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A Dragon in Slime’s Clothing V3C21

Black Hole 1


I’m Not a Siscon





I instantly killed the hero that entered Secret Crystal Tower.
To the guy who defeated Shesta, and while they didn’t know that happened the moment they were transferred, a Final Strike that allowed no questions.

Not understanding what happened, not even understanding that I was the one who did it.
With such a swift attack, I defeated the hero.

“Ahh, as expected Onii-chan is amazing……an opponent that climbed up to here uninjured, without letting them do anything something like defeating them in one blow.”

Having seen that––––no, Yui who was purposely shown that spoke with an ecstatic expression.
As one would expect she saw.

Recently, I haven’t understood what Yui is thinking & she’s awfully spoiled, but even if she’s spoiled she’s a dragon.
Yui who inherits the lineage of the Legendary Golden Dragon as the daughter of Mother Dragon, seems to appreciate what I did with just a glance. Continue reading