The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V2C20

Yuria’s Thoughts ††






††(Yuria Point of View)

Isthmus’s magician Raiku-sama.
What a wonderful gentleman.
Zenobia’s leader’s daughter, Yuria honestly thought thinks that.

If it’s this person then it’s fine to become a bride, it’s fine to offer her chastity, it’s the first time she’s met a person she’s thought of as such.

Is this what’s called first love?
Until now Yuria has not known love.

Her father raising talks of marriage, she had met with many men, but until now she had never felt even once this kind of throbbing.

It was the same with the son of a wealthy merchant of the neighboring country that she had headed for the other day.
Merely boasting of the fortune his father had built up, the person himself had no resourcefulness.
using his father’s power as a shield, no more than a domineering, boring man.
However, Raiku-sama is different.

The sense of justice to save strangers, the kindness to be merciful to even his opponent the bandits.

When she saw that scene, Yuria’s heart trembled.
––––no mistake, this is a destined meeting.
This is what liking someone for the first time is.

Love at first sight, she thought those words appeared only in the dictionary and romance novels.

They were words the maids often used, but she thought they were unrelated to her.

Someday, as the daughter of Zenobia’s ruler she would marry to a boring man, become the wife of a boring man, and give birth to the child of a boring man.
She thought it the natural destiny of being born as the daughter of the ruling class.
However, she never thought this kind of fate would be in store––––.
She places a hand on her chest.
That palpitation is fast like an alarm clock.
Just by thinking of him, her heart throbs violently,
just by recalling him, her ears become hot.
Perhaps, this is that thing called first love.
It’s the first she’s experienced it in life, so she’s perplexed.
She wants to consult with someone, but a suitable partner didn’t come to mind.
Should she consult with Raiku-sama’s maid, that girl called Sati.
She thought so for a moment, but Yuria shakes her head.

“……no good. That girl is probably, my rival.”

She didn’t know how Raiku-sama thought, but at the very least she held affection for Raiku-sama.

Even Yuria could guess that much.

Yuria isn’t so callous and foolish that she would consult with her love rival.

“Then, as I thought, consulting with the maids is the best option.”

When she arrives at that conclusion, she calls for the maid who has attended her since she was young.
She’s a maid that rode on the carriage together with her the other day.
Seeing Yuria’s earnest expression, it seems she has guessed the situation.

“Yuria-sama wishes to be tied with Raiku-sama by all means right.”

Yuria earnestly nods.

Among Yuria’s maids she’s the one she places the most trust in, and she’s the wisest.
She might give her some good plan.
Thinking that she consulted with her, but it seems that was correct.
She makes an unexpected suggestion.

“Raiku-sama wishes to meet with Eltria-sama, you know this right?”

“Of course. It seems to be talks about something regarding trade with Isthmus.”

“From the start he is visiting because he has business with Eltria-sama. Under these circumstances, why don’t you try using that.”


Yuria lowers her voice.
A word that didn’t have a very nice ring to it.

Yuria blindly fell in love with Raiku, but even then she didn’t want to use tricks to urge a marriage.

She wanted to make Raiku a captive with just her own charms.


As she worries, as if to push Yuria back the maid says.

“Yuria-sama, do you know this phrase? From ancient times, all is fair in love and war. In the end the one who wins is justice.”

“……in the end the one who wins is justice.”

Yuria mutters.

“That’s right. I have also seen Raiku-sama up close, but being able to become the wife of that kind of person is an honor as a woman. Here you should use whatever means to tie a vow with Raiku-sama.”

“……as I thought it’s like that right. You think so as well right?”

“Yes, if you miss this chance, there won’t be another chance to happen across such a person.”

Yuria who heard those words, “……un,” nods within her mind.
And Yuria who resolved herself decided to make a certain request to her parents.

Possibly, if she were to use this kind of method, there’s a chance of becoming hated by Raiku-sama, but even so she wants to become Raiku’s.

She wants to become his wife.

Yuria who resolved herself, headed to her parents bedroom.
For the sake of a certain wish––––.

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  1. Hyurin Askha

    OwO) hoho young girl what a troublesome person you fall in love with
    kinda wonder what she going to do when she know that he was from the demon lord army

    =w=) oh and thanks for the chapter
    it was delicious

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    1. Squirfail

      demon queen has passes that age and so is the witch but still they do have some power over him… though the biggest threat would be Sati


  2. ~Traveling Chef~

    hmm, I wonder if she’ll change her tune when she finds out the truth about that fellow, or if she will be ok with it because she is so in love? Regardless of what happens, I look forward to more.
    thanks for the chapter~


  3. Zeth

    Thinking back, Ike could have said, that he’s already engaged or married, although it might hinder the plan of using her as introduction to her father, i dont know how he plans it being human for the girl, then demon representative for the negotiations with a different name. Guess he’ll say he’s using illusion magic to mask his true form…



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