The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V1C32

An Unexpected Person’s Visit





“It’s impossible even for me.”

That was the first thing the Mad AlchemistMad・Scientist holding the alias of Witch of Black Calamity said.
I’m bewildered by the unexpected reply.

“No, Commander. You’re always speaking full of confidence aren’t you. There’s nothing impossible for me, like that.”

Sefiro who heard those words, “Dear me, did I say such a thing I wonder.” plays dumb.

“I am not a god. It’s not like I can create everything. What is it, that teppou? I’ve never heard nor seen it before. Should I just make an iron tube?”

“That’s not it. No, it’s an iron tube, but pack in gunpowder and iron balls, light that on fire, and fire the ball.”

Even hearing that explanation, Sefiro, “……???” made that kind of expression.
Well that’s natural of course, there’s no way she would understand just by explaining it by mouth.

It would be good if I had even just one actual gun, but––––

When thinking like that, a certain person’s face came to mind.

“……perhaps if it’s her, she has a gun?”

Or perhaps she might know of the manufacturing method.

After all that person is the person who quickly focused on that gun, made practical use of it, and marked the end of the warring states period.

In order to go meet that person, I received Sefiro’s permission.

It seems even now Sefiro has not grasped the situation, but even while bewildered she gave permission for me to head towards Maou-sama’s castle, Duvallberg.

On my way towards Duvallberg, I returned to Ivalice.

After this I’m going to meet the Maou Army’s Supreme Commander.
I want to do it after taking a bath and cleansing myself.
I can’t meet her with my body smelling of sweat.

I’ll add that the reason is absolutely not because Maou-sama is a cute, beautiful girl.

Well, also my previous life I was Japanese, after all I can’t settle down if I don’t take a bath once a day.

While thinking such things I enter the bath.
In this other world there isn’t much of a custom of entering a bath.
It’s a world where firewood and water are precious.
It’s not possible to enter the bath quickly and frequently.

Even in my previous world England’s Elizabeth I bathing once a month was enough to be called, “Fussy about cleanliness to an abnormal degree”.

It’s similar even here, so the masses take a cold bath or wipe their body with a cloth is all.

Incidentally, my maid Sati properly goes in every day.

At first she refused, “Getting into Goshujin-sama’s leftover water is too much for me”, but when I forcibly urged her once, it seems it turned out that a bath is a good thing.

It seems she submerges herself in hot water, humming a tune every day.

“––––by the way it’s not like I peeked on her ok.”

It’s not like I’m making an excuse to someone, while uttering as such, I call Sati’s name.

“Sati. Bring me a towel.”

Since the towel I should have originally have prepared was not there.

As a maid Sati is flawless, but occasionally she slips.
Well, you can’t say this degree is a mistake, but anyway I’m troubled that there’s no towel.
I once again call Sati’s name and request a towel.

Soundlessly the bathroom door is opened.

If it was the usual Sati,

“Goshujin-sama, I’m very sorry.”

like that, she would enter while expressing an apology, but today’s Sati was silent.

Unusual things happen as well, is what I thought but my thoughts stopped.
My mansion is such that others aren’t able to easily enter.
The reason is that I would be troubled if others intruded.

I’m a brigade commander of the Maou Army, there’s a risk of being assassinated, but more importantly my identity being exposed is bad.

Recently, I been wrapped up in disputes like a demon and seem to forget, but my true form is a human. That being exposed is bad.

Especially, if it’s discovered by other demons, I won’t live.
Without fail I’ll be punished as a traitor.

I’ll be drawn out before Maou-sama, and like that be beheaded, or turned to ash by an absurd magic.

“If so that would still be fine, there’s also the possibility of after being tortured, of being tortured to death.”

I want to be let off of just that.
While thinking so, I took the towel from Sati.
Unusually, Sati threw the towel over.
I wipe my face with that.
It had a smell like mold.
I look at the object I thought to be a towel.
––––it wasn’t a towel, it was an old rag.

“……this is the Commander’s doing right.”

I immediately guess.
My faithful maid, Sati would never do this kind of action.

Moreover, like I said just before, there’s a barrier spread on this mansion.

Those who can freely go in and out are those with magic power more powerful than I, or people who have attained my permission.

Thinking as such, an inevitable answer comes out.\
Exasperated, I turn around and spoke.

“……Commander, can you please stop this kind of prank already?”

rather I was feeling a bit angry.

Although she may be my superior, no, even if she’s an Onee-san(appearances only) that’s looked after me since I was young, as one would expect I’ll get fed up with it.

“Enough, I’ll erase Commander’s passing permission––––”

The reason my words stopped midway was that the person there wasn’t the Commander.

Moreover, the one there wasn’t Sati.
An unexpected person was there.
She, without moving a single brow, looks over here,

“––––is that so.”

and spoke.
It wasn’t necessary to hear that phrase, the one there was Maou-sama.
With 12 wings and a noble face, the Supreme Commander of the Maou Army.
The demons’ king was there.

I instantly put on the undead king robe hanging next to the bathtub, and turn back to her.

––––I think I’m barely safe, probably.
The vapor should have interfered.
While thinking that, I spoke calmly as best I could.

“Maou-sama, it has been a while.”

Maou-sama replies with her usual line.

“Is that so.”

And continued.

“––––even undead race take a bath.”

A reasonable question.
However, it seems my secret wasn’t exposed.

While sighing with relief, I requested for Maou-sama to head towards the reception room.

Maou-sama obediently abides.

Perhaps I coped with it extremely rudely, but it’s better than having my true form exposed.

While thinking so, I fixed the undead king robe, and headed to the reception room myself.


That the tea cup that Sati is holding is shaking is probably because the one before her is Maou-sama.

Is it as a result of her being at max agitation, let alone the tea cup, even her legs were trembling.
While I felt bad for her, it’s not we couldn’t bring out tea for Maou-sama.

Sati whispers close to my ear.

“H-how many spoons of sugar should I put in?”

I ask Maou-sama.

“……Maou-sama, how many spoons of sugar is good for you?”

She stuck out 5 fingers.
It seems she has a sweet tooth.

Sati asks me again.

“Would it be better to put in gold leaf?”

Certainly that might be correct.
I thought as such, but apparently Maou-sama could hear us.

“Such a thing is unnecessary.”

She cut us off.
As expected of a demon, it seems she has sharp ears.
From now on as much as possible, I have to not talk to myself.
Maou tastes the black tea Sati brought out.

“––––it has a good flavour.”

As always she’s a person who only speaks short lines.

However, when looking at her like this, other than the wings growing on her back, and where her horns are at, she’s really no different from a normal girl.

While holding those thoughts as I taste the black tea as well, Maou-sama abruptly began to speak.

“––––incidentally Ike. Is it true that you’re filling the position of proxy in this time’s duel?”

Apparently she doesn’t just have sharp ears, she’s also quick to hear things as well.
It was done privately, but it seems before we knew it she grasped that information.
I decide to speak honestly hear.
In the first place, in order to speak about that matter she came here most likely.

“Yea, I will fight as the Commander’s proxy.”

Maou-sama who heard that uttered, “Is that so.” propping up her thin chin with her hand.

It seems she’s considering something.
I wait until her pondering is completed.
Was it a few minutes, her pondering seemed to be settled.

“––––Ike, I think I’ll entrust this to you.”

As Maou-sama said that, a few words, she chants magic, and before my eyes [a wooden box] was summoned.

“What is this?”

Maou-sama doesn’t reply.
Open it and see, is what she means I assume.
Just in case, I try asking if it’s ok to open it.
Her reply is the same as always.

“––––is that so.”

I judge that it’s probably fine to open it.
If not, she wouldn’t purposely bring this out right.
I timidly open the box.
What was packed inside was something unexpected.

“––––this is.”

I involuntarily utter that.
Since what I couldn’t stop wanting was in there.
Before asking, I reflexively pick up the gun.
It’s unexpectedly heavy.

Due to being made of wood, it’s appearance looks light, but it’s 4-5 kilos I guess.
Somewhat on the level of a baby.

It also has surprising length. About a child’s height I guess.


I unintentionally gulp.
In the first place, a gun appeals to a guy’s heart.
There’s no guy that hates guns and swords.

For the latter, I’ve been reincarnated into a world where I could enjoy them to myself to my heart’s content, but I never dreamt that the day would come when I could touch a gun.

I was fascinated for a while, but I recalled a certain thing.
I didn’t understand Maou-sama’s intention in bringing this gun.

I reflexively ask.

“Maou-sama, this is?”

Her answer wasn’t, “Is that so.”

“This is something called a matchlock gun.”

“……matchlock gun?”

Just in case, shall I pretend to be shocked.
There’s no profit for it to be exposed that I have my previous life’s memory.
However, it seems that effort was useless.
Maou-sama replies.

“There’s no need to feign ignorance. I know that you hold memories of your previous life.”


Instinctively, cold sweat flows.
Sati beside me also pales, and her knees tremble.

Sati, stop please, not just my previous life’s memories, even the fact that I’m [Human] might be exposed won’t it.

I gaze at Sati, but it seems she’s even more nervous.

There’s no way to overlook that, but Maou-sama says, “There’s no need to keep it a secret”,

“I also know that you are a human.”

and finishes like that.


Unintentionally, I’m lost for words.

I send my gaze towards Sati.
As things are I should take her out, and run from this mansion.

The current me is no match for Maou-sama, but if it’s running away at least I might be able to do it.

For a moment I seriously thought that, but I immediately change that view.
If I think about it calmly, there’s no need for that.

If she had the intention to dispose of me, then it would be impossible to be drinking tea carefreely in this place, and there would be no need to show me the [Matchlock Gun].

It’s possible that Maou-sama is thinking of something.

In the first place even though something like a matchlock gun exists, why so far has the Maou Army not utilized that?

If I think about that, I naturally find the answer.

Even if the [Matchlock Gun] itself exists, there’s no mistake that there’s no [Gunpowder] to pack into it.

She––––, Maou-sama hopes that I can make gunpowder doesn’t she?

She guessed that I noticed that I suppose.
Maou-sama, for the first time relaxes the corner of her mouth.

“––––before being a human or demon, I’ve had my eye on you since before.”
“……because I’m Jii-chan’s, Hell’s Guardian Ronberg’s grandson?”

She shook her head.

“No, that’s unrelated, just my intuition.”
“……intuition is it?”

“However, my intuition is often right. The people I set my eyes on all achieved great success. Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Maeda Toshiie, Akechi Mitsuhide, Takigawa Kazumasu. Everyone did peerless work, and became my support.”


I never thought that I would hear those famous commander’s names in the other world.

All of them, they were great commanders indispensable to the person know as Oda Nobunaga’s rule over the whole country.
I wonder, am I an existence that can be compared to those great commanders.
I think that’s overestimating me, but Maou-sama said this at the end.

“Will you become the other world’s Hideyoshi, or Mitsuhide(Traitor)?”


I answer with silence.

This person, it seems she doesn’t know history after she was killed by Akechi Mitsuhide.

After Oda Nobunaga’s death the person known as Toyotomi Hideyoshi took over the Oda Clan and seized the country.

Now then, how should I answer that.
I hesitated in answering, but anyway, I decided to cooperate with Maou-sama.
I tell her that.

“While I have poor ability, I’ll lend you my power.”

She who heard that said her usual favorite phrase, and showed me her first smile.

“––––is that so.”

Since she’s always expressionless she looks mature, but when she smiles she looks appropriate for her age.
––––although, since she’s a demon her actual age is unclear though.


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