The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V1C30

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The True Intentions of the Girl Called Maou ††





††(Dairokuten Maou Point of View)


The girl called Dairokuten Maou thinks.

Now then, it was smoothed over like that on the spot, but what should be done.
Like that––––.

Thinking as the overall Maou Army Corps, in a quarrel both parties are to blame.
Sefiro and Besteo, both should punished no doubt.

It’s clear that Besteo holds a rebellious spirit, and Sefiro’s management of her subordinates wasn’t prudent.

If a distinction isn’t draw here, then it will have an effect on the overall Maou Army Corps.

“……for the occupation of Maou, if you’re made light of, it’s the end.”

However, there’s a single thing she’s worried about.
That’s Sefiro’s male subordinate.

Since the matter of Arsenum’s capture the other day, she’s been paying attention to that man, but the more she investigates him the more intriguing.

His magic power is already not at the level of a brigade commander.
His ingenuity is a match for army corps commanders.

If, Sefiro and Besteo are punished, then it might even be fine to place him as the next army corps commander.

“……no, that’s still too soon huh.”

She monologues to herself like that.
Though there’s no room for question in the area of his ability, there’s still something lacking.

“That guy’s too soft. Since he’s Ronberg’s grandchild, there might be no helping it though.”

It might because her own past life was human.

He was a barely acquainted man, but from the moment she met him, she liked that softness.

In reality, due to his softness he acted without needless killing, causing other demons to make light of him.

Suddenly placing such a man as army corps commander is too premature surely.


“In order to create the world I picture, that kind of man is necessary.”

She utters as such.

By some fate, whether the previous or this life, she came to a position to be called Maou, but it’s not like she wished to be called as such from the beginning.

In the previous life, it was because she was born as a child of a sengoku daimyo.
In this life, it was because she was born as a high ranking demon.

Though is was her that for such an absurd reason she came to be called Maou, but it’s not like she became an existence to be called Maou because of wanting to act like a [Maou].

“……I have my own dream.”

The girl called Dairokuten Maou muttered a few words, and decided to the test the man that was necessary in order to create that world.

If that man is necessary to grant that wish, then he’ll resolve that difficult problem as well.

While thinking as such, the girl decided to to tell Sefiro and Besteo the method of the duel.


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  1. DarkWolf908

    Thanks for the chpater

    So the actual meanjng of duel is test our mc though maou still doesn’t know that our mc is a reincarnated person too



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