately think they’re helping by killing monsters, yet he shows absolutely no sympathy… Killing to prevent future problems is still understandable, but he let them get raped as if it were natural.

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    1. Granitefish

      Sympathy? He just found a pawn. If he makes her stronger he can push his work onto her so he can be lazy again. A true lazy person is willing to put in a little bit of effort for greater laziness in the future.

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      1. Easykiln

        Sounds like tsundere logic to me. Raising up a young girl is definitely going to be more work than benefit, what can she even do aside from carry him? His type of “chores” aren’t things normal people can do. Well if he portrays her as a genius he can have a portable merit scapegoat, but he’d be better off using summoning magic on the rat dude probably.


      2. Granitefish

        He just showed what she can do besides carry him. This gives him a pawn that is close by and that he can control without directly controlling. The rat dude isn’t doing all that stuff on his own. Ryu is actively controlling him. If he trains her he won’t even need to actively control her.

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      3. Granitefish

        While there is a possibility of sympathy it might have something to do with his past and how he grew up. We don’t know much about his past life besides him being the King of Heroes. And this is the first person brought into the forest specifically to die. Even the Queen came in for prestige. So far everyone else came in looking for prestige, wealth, or Fame knowing there was a risk they were going to die. They just “knew” it wasn’t going to be them.

        She was verbally abused and ridiculed to the point where the village was able to convince her the only way she would ever be useful was to die in the forest as a Sacrifice to the Dragon God. She came in knowing she was going to die.


  4. digimaster6662000

    While it is possible that the goblins are still having their fun with the queen, I think it is more likely that the forest monsters are allowed to take anything they want, but the human sacrifice is an exception. It is said that mother dragon takes care of the sacrifices every year, and it seems this girl is one of the few left overs. There is no way that the goblins would ignore a free female every year. Of course there is also the less pleasant option of her being too young. As horrible as it is, 13 year olds still have the possibility of getting pregnant, though there are individual differences, while on the other hand 10 year olds can’t, with only the rarest of exceptions. So it could be that if the sacrifices are always chosen from the 9 to 11 age group then the maybe unusable as seedbeds and therefore almost always ignored by the goblins. Remember, the goblins are perverts, but they are perverted for a reason.


  5. akuma06

    What I don’t get: How come the monsters can now talk to humans? Ryu said a while ago that only high ranked monsters can talk and Goblins or Imps like Terry, when they talk, are heard as monster cries by humans. That’s why the human hero bandit wanted to capture Ryu since he was a slime that could talk.


    1. Xiose Post author

      I don’t know, I doubled check to see if the author changed it, but it’s still the same. Maybe something to do with the collar?



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