A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V1C17

Saint Slime





Morning, Dragon Knight that gathers like usual.
The Goblin Terry, the Imp Lily, and finally the Slime, me.
The usual members, but today there’s one person more.

The Human Yurie.
The sacrifice sent from the village, and the human that was pushed on me by Kaa-san.
She, who is wearing clothes not much different from a slave and a collar, carries me in front of her body.

“You’ve completely become accustomed huh, Ryu”
“To what”
“The girl”

Lily points at Yurie.

“Being carried around by that child, you’ve completely become accustomed right”
“Ahh, this is unexpectedly comfortable”

I deeply sink into Yurie’s body.
Almost like sitting in a reclining chair.

“That’s no good, if you slacken in that way when it matters you’re body won’t be able to move is what my Tou-chan said. Always behave like your in battle, forge your lower body for whenever a Princess Knight, Elf Priestess, or pony-tailed martial artist appears, is what my Tou-chan said”
“It’s fine, for me. This is comfortable after all”

While saying that I deeply rest my back against Yurie further.
Although I’m not slacking off as much as I appear, but that’s a secret.

“But, that form is amusing”
“What do you mean Lily”

Terry tilts his head. Coupled together with a goblin’s small stature, it was a slightly charming gesture.

“There are cases of humans riding on dragons, but there’s no cases of dragons riding on humans right”
“……what do you mean by that?”
“U~n, something like this”

Lily uses her trident to draw on the ground.
First, she drew a majestic dragon, and above that she drew an armored knight.
Exactly the appearance of a dragon knight–rather.

“You’re good at drawing Lily!”
“Eh? I-is that so”
“Is that how it is?”

Terry tilts his head again. He doesn’t seem to understand.
No this is pretty skillful, with this level of art orders would roll in from bromide shops.
No she’s skillful enough that it wouldn’t be odd to be employed as a court painter.
She had this kind of special skill.

“I-it’s normal……”

While saying that Lily began drawing again.
This time in reverse, the human on bottom and the dragon on top.
A drawing of a weightlifting–more precisely a human, who looks like he’s in pain from being crushed by too much weight, lifting a dragon up.
It’s good to the point that it gives a lively feeling that looks like the human will begin trembling any second now.

“The current Ryu is like this right. A dragon riding on a human”
“Now that you mention it, that’s true”

Terry agreed.

“If I were a true dragon then Yurie would be crushed”
“Even Yui would crush her flat, she’s too heavy”
“That’s bad Terry, Yui-chan’s a girl too so don’t say that”
“But it’s true that she’s heavy isn’t it”

I made no interjection that I was paying attention.
I understand what he’s trying to say, but if I careless show agreement to the conversation about weight and Yui hears of that, even normally she dislikes me, she’ll come to dislike me even more.
She’s my step sister, so I’d like to avoid domestic friction as much as possible.
It would be a bother after all.

While quarreling about that, the three of us began to move.
Terry walks in a goblin like way, inclining forward with his waist slightly bent, and Lily flapped her wings and flew.
Finally I remained in Yurie’s carry while she walked.

Suddenly, I saw the walking Yurie’s surprised face.

[What’s wrong Yurie]
[Eh? I’m very sorry Slime-sama. I was a bit surprised”
[Yes, because they’re considerably different from the monsters I heard about. That is……how do I say it, it’s an normal daily life]


[What kind of things did you imagine, no you heard it right?]
[That is……]

Yurie looked at my expression and hesitated to say it.

[Don’t mind it, I told you to say it. Whatever you say, I won’t get angry]
[Then……um, I heard that they’re extremely cruel, or in order to sip human blood they make human farms]

That’s Hime right. Well, she calls it juice, so rather than farm it would be called a human orchard probably.

[They’re lewd, and gang up on female heroes–particularly clerics, and assault them]

Terry and co. Certainly, goblins do do that.

[Going against God’s providence, men always……um……serve each other]
“Lizardmen only have males so that’s God’s miss!”

I reflexively let my voice out, I defended the Lizardmen.
Terry and Lily walking ahead turn around and tilt their heads, but I deceive them appropriately.

[I’m very sorry, I……]
[No it’s fine, it’s not like I’m mad so. Rather all of that is true so]
[I-is that so……]

Hearing that it’s all true, Yurie becomes frightened just a little.
Well, if judged from a human’s point of view it’s nothing but frightening things after all–I don’t think the Lizardmen in the wrong though.

While walking, Yurie fidgets.
That, I have to think of a different topic, are her thoughts is clearly comprehensible.


Did she find another topic, nice let’s ride that and change the atmosphere.

[–why are you that strong? Even though you’re a slime]



[Wah wah! W-what’s wrong Slime-sama. I’m very sorry I’m very sorry, I’m very sorry I said something strange]

Yurie apologizes frantically. She was so frantic that I regained my calm a little.

[Don’t mind it, I just remembered a slight trauma]
[T-trauma, is it……?]

When remembering Kaa-san’s scoldings and spartan training, my body began trembling of its own accord.
That is more severe than any torture that I know.
I don’t ever want to go through that…….

Today as well we intercepted heroes in the Eastern Region Forest.

Terry with his club and Lily with her trident are fighting with the heroes.
I or rather while Yurie carried me I tackled heroes repeatedly.
I jump away from Yurie, tackle the heroes, and using that recoil I return to Yurie.

Long ago, humans placed a domesticated wyvern on a boat and made a armed force called “Flying Dragon Mothership”, my actions became a style somewhat similar to that.

I was battling, but it gradually became a pain.
The weakest forest, Deep Forest Eastern Region.
The monsters are weak, and the the invading heroes are weak as well.
That’s why there are many battles like this in which there’s a lack of trump card condition and is “simply prolonged”.
It’s not a dire situation you can’t get out of, it’s simply dragged on is all.

Children who are weak kneed exchanging wild punches, that kind of battle.

The number of people is 20, a number not too large nor too small which is a cause of the prolongation.
That’s a pain, when I thought so.

“A-hahahaha. I made you wait, this one has come so the battle is Shesta’s”

From a place a little distance away, a familiar voice was heard.
The monsters and heroes as well stopped their hands, and turned towards the direction of the voice.
At that place was a large mouse.

“Shesta-san has come”
“Ge! That’s Big Mouse Shesta”
“That thing’s all talk, get him!”

Not just allies, it seems Shesta’s name has spread among the heroes side as well.
This is convenient, afterwards when Shesta is done in–.


Shesta who rushed the heroes suddenly received a counter and fainted.

Fast, way too fast. It was too fast that the hero who released the counter is staring blankly isn’t he.
Well sure I was waiting for him to be done in, but even so that was way too fast.
Good grief……well, there’s no particular problem with the quick time.

I tore a piece of my body and threw it at Shesta.


I steered Shesta with the vampire’s characteristic skill I was taught by Hime.
The once fallen Shesta relaxedly stood up, and the edges of his mouth twist and he sneers.

“Good grief, even though I purposely let you hit me, that’s it huh”

I talk and manipulate him as well, saying something like that.

“Wh~at, it really was on purpose”
“That’s obvious isn’t it. Shesta wouldn’t be done by something like that”

While the monsters were saying that, they gradually parted from the battle.

I operate Shesta and begin the attack on the heroes.
If it’s Shesta, then there’s no need for restraint.
I go all out, and instant killed the twenty heroes.
I instantly ended a simply drawn out battle.

“It was a tremendously fast punch, if it wasn’t me it would be missed”
“That’s not it, it was a kick just now. He killed everyone with a single kick”

Unfortunately, it was a tail attack.
Just in case, so it wouldn’t be associated with me, I did a mouse like tail attack, but it was too fast that the surround monsters couldn’t see it directly.
Well it’s fine, there’s no problem.

[What’s wrong]
[Just now, did Slime-sama do something]
[……why do you think so]

[Etto, something like magic power? came out from Slime-sama]

……this is a surprise.
I relatively took care to conceal, but Yurie perceived that huh.
I though she was a dispositioned child, but it seems it’s even more than I expected.

Oops, apart from that.

[That subject is a secret]
[The fact that I’m strong, in any case, is a secret, ok]
[I-I understand. Slime-sama’s things are all secret]

While carrying me, with a snap she stood straight making a “At Attention!” pose.
Well, the curse remains attached, so it’s probably fine to not particular reason to emphasize it but.

[Giving all your accomplishments to another, not spreading your achievements at all……it’s almost like the Legendary Saint-sama……]

Yurie had some sort of misunderstanding, with her eyes strangely sparkling but……well, I’ll let her do as she likes.


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  1. kirinashbell

    Thanks for chapter
    ryu got caught by yurie when controlling the mouse so that means her magic perception is quite good, ryu needs to train her then make it so the heroes rescue her during their raids or she can reincarnate into a monster like ryu did



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