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A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V4C11

The Power to Protect One’s Child





Crystal Tower, First Floor.
I wasn’t in the hidden side, I came out here to the surface.

Kaa-san clung to the top of my head.
Treating me like a zabuton, she curled up on top of my head and slept.

Yurie who usually held me was in exchange made to hold an offshoot of me that I made.

Being here was for the sake of absorbing the remains of battle.

After a hero’s and monster’s battle, magic power and life force is left behind in the air, they hang in the air.
I stealthily absorb that, and little by little convert and compress it.
Making it into dragon’s tear, creating Kaa-san’s meal.

If I don’t do that, and make it at my own expense it’s really harsh after all. Continue reading