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A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V4C8

Hime’s Egg





“Ahh……it feels nice……”

The outskirts of Crystal Tower, I went out from the dungeon and was sunbathing.
A step further than half melted, with a feeling of about 70 percent melted I basked in the sun’s light.

Since reincarnating into a slime, what I thought is best are these sunbathing moments.

[Does it feel that nice, Slime-sama?]

In a place a bit apart, Yurie who was sitting in seiza asked.
She was sitting in seiza on the bare earth, and placed a dummy me on top of her lap.

For the sake of her training, it was the dummy doll I created before sunbathing.
The same as when she’s holding me, it’s an excellent thing that gradually consumes magic power and physical power. Continue reading

A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V4C7

Incurable Illness





Inside the forest during the day.
Me, Terry, Lily.

The three of Dragon Knight were walking around without any particular purpose.
Lily was on top of me. A dragon wearing a slime’s clothing––––since she’s riding on top of me Dragon Knight, it’s a position that became the source of the team name.
Terry was bouncing along side to side with me.

Since it’s Dragon Knight even if I let Terry on it would be correct, but I flatly refuse that, as for why––––.

“I want to raid a town. Just recently I saw this, but Wu village’s head shinto priestess, that’s a virgin. Do you understand Ryu, it’s a virgin head shinto priestess.”
“No, I don’t get it.”
“You get it right. When we monsters attack a town, in order to protect the town’s residents they’re high ranking clergy that offer their own bodies……guhyehye……” Continue reading

A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V4C6


I meant to get this done earlier, but I was blindsided by some exams that I thought were next week. Sigh, anyway I’ve gone and finished the next chapter as well so we’re fully caught up with the author. Now we play the waiting game.

I have a few web novels I’m interested in translating next, but I’m not sure when I’ll start sooo yea.

Almost forgot, the novel version of this is coming out March 14!

Enveloped by Onii-chan





Secret Crystal Tower.
The human and monsters living here were both mostly out, and Yui was house-sitting alone.

Placing the chair, and elegantly sitting down is Yui, but in reality her enthusiasm is amazing.

(While Onii-chan isn’t here……I’ll defend, ok)

Elder brother, the Crystal Tower that Ryu created, that last barrier the Secret Crystal Tower.
If this place is gotten through then the dungeon will become completely cleared, that by all means not allowed, especially while Ryu is absent, if that happens she’ll be to ashamed to face him.
Yui was behaving calm and elegantly, but she was emitting blood lust enough to instantly kill a weak hehearted human just with a human setting foot inside.

“Fuu, I’m baack.” Continue reading

A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V4C5

Golden Dragon Within the Darkness





A trip towards Suuyon village, Shesta, Terry, Lily, and me for a total of four.

Shesta was lumberingly walking ahead, Terry and Lily follow behind him.
The reluctant me was forcibly dragged along by my two childhood friends, that kind of shape.

“Sheesh, why are you guys coming too.”
“It’s fine right, only Occhan making good memories is cheating.”
“That’s right. You were invited to the village’s banquet right. We’re usually fighting, so we have a bit of qualification to be invited. Ne, Ryu thinks so as well right.”
“I’m don’t really––––”
“More importantly Suuyon village’s banquet, what kind is it! How is the village head’s daughter like.”

That again.
He likes them huh, the village heads’ daughters and such.
Why he likes that, I don’t understand a bit but. Continue reading

A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V4C4

Want to Lay Eggs





Crystal Tower First Floor.


I gazed at Dulce eating the cake like it was delicious.
What I made today was a potato mont blanc cake, normally it’s made with chestnut, but there’s considerable affinity with potatoes so I tried making it.
Dulce devours that like it was delicious.

“Dulce, stay still for a bit.”

The future queen tilts her head, I transform a part of my slime body, and wipe the tip of her nose.
Due to devouring it, on the tip of her nose there is potato and cream.
I took that, but––––. Continue reading