The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V2C23


Sati’s disguise






“Goshujin-sama? Will I truly be able to function as Yuria-sama’s replacement?”

Sati asks me worriedly.

“There should be no worries……”

I answer so, but my conscience hurts a bit.

Since my plan is to make Sati Yuria’s substitute.

In short, I had Sati take Yuria’s form.
The girl known as Yuria
Octave is similar to Sati.
The impression I had when we first met was that.
Yuria had wavy gold hair, but other than that she was just like her.
Her voice is similar too, the shape of her face is also similar.

Sati’s build is slightly thinner, but that a difference of origin.
Yuria has been blessed with nourishment from a young age.
On the other hand, Sati is a slave’s child. Nourishment during her growth period was insufficient.

However, for that we can stuff her chest and deceive them.
I had Yuria’s attendant prepare a wig and had Sati wear that.

Afterwards if I have her wear a frilly dress like a aristocrat lady would wear, Fake YuriaOctave-jou would be complete.

––––a few minutes later, from Yuria’s personal dress room appears Sati, she’s exactly an aristocratic lady.

I reflexively raise a “hou”, but the person in question didn’t seem all that dissatisfied.

“……I feel like I’ve become an aristocratic princess.”

She floats an embarrassed smile.
From the start Sati is a girl without bad facial features.
No, a cute girl.

If she took care into clothes and makeup I thought she would change radically, but I never thought it would be this much.

“Like this, I’m sure you would pass as an aristocratic lady.”

Was my frank impression.
In reality I could hear sighs from Yuria’s attendants.

“Dear me, I thought she was similar since I met her, but this much. Like this I wouldn’t be able to tell her apart from Ojou-sama from a distance.”

The butler Hans gives his stamp of approval.
I feel relieved at those words, but at the same time feel a sense of guilt.

Naturally, I plan on protecting her with all of my power, and I have no intention at all to let her meet any danger, but having Sati be Yuria’s substitute, placing her on board the ship, like I thought I feel ashamed.

(I should have brought Lilith huh. Although she didn’t resemble Yuria though……)

As I worry like that, Sati bravely says.

“Only I can take this role right?”
Like so––––.

I nod my head.

From Hans’ and Eltria’s side it’s difficult to use Yuria as a decoy.

In addition there was no time to search for a girl similar to Yuria, if we spent time on that the pirate might have caught on.

After all Red Beard Carossa is a man that outwitted that capable Eltria, and for several years raised havoc on this ocean.

It would be better not to make light of that information network.

“In that case, this Sati will make use of herself for Ike-sama. Sati is someone who was picked up by Ike-sama. At this point I don’t mind what becomes of this body.”

Hearing that I mutter “good grief.”

“That again. There’s no need for you to feel a debt of gratitude. I’ve done almost nothing for Sati. Rather, I’ve been in your care haven’t I? Sati’s cooking is unequaled, and the black tea Sati brews is delicious.”

Those were my true thoughts.
Rather I would like to double her current salary.

“If I hadn’t met with Goshujin-sama, Sati would have been out in the cold like that. I don’t want to forget that debt of gratitude.”

“The cause and effect is getting mixed up. You would have been out in the cold after I captured Arsenum.”

“But, even if Goshujin-sama hadn’t captured Arsenum, Arsenum would have one day fallen to the Maou Army’s hand. In addition even if Arsenum were safe, and my previous master were in good health, Sati would have led a lonely life.”

Sati stops her words there and declares with a smile.

Though it’s been a few months since I’ve become Goshujin-sama’s maid. In those few months Sati has spent a time happier than the time combining all the happiness until now. Please. By all means, allow Sati to help Goshujin-sama.”

Sati petitions me.
It seems there’s no lies in those words.
No, in the first place there wasn’t the idea to lie in this girl.

She’s really thinking that she wants to be of use to me.
Not responding to her feelings here would be shameful.

“I understand. This time I’ll have Sati completely cooperate.”

Sati who heard that floated a smile like a blooming flower.

“It seems like it’ll be the first time I’ll be of help other than everyday care.”

Sati said that and was delighted, but, “However, there is one thing I’m worried about” and made a slightly meek expression in the end.

In order to relieve her I speak.

“There’s no need for Sati to worry at all. Even without the robe of the King of the Undead, I won’t fall behind pirates.”
Like so––––.

However, it seems her worry wasn’t that.

“I have complete faith in Goshujin-sama’s strength.”

On top of proclaiming that, she continues.

“––––however, it’s the first time for Sati to ride a ship. That’s what I’m worried about.”

I see, certainly I’m worried about that too.

I have a faint memory of boarding a ship in my previous life, but I shouldn’t treat this world’s sailing vessels and the previous world’s large ships the same.

Perhaps I should take more measures against sea sickness rather than pirates.
While thinking that, I head towards Zenobia’s harbor where the sailing vessel is at.


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