The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V1C33

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The Girl’s Dream and Making Gunpowder





I had sworn anew my allegiance to Maou-sama, but two questions welled up.
Why she came all the way to this mansion.
And, how did she notice that I was human.

I tired asking about that matter.

“Since before, I noticed that you held memories from your previous life. Therefore I thought wouldn’t you know the method to make [Gunpowder]. ––––I never thought that even your insides were human though.”

I see, in short I was exposed just before in the bathroom, is what it means.

There’s a barrier spread on this mansion, but if it’s Maou class magic power, then it’s not impossible to breach it.

I was negligent, or rather unlucky.
No, the opponent was bad, is what I should say perhaps.

However, I guess she doesn’t mind even if a human is lurking within the Maou Army.
This girl, even understanding that I’m a human, she’s calm.
Let alone her attitude, without even changing her expression a bit she stares at me.

“Even if I’m human, you don’t think anything of it.”

“My previous life was also a human.”

“However, right now you’re the Maou Army’s Supreme Commander right?”

“That’s right.”

However, she continues.

“Even if I was reincarnated as a human, it seems a human heart has remained in me.”

“……I see.”

I know several demons who were human in their previous life, but everyone lost their human heart.

Reincarnating as a demon, when they held unworldly [Power], it seems they lost their [Human] heart.

She’s a person who was called [Maou] even in her previous life.
From the start, she’s a historical person who appeared as midway between human and Maou.

It might be for that reason even if she gained a demon body, she didn’t lose her previous life’s [Heart].

––––However, if that’s the case, I’m curious about this person’s objective.

“Why did you entrust this matchlock gun to me?”

“I thought that if it’s you, you would be able to handle it. That matchlock gun is called [Driftage]. Though rare, things from a different world drift here.”

“……I see.”

Is it something like that?
However, for the [Matchlock Gun] in the hands Nobunaga-sama to come drifting is something of fate.
I wonder if something related to the person is what drifts over.

“However, there’s none of the essential gunpowder to pack into the the matchlock gun. As for the bullets, though only a few they drifted together.”

“Since gunpowder will go bad given time right.”
“And, you want me to make gunpowder?”

She nods.


“……what’s wrong? Why are you silent? You don’t mean to say that you can’t make gunpowder?”

“––––no, I have knowledge on how to make gunpowder.”

I pointlessly gathered up that kind of knowledge in my previous life.
I have knowledge on how to make gunpowder at least.
However there’s something I’m curious about.

“––––it’s an honor to be seen favorably by Maou-sama, but to what extent is Maou-sama’s final objective?”

“……final objective?”


In short what I asked is, getting information on how to make gunpowder from me, and having Besteo defeated, after that what are you planning?

It’s obvious, but Maou-sama is the Maou Army’s Supreme Commander.
Currently, there’s no oppression of humans, atrocities, or pointless spilling of blood.
However, what will happen hereafter?

No, having come into contact like this I understood that this girl isn’t that cruel and ruthless a person, but if one obtains the strongest weapon in this [Other World], that is gunpowder and guns, a person might change.

As expected I wanted to confirm that matter.
I ask Maou-sama.

“Maou-sama––––, if Maou-sama conquers this world, what kind of world do you wish for?”

I gulp.

Though I just pledge allegiance anew just now, if this person becomes like their nickname, [Demon King of the Sixth Heaven], then I can’t cooperate with this person.

I myself am human.
I can’t lend my power in eradicating humankind.

If this person’s end goal is human eradication, and intends to plan to have only demons, no, only herself thrive, then I may have to antagonize this person.

I gaze at Sati with a fleetly sidelong glance.
From the start, I was born as a human.
As expected I can’t bring myself to abandon the fact that I myself am human.

In addition due to meeting with this girl called Sati, all the more, I recalled that I am human.

I once more asked Maou-sama her true intentions.
The answer that came back from her was––––

“I am aiming at the coexistence of humans and demons.”

With a firm tone and expression.
I decided to believe in those words.

Matchlock guns––––
A kind of really early gun invented in the west.

The matchlock gun in warring states japan, a mere two matchlocks were brought through Portuguese who drifted ashore, but in a flash they spread all over japan, and brought the end of the warring states period.

The matchlock itself isn’t that powerful of a weapon.
No, it’s might is powerful, but it can’t shoot consecutively.

That’s natural.

For a matchlock, you had to load the gunpowder and bullet from the end of the gun barrel.

A matchlock’s advantage is that “Anyone can operate it.”

There’s no need for training like a bow.

Even if you hand it over to some farmer or goblin, they’ll be able to fight equally with an experienced knight.
That’s the biggest and best advantage.

Just, right now, on hand there are only 10.
Moreover there’s no gunpowder.
First of all, I have to somehow do something about the gunpowder.

It would be great if you could mine gunpowder’s raw material niter even in this other world, but I have no time to search for that.

To manufacture gunpowder I can only use a scientific method I suppose.

“A scientific method?”

In the office, Sati who brought black tea asks me.

“In short I’ll use alchemy, is what I mean.”

“I see.”

Like that Sati understands.
In the first place there’s not a large difference between alchemy.
The descendant of alchemy is science.

That’s the same even in this world.

If you heat water with fire it becomes hot water, if you continue boiling it becomes steam.
If you ferment grapes, then it becomes wine.

That’s called science.

In other words, even if there’s no niter on hand, artificially manufacturing it should be possible.

“Well then, how will you manufacture niter?”

Sati asks me a simple question.

“First of all, gather dried hay in large quantity.”
“It will be fine if we request that of Jiron-san and co right.”
“In addition in an old pond put in saved up water, fish’s rotten guts, and animal remains.”

As I thought, Sati began to draw back.
As expected, it’s not a topic to speak about with a girl.

However, Sati,

“L-leave preparing the fish to Sati.”

like that she rolled up the sleeves of her maid clothes.


I tell her my thanks.

In reality in addition “Ammonia” in other words people’s urine was necessary there, but requesting that of Sati is harsh.

If I asked then she probably would offer, but I’m a gentleman so I can’t demand that much.

For that I’ll ask for supply from Ivalice town’s inhabitants.

Incidentally it’s possible to manufacture niter with the above method, but it takes time.

––––however, this is a world of sword and magic, something like advancing fermentation is simple.

“If we mix charcoal and sulphur to this, then it’ll be the completion of what is called black powder.”

As I say that, I pack gunpowder at the end of the matchlock, and load a bullet.
Then ignite the point of the fuse with
Ignitionmagi, and pull the trigger.


Outside the mansion a huge roar resounded.
Sati covered her ears with both hands.
However, as expected something like a gun has unbelievable might.

As long as we have this, for example, even if they’re wearing full plate armor, it’ll have no meaning at all.

Rather because of that weight they’ll be slow, and make good targets.

I might have completed something outrageous huh.

I might be witness to the moment this other world’s history changes.

While thinking so, I decided to head towards the location of the duel with Maou Army 3rd Army Corps Corps Commander Besteo, Maou Castle Duvallberg.

I say to Sati.

“I’m off to the front for a bit.”

When I said that, Sati, “Please wait a moment.” and returns to the mansion.
I wonder what she wants to do?
There’s still time, so it’s not a problem though.
When I thought as such, Sati came back.
While out of breath she spoke.

“I learned this previously from Maou-sama……”

Prefacing with that she struck a stone that starts fire, in other words hiuchi ishi twice.

That which you often see in period dramas.

When the head departs, especially something like a battlefield, it’s a superstition of sorts.

(––––good grief)

Performing a custom that out of date long ago even in the previous world’s Japan in an other world––––
Maou-sama as well taught her some strange wisdom, but it’s not a bad feeling.

In order to answer Maou-sama and Sati’s feelings, I focus my mind and headed toward Duvallberg.


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