The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V2C25


Carossa Subjugation






When I go outside the cabin, the deck is busy.
The sailors are running on top of the deck, hurriedly beginning battle preparations.
I wanted to give directions, but I purposely didn’t.
Since I’m ignorant of combat at sea.
I should leave it the ship’s captain who’s in his field.

It’s difficult to ask the ship captain who’s busy with battle preparations, so instead I ask Hans.

“How do naval battles take place.”

I suppose his seasickness was blown away by the tension of battle.
Hans had regained his usual calm tone.

“Usually, in a battle of fleets, they come to rely on the magicians.”
“I see.”

Then I might be able to cooperate.
Hans points to a mass of stone on the edge of the deck.

“That mass of stone is hurled with magic, opening a large hole in the enemy ship is basic strategy.”

I see, I notice the meaning of the piled up stone for the first time.
This world is a a world of sword and magic.
Therefore, without gunpowder being developed they came to rely on magic.”
In my previous world’s naval battles cannons were the leading part.

Firing the cannons set on the side of the ship, sinking the ship, that was basic naval strategy.

Perhaps it may be alright to make cannons as an export product to Zenobia.

I thought that, but before that I should concentrate on the enemy now.
I decide to intercept the “Rock Throw” that the enemy magician released.

It’s possible to intercept it with either Barrier, Impact, or Fire Ballmagic, but in order to reliably protect this ship I decided to choose Barriermagic.

I didn’t guard the entire ship, I guarded against the incoming stones with pinpoint accuracy.

Normally I would leave the barrier to the other magicians and join in the attack, but Sati is on board this ship.

In the one in a million chance, I want to avoid such a situation.

The stones thrown by the enemy are smashed one after another in the air, meanwhile, the stones thrown by our side are also being smashed similarly. Some are luckily hitting the enemy deck, but it’s not nearly enough to sink the ship.

Hans explains.

“Red Beard Carossa is also a high ranking magician.”

“––––so that’s it huh.”

No wonder he could pillage a number of Zenobia’s ships.

“In that case, that development after this will be guaranteed I suppose.”

In this sort of naval battle, there should be something called a naval ram attached to the front of the pirate ship.

They’ll pierce the side of the merchant ship with that, and the pirates will board the merchant ship.
That should be the usual measure.
As expected, Carossa’s ship is approaching here with great speed.
Taking a look the enemy’s sail is swelling with great force.
It seems they’re using
Galemagic on a single point and increasing the momentum of the ship.

“They’re quite good aren’t they.”

I couldn’t help but admire them.

That there was that way of using gale magic, in spite of myself I admired them.

At first I thought they were just a simple pirate, but Red Beard Carossa is quite the talented person.

Perhaps he might become the strongest magician amongst humans that I have met.

While thinking that, I prepare for the impact of the colliding enemy ship.
At the same time the tip of the enemy ship pierces into Boromouke, the pirates burst into the ship.
All of them are lightly equipped and grasping scimitars or short swords.

“I guess that’s natural.”

It’s a battle on the sea, if by any chance you fell into the sea wearing heavy equipment you’d die.
There’s no meaning in wearing armor in naval battle I’m sure.
In addition there’s no people using spears on top of the small deck.
Almost everyone is fighting with scimitars or short swords.
Everyone is lightly equipped, so if they were to receive a slash they’d become unable to fight just like that.
Furthermore this is on the sea, there’s no place to run.
All of them are desperately fighting.

This might be the large differences between naval and land battle.
As I thought that, I search for the enemy boss.

It should be fine to leave the small fry to the crew and Hans.
They’re heroes of the sea, they won’t fall behind.
The problem is Red Beard Carossa.

As far as I can see from the magic and skill just now, I can conjecture that the strength of the Red Beard Pirates is him.

In addition, in combat the side that defeats the other boss is the winner.
When Carossa falls, the outcome should be decided.
I who thought so survey the deck.

I thought it would be hard to search because of the combat, but it wasn’t so.
I find the ship’s captain easily.

The guy acting the most self-important on the enemy’s deck, that’s Carossa.
He’s conspicuously neat, and is crossing his arms self-importantly.

“……however, well.”

Is the only impression that came to mind.
I unintentionally muttered it.

“I wonder if there’s any other pirate like that.”

Even the hollywood movies of the black and white film age would add more of a twist wouldn’t they.

Carossa is wearing a pirate hat with a skull mark, a red head band, and above a shirt like aristocrats wear he has on a velvet jacket.

“……now if one hand were to be a hook, it’d be perfect though.”

I mutter so, and sure enough, his left hand was a hook.
Furthermore, as typical, he wore an eyepatch on his left eye.
I let out a sigh, but I didn’t plan on being negligent.

Red Beard Carossa looks like the stereotypical pirate, and is quite the capable commander it seems.

Without proceeding to this deck in the middle of combat, from the deck of his own ship he calmly gives his subordinates orders.

At times he chants Bestowal Magic, covers his allies, and aiming at our sailors shoots Water Ballmagic.

That figure was exactly a pirate, but what he’s doing is an excellent magician-cum-commander.

I’ve fought with many humans until now, but as a magician-cum-commander he’s the best I suppose.

“It wouldn’t be interesting otherwise.” I won’t say that.

For as excellent as the enemy is, our side’s damage will be greater.
Taking a look the butler Hans is fighting a fierce battle with a single pirate.

The other sailors are at best fighting evenly, if you look from the entire front it’s obvious our sides at a disadvantage.

“We’ll lose at this rate.”

I who thought that begin chanting a spell.
I use
Transfermagic and directly board the other side’s deck.
This is on the sea, following the pirate’s style isn’t bad.
I who thought that move before Carossa using transfer magic.

Seeing my figure Carossa’s first word,


was that. Continuing, what he speaks is,

“I thought there was a splendid Barriermagic unleashed just before, but a considerable magician has boarded.”

Carossa seemed to see through my ability in an instant.
That alone is proof that he’s not incompetent.
Without letting my guard down, I impart magic power into the ouroboros cane.

Unlike his appearance, his attitude and appearance were intellectual and well-mannered, but this man is a pirate.

I don’t know what kind of hand he’ll come at me with.
Sure enough, without any introduction he assaults me with a sword.
He didn’t fire off “Die!” or “Take this!” characteristic of an underdog.
He just silently aimed at my vitals and let loose his saber.
I block that with my ouroboros cane, but at the same time I block it sparks fly.
Seeing that sight Carossa changes his expression for the first time.

“……hou, though you put imparted magic power, that’s quite the cane. As I thought you’re not an ordinary person.”

“I’m a brigade commander magician in the Maou Army.”

Though I wanted to reveal myself there, there’s no need I’m sure.
I concentrate on the match with the man.
The repeating slashing exchange, each time he steps back, and I step back as well.
As I thought, he’s quite capable.

Though I’m not wearing the undead robe, I didn’t think I would have this close a match.

In terms of balance of swordsmanship and magic power there’s something that brings up the 3rd Army Corps Commander Basteo who I fought before.

Thinking so, as expected humans are dreadful.
A considerable talent is buried like this in the wild.


Saying that, I decided to end this fight.
I supply the cane with all my magic power.
Without thinking of the before and after, “almost” all.
The ouroboros cane releases an even more pale aura.
I wager it all on that single blow.

If this blow can’t break Carossa’s saber, then this duel, will be my loss.

Though there is that possibility, it seems that worry is unnecessary.
My strongest blow displays its effect.


Together with that sound Carossa’s saber breaks.
Though Carossa who saw that raised his voice, that too was only a moment.
He immediately regains a calm expression, and he turns his left hook here.

His artificial hook opens.

It seems like there’s a Mithrilbullet crammed in there.
In this word a gun doesn’t exist, but there are pseudo guns.

In the shooting mechanism made of the metal called mithril there’s a mithril bullet loaded, if he uses magic as the trigger it will be shot out at high speed.

Though it’s useful on beings such as werewolves, vampires etc. considered to be weak to silver, it’s not it doesn’t have an effect on humans.

Rather, that force isn’t so different from the matchlocks.
In other words, if I receive that blow I’ll die.

“Well, that’s if I were to receive the blow though.”

I predicted that matter beforehand.
I saved magic power for that purpose.
There’s no miss in my
Carossa’s last secret weapons was made ineffective like this.

At the same time that Carossa’s expression is dyed in despair I get in close, pack in my remaining magic power into my right fist and sink it into his abdomen.


Together with that voice a large quantity of gastric juice scatters.

Blood didn’t come out so I don’t think he’ll die, but with that Carossa’s fighting strength and consciousness went out completely.

Having ascertained that I face the pirates fighting on the Boromouke and declare.

“I’ve defeated your commander. Further resistance is meaningless. If, right now, you throw away your weapon and surrender, I’ll guarantee at least your life.”

Were those words effective I wonder.
Or did morale drop with the defeat of the strongest captain.
The pirates threw away their weapons one after another, and raised both hands.
At the same time, shouts of joy rose from the Boromouke’s sailors.

“We did it! We won!”
“With this our Zenobia is also secure!”
“We, no, Ike-dono defeated that strongest pirate Carossa!”

While tying up the pirates, the sailors praise me.

Though being praised feels nice, I had one worry.

I ask the butler Hans who is approaching while out of breath.

It was like that in the previous world as well, but in this kind of world, the usual custom for captured pirates is “death by hanging”.

I ask about that.

“Even our Zenobia, it’s fixed that pirates are hanged.”

Well that’s natural right.
Pirates are scoundrels.

Attacking merchant ships, massacring the crew, throwing out the survivors into the ocean in a small boat are pirates.

If compassion is shown here and they aren’t made an example of, then other pirates will get cocky.

However, having said that I would save their lives if they surrendered, making that null and void hurt my heart.

This too is the sad nature of someone with memories of the previous world.

Though I tentatively propose, “can’t something be done”, Hans proposals a certain thing to me.

“Does Ike-dono know the word amnesty.”
“Of course I know it.”

I answer.

When a king is enthroned, or perhaps when a prince or princess is born, specially lightening criminals’ crimes is amnesty.

Even in the previous world there are countries still doing it, even Japan still has that kind of law.

It occurred up to the Taisho period, when His Majesty the Emperor was enthroned it was considered, is what I often heard.

However, it would be too convenient for a king to be enthroned, or prince or princess to be born.

In the first place this isn’t a country, there’s no king in a city state right.
As I thought that, Hans caught me off guard.

“Soon, there will be an auspicious event in our Zenobia. If you make that a pretext, then you can avoid the Red Beard Pirates’ pirates being hanged can’t you.”

I understand what Hans wants to say with those words.

When I return to Zenobia I should immediately announce my engagement with Yuria, he’s implicitly urging me.

I release a big sigh, at any rate I decided to return to Zenobia.
For the time being I should report Red Beard Carossa’s subjugation to Eltria.
I have to make that negotiation material for dealings with the Maou Army.

Good grief, while thinking that I return to my own cabin.
There, there was Sati who even now continues to pray.
When I report to her, “I won”, I ask her to brew black tea.

I suppose it’s because return where I smelled sailors smelling of sweat and the smell of battlefield reeking of blood, even though it’s the same tea I felt that it had a fragrance better than usual.


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