The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V2C21

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The Meeting with Zenobia’s Leader






When we arrive at the city of Zenobia, we’re invited to the Octave house.
We were to be entertained as guests of honor that saved their daughter from crisis.
While choked with tears, the Octave family butler,

“Thank you very much for saving Ojou-sama. This Hans won’t forget this favor for life.”

He grasps my hands.
It appears there’s no lie in those words.
As if to say this wasn’t enough, every day I am welcomed warmly.
Rich roasted pork with plenty of crops characteristic of the south.
Ripe fruit that can only be harvested in the south.
Fresh marine products taken from the southern sea.

Those were prepared by a first class cook, select beautiful woman carried it over.

Those were always line up on top of the table, and whenever one dish was finished a new cuisine was carried over.

Honestly, I’m not that much of an eater, and Sati is also a light eater.
Moreover, I was Japanese in my previous life, and when it comes to Sati she’s a former slave.
It feels awkward to leave food, that being said we couldn’t eat it all, so we suffered.

Sati, while holding her stomach painfully,

“I feel I have eaten a lifetime’s worth,”

and rubs her bloated stomach.

Almost like she’s a pregnant woman.
At this rate both Sati and I will become like the fattened pig.
Thinking as such, I ask Hans the butler.

“How soon will it be possible to meet with Eltria-dono?”

Hans apologetically says.

“I will do my best, Eltria-sama is a busy person……”

I have heard that many times already.

Enough to be sick of it, but in reality, Eltria is a busy person I suppose.

After all she’s the Commerce Alliance’s leader.

I’ve understood having stayed at this mansion, but almost everyday visitors appear, and it seems she’s forced to schedule every minute.

Although I may be her daughter’s benefactor, she has no spare time.

In addition I previously conveyed to her, “I want an audience as a representative of Isthmus” through the butler.

An appropriate amount of time is necessary.

For that reason I’ve been made to wait like this, but I also have my own circumstances.

Although the Multiple King Alliance was repulsed at Arsenum the other day, their might is still going strong.

Ivalice is a front line, so I can’t leave it unattended.
I wonder if that Lilith is maintaining order while holding back.

I wonder if that Jiron is properly listening to the town’s people’s grievances and fairly handling things.

I can’t help worrying.
In particular, I’m anxious about the latter.

When I saw the whole roast pig just now, Jiron’s face came to mind suddenly after all.

At any rate, I can’t wait any longer than this, thinking so I once more tried to petition the butler Hans, but I stop that action midway.

Since the aforementioned Eltria’s daughter, Yuria called out to me.

“Ike-sama, I am very sorry to have kept you waiting.”

As Yuria says that she takes her skirt in both hands,

“It has been quite a while hasn’t it.”

and smiles.

Seeing that figure, I’m perplexed.
Since the strong impression of when I met her remains in my head.

It doesn’t feel bad to be courted by a beauty, but I don’t have the time to be occupied by that right now. Even if I were to take a bride some day, that time isn’t now.

That’s why her proposal is honestly, a bother.

Therefore, for while now I’ve been living so as to avoid her, but I’ve finally been caught.


I accidentally leaked a sigh unconsciously, but without caring about that she calls out to me.

“We’ve made you wait a long time, but mother has made time. It seems she has a bit of open time.”

“Mother……? is it?”

“Eeh, she managed to somehow adjust her schedule.”

Reflexively I become perplexed at that.

“Yuria-sama, I want an audience with the Commerce Alliance’s representative Eltria-dono.”

“Ehh, I’ve heard as such.”

As she states so,

“That’s why I’ll have you meet my “Mother”.”

and states that.

Then she pulls my hand, and takes me to the mansion’s office.
Her palm is small, but unexpectedly strong.
Or rather she’s pushy.
At her mercy, I am pushed into the office.
There a young woman was sitting at a splendid desk.

––––no, she’s a woman of a certain age.

A woman with her burning red hair bundled up, she has elegance, but she’s sharp eyed.
An appearance almost like a pirate ship’s captain.
I immediately sense she’s not an ordinary person.
And then as if to prove that, the woman speaks.

“You are the young man Raiku who saved our daughter, huh. My name is EltriaOctave. I’m the head of the council that manages this Zenobia, and serve as the representative of the Commerce Alliance.”

As she states that she gets up, and comes for a handshake.

“I’ll give my official thanks for saving my daughter afterwards. Right now is a very busy period, see. Do you mind if I do work while we speak?”

“I don’t mind.”

When I say that she says a few words, “Excuse me,” and once again returns to her seat and begins to scan over the documents.

I’m surprised at hat amount, but her reading comprehension is amazing.
I’m struck with admiration, but the girl next to me, Yuria proudly whispers into my ear.

“Usually she’s settling twice that amount of work twice as quickly.”

“……I see, “She has a bit of room in her work” huh.”

It seems that the woman known as EltriaOctave is a far more capable merchant than I imagined.

When it comes to merchants of the Commerce Alliance, they’re synonymous with capable merchants.
Speaking of the previous world, they would be close to the merchants of Genoa or Omi merchants.
Since she manages those guys, this woman isn’t an ordinary person.
In the first place I didn’t think that Eltria was a woman.
Since they’re a wealthy merchant, I imagined a middle age man with a pot belly.

“––––incidentally, my husband is a merchant just as you’re imagining.”

Eltria abruptly said that.


“Your expressions show on your face easily. It would be better to be careful. It can work against you in negotiations as well.”

As she says that she once again turns her sight to the documents.

“……I see, my expressions show on my face easily huh.”

Certainly, usually I have a mask on, so I may have such a side.
I have to be careful from now on.
While thinking that, I decided to begin negotiations with her.
––––but, before that, I glance sideways at Yuria.

“Yuria-jou, I’m terribly sorry, but could I ask you to leave your seat?”

What I’m going to talk about now is about is a treaty of the “Maou Army” and the “Commerce Alliance”.
Whether that succeeds or not, It couldn’t be heard by this girl.
When I ask for her leave, she unexpectedly abides obediently.
I thought she would say selfish things, but she left the room without trouble.

Just, at the last moment, “Fufufu, Raiku-sama, Raiku-sama will decide the design of the bridal dress,” and left a daring smile. *


I heard a terrifying prediction, but I ignore that and turn towards Eltria.
And ask her once more.

“Actually I have a request I want to ask you.”

Continuing to stare at the document she asks, “What is it?”
It’s anticlimactic with that light tone and attitude, but I speak directly.

“Actually I am not a aristocrat of Isthmus.”
“I know that.”

I unconsciously mutter.

“In the country Isthmus there are no aristocrats with the name Raiku. See, in the past there was an aristocrat who raised a rebellion against the king of Isthmus. That person’s name was Raiku. Since then aristocrats no longer used that name. At the very least in Isthmus.”

“Then since the very beginning you knew I was a fake aristocrat.”


She answers briefly and continues.

“In addition to that, I think you’re a messenger of the Maou Army.”

“It’s fine not to conceal it. Just because it’s the Maou Army, I don’t have fear, or contempt. Just, you saved my daughter. You came to represent the Maou Army and negotiate. I see only that truth.”

“How did you understand that I am a messenger of the Maou Army.”

“Intuition I suppose.”
“Intuition, huh.”

That’s also vague.

“Intuition isn’t something to be mind fun of. Intuition is a conclusion backed by experience and theory I believe. Thanks to this intuition, our Octave household was able to make a fortune in a single generation, and were able to become the leading power of the Commerce Alliance, after all.”

“––––I’ll bear that in mind. Even if you say intuition, it’s not a shot in the dark huh.”

“In this period, at this timing, at this moment, a powerful magician like you came hiding their identity. If you think for a moment, one can imagine.”

“……I see, incidentally do I appear human?”

“……What do you mean? I had the butler Hans confirm you were human.”

Apparently that the fact that I am a human pretending to be a demon hasn’t been exposed.
It seems they believe I’m a human cooperating with the demons.

It’s been exposed to Sefiro, Sati, and Maou-sama, but other than that I have avoided revealing this secret.

If my identity were to be exposed, I wouldn’t be able to remain in the Maou Army, and Maou-sama and Sefiro’s position might become the worst.

––––I thought so, but even so I decided to reveal that truth to this person.

I have many reasons, but the first is that I don’t have the confidence to continue deceiving this woman with sharp intuition.

The second is that from the start I came here in order to create a world where demons and humans can live together.

I decided to show the living example Sati and I and use that as a basis for negotiations.

As I take a slow deep breath, I remake my expression and speak.

“As you said, I’m human. However, I am also a demon.”


Hearing that Eltria become silent.
It seems even the wise her become perplexed.
Well that’s natural. What I said is close to madman’s nonsense.

“Does that mean that you’ve completely changed sides to the demons? Or perhaps are you planning to conduct a ritual to reincarnate into a demon or such?”

“That’s not it. My father and mother were humans, but I was raised as a child of demons.”

Hearing that it seems her awareness was completely detached from the documents.
As she turns towards me, “Shall I listen in detail,” and sent that kind of gaze at me.

“My grandfather’s name is a demon called The Guardian of Hell”
“……I’ve heard of that name. If I’m correct, the Undead King. I hear he’s the strongest magician even in the Maou Army.”

She’s amazingly well informed, but I make a correction.

“He, was. He has already passed on after all.”

“……a valuable human, no, demon has been lost huh.”

“The person in question said it was his lifespan, so don’t mourn. I’ve lived some hundred years, so it’s enough, so he said.”

I said it jokingly, but it’s the truth.

Jii-chan sensed his own lifespan, and while alive, “I’ve lived long enough” was his pet saying. It seems he knew his own death day, even the hour he would die. To the young me he said, “I will die on the new year, so prepare yourself.”

Now that I think about it it was strange, but the me at that time that that was normal. Demons are, the Undead King is that kind of being is what I thought after all.

That’s why when Jii-chan died I wasn’t that sad.
I was just able to accept that that day had come.

––––well, in reality I cried just a bit.

But that doesn’t matter.
What’s necessary now is to persuade this woman in front of me.

“……I was raised by that King of Hell, become an adult and have fought until today for the sake of the Maou Army.”

“In repayment for being raised by Ronberg-dono?”

“It’s nothing that great. Just, I entered the Maou Army when I became an adult. Then I became a magician like Jii-chan. I piled up magic training like with that kind of motive since I was a child.”

“Having achieved that there’s the current you, huh.”

“However, I had that kind of motive in the beginning, but right now it’s different.”

“––––which means?”

“Now, the reason I fight, it’s for the sake of aiming for the coexistence of humans and demons.”

“The coexistence of humans and demons……?”

For the first time she raised those well shaped brows.

“What do you mean? Do demons not plan on destroying humans?”

“There’s no such intention. ––––at the very least for Maou-sama and I.”

“Certainly, the current Maou is famed as being different from the Maou until now. However, even so demons and demons. They might suddenly change one day. No, they might return to their original form. ––––so I believe.”

“There won’t be such a thing.”

“Do you have evidence?”

“I do not.”

I say flatly.

I couldn’t present that, and even if I handed over a written oath with Maou-sama’s signature here it would be meaningless I believe, after all.

This bold merchant isn’t softhearted enough to be convinced with a single scrap of paper.
She asks.

“In that case how do you plan to convince me?”

I answer briefly.

“––––through action.”

“Which means?”

“With all due respect, the Commerce Alliance is, right now, greatly troubled. So I’ve heard.”

“––––where did you get that information?”

“More or less I am a Maou Army commanding officer, so I had it investigated beforehand.”

“You’re talking about the “Red Beard Carossa” pirate crew that’s made the south seas their stronghold. Certainly our Zenobia is utterly at a loss as to what to do with them.”

She continues.

“The merchant ships already attacked number 10, the amount of damage is equal to a town’s yearly budget. If we leave them alone as is that amount will increase even more I’m sure, my position as leader might become dangerous as well.

“Yes, immediate measures are necessary.”

“In other words, you don’t mind if I take it that you’ll eradicate those pirates?”


I answer.
Hearing that answer, she thinks for a while.

I’m surprised, even this kind of wise woman has worries huh, if I think about it, that’s natural.

She’s making dealings with the Maou Army.
She can’t help being cautious.

Without rushing her I wait for her thinking to be finish and wait for her to speak.

She speaks in a clear tone.

“Fine. I’ll accept that deal. If you accept two conditions, then it would be fine to deal with the Maou Army.”

I’m surprised at her words.
Pirate suppression is obvious, but I never thought she would point out another condition even in my dreams.

I wonder what she wants.
If it’s something I can do I’ll cooperate, but I can’t promise without thinking about it.
I cautiously ask her about those conditions.
She while for the first time floating a devious expression speaks.

“One is of course the elimination of Red Beard Carossa, and the second is for you to become my son.”


Hearing those words a chill runs through my back.
Since that expression was just like a certain person.
That person is our 7th Army Corps Commander Sefiro.
Her smile just now is the same as when Sefiro is playing a trick.
I timidly ask.

“……is that perhaps.”
“I’m thinking of having you take our Yuria as a bride.”

Like I thought.
She appears serious and capable, but this person’s essence is just like Sefiro.

The type to set pranks for humans they’ve taken an interest in.
Naturally I politely refuse.

“I am human, but am of the Maou Army. Are you saying to marry your daughter to a general of that Maou Army.”

Her answer,

“Is there even a problem with that?”

was that.

“Things like political marriages, for a daughter of a merchant it’s something natural since birth. In addition I’ve taken an interest in you. You’re quick witted. And sincere. I like the latter in particular. Merchants tend to be thought of as sly, but I seek for sincerity from merchants especially. In addition you’ll probably, in the future, become a leader of the Maou Army. It’s not a bad thing to marry my daughter here and form a bond.”

“……is that intuition too?”

“Intuition. However, my intuition hasn’t been wrong.”

Shes states that, stands, comes towards me and claps my back.

“At any rate, I’ll leave Red Beard Carossa and my daughter to you.”

She declares that and once again returns to her seat and begins to scan over the documents.

“Order all preparations for the pirate elimination to the butler Hans.”

Those were her last words.
Afterwards she focused her awareness completely on the documents.
Most likely, no matter what I speak to her of it’ll be useless.
Thinking that I turn my back on Eltria and leave behind her office.


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