The Maou Army’s Strongest Magician was a Human V2C14


Beio’s and Kushana’s Recollection ††






††(Werewolf Beio and manticore Kushana Point of View)

The rescue of Arsenum ended, on the way back, the werewolf Beio didn’t utter a single word.

It’s rare that Beio doesn’t chatter.
The manticore Kushana thought so, but purposely didn’t touch on that.

Since he thought that having been shown Ike’s splendid tactics just before tore up his pride.

If he to make words of consolation here it would have the opposite effect.

He thought as such and remained silent, but surprisingly Beio honestly spoke his heart.

“……that Ike’s amazing, right.”


Reflexively he utters as such.
It might be the first time he’s seen Beio praise someone else.
That’s how much this man hates to lose.

“He nailed down the enemy army with just 500 soldiers, and split that battle formation in two. I by no means could do that.”

“It’s impossible for me as well.”

No, that might be impossible for even the 7th Army Corps Commander Sefiro.
Therefore she made Ike draft this time’s strategy.

Sefiro who having seen through Ike’s capability as a general, and making him draft the strategy, is also bold, but completely answering that expectation, the young man called Ike is also splendid.

No, it’s something that can be settled with such words.
Terrifying, it might be better to describe him as such.
Kushana has never feared an enemy even once, but he felt dread for another person for the first time.
From the bottom of his heart he felt thankful that young man was born a demon.

“If Ike-dono had been born on the human’s side, about this time, we would have been cornered all the way to Duvallberg I’m sure.”

That’s his frank thoughts.


It seems Beio also holds similar thoughts.
He answers with silence.
Kushana leaks a wry smile and continues.

“However, fortunately Ike-dono was born a demon. What’s more, he’s become our 7th Army Corps’ Vice-commander. There’s no need to be worried.”

“……well yea. But, well, there’s also the fact that I helped. If it were the other army corps this kind of activity wouldn’t be possible.”

“At last I’ve heard remarks that sound like the usual you.”

Kushana reveals a wry smile, but notices a certain thing.

Since he thought that though they were remarks that he suddenly uttered, Beio’s remarks hit on one truth.

Supposing Ike had been assigned to another brigade, fate would have changed greatly.

Arsenum’s capture, and going to rescue it wouldn’t have happened.

Without the occupation of human territories going as one wished, the Maou Army might have withdrawn from the human’s country long ago.

Currently, one of the reasons of the 7th Army Corps steady advance is the tolerance shown towards the humans.

Not treating humans as slaves, due to treating them as inhabitants, the opposition is kept to a minimum.

There’s the fact that Maou has ordered it, but Ike put it into practice first, and showed that effect to others.

If Ike had been assigned to another brigade, the Maou Army might have yet commenced a occupation policy dyed in the old ways.

Thinking like that, fate is a strange thing.

Being raised as the grandson of the Undead King called the Guardian of Hell, being assigned to his friend, Sefiro’s brigade, it’s tied to his steady advance until today.

Now then, that grandson of Ronberg, from now on, what kind of future will he present to us I wonder.

Kushana was genuinely interested.

If his own guess were right, the young man called Ike wouldn’t end his career as a simple demon.

Human’s and demon’s history books, he’ll surely become a man recorded by both parties.

––––in short, historical, he would surely go down in history as the man to first establish coexistence between demons and humans.

The young man Ike had something that made him feel that.

Kushana, in order to confirm if that was just his own illusion, asks his colleague Beio.

“Beio, do you think that it’s possible to create a world where humans and demons coexist.”

Beio answers.

“Even if you ask me that kind of difficult thing, I don’t understand.”

As such––––.

I see, that’s like him, so he thought, but Beio continues.

“However, recently, I imitated Ike, and while talking with humans, I came to think that humans aren’t that bad of guys.”

“I see, certainly, I hold similar impressions.”


Beio didn’t say anything other than that, but perhaps that might have been an answer.

At any rate, in the near future, history will stir greatly.
Having the nickname the Maou Army’s Dagger, due to the Strongest Magician––––


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