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A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V1C16

Sacrifice Training Plan





Today is the day when sacrifices are brought from the village near the forest once a year.
From the morning humans–not heroes, a party of villagers enters in succession, they brought various offerings along with the sacrifice.
Although humans have set foot in the forest, the monsters already understand that once a year they’ll come like this carrying the sacrifice. As such they allowed the villagers to pass through without stopping them.

Thus the procession of the offering and sacrifice finally arrived at the forest center region.

There’s still a little to go to the center region, magically speaking, where Mother Dragon–Kaa-san is enshrined, but for now the party stops in the central plaza.

In the surroundings various monsters have gathered, half of them are curious onlookers, and half of them are aiming at the offerings.
Tentatively, I’m among the curios onlookers, and watching over the course of events. Continue reading